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Hollywood, from the Golden age to a culture of decadence?

Hollywood was once the greatest escape from reality for mankind. Entertaining us and promoting a cultural revolution the envy of the world. The entertainment industry always represented the wholesome broader culture. Forget the soup lines of the great depression, the slow rise, and disintegration of the Weimar Republic and fall out of the Vienna accords from 1918 Versaille treaty. As the world burned nothing said Americana like the glitz, glamour, and cinematographic dreams coming out of Hollywood!

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Happy Election Anniversary to all “deplorables”

Happy anniversary to all  my fellow “deplorables!” Where were you on election night November 8th, 2016? The greatest political upset in American history! Thank you, king Vlad!

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The Sacred Election of November 8th, 2016 remembered with a toast!
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#MAGA keep the dreams alive and rocking America!!

One year later, how is our Russian Bear doing?

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#DRAIN THE SWAMP a 20 years Project! Restore term limits for demigod politicians and Judges! 1-2 terms Max!
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A fun year so far the ride is just warming up America! Can’t wait to see what happens in 2018!!


Without blaring hooting horns and blowing a trumpet of warnings or celebrations, I say Mr. President gets a B+ in overall performance! And the world has not imploded or collapsed just yet! American power is the catalyst that’s keeping the world a hopeful place!

To avoid a raucous party and “an in your face” unsportsmanlike behavior, I propose a toast to the dinosaur media, Hollywood elites, the Political creature swamp in Washington DC, the illegitimate illogical Acedemia Pseudo intellectuals and lastly but not the least; The Russians! I love Russia even more than I ever did! I got roots in the Minsk of Siberia! My cave is awash with exquisite fine vintage Vodka, spices and much more than I’m willing to admit to in a public debate arena!

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Hoot for a Toot! Blow the good message to all your neighbors! #MAGA

November 8th, 2016!! That Sacred election night forever etched in my mind. That if this Republic survives the leftist progressive onslaught we have been suffering from the last 60 years and counting! It will be a miracle worth toasting and talked about for decades to come! America dodged a bullet into the abyss of a banana republic. So thank you all out there for being a part of the special class of “deplorables”, keep the faith and secure the blessings of this great republic we call the home of the brave and land of the free! Rock on!

George Bush retires from painting only to return as a statesman!

Hocus Pocus abracadabra Alakazam! The genie is out of the bottle!

Abracadabra Alakazam! What happens when you mix retirement, Politics and Global Governance in one swing?

When a classy statesman retires to paint, that is laudable. When he inserts himself into the current volatile political climate he is dancing to the Tango in 12-inch high stiletto heels. And the imagery of a Tango-Waltz older middle-aged gentleman, who is a semi-retired President is not pretty! What rock has the former president been living under? Out of the clear blue,  the ex-President was giving a speech on liberty and democracy at the George Bush institute? I need a strong and tall adult beverage before I analyze what the merry-go-around is all about?

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Sacred Politics; Gold Star General opines!

If you woke up one morning on a Monday and checked your twitter feed or watched with horror as I did on television what had transpired between a gold star family widow and the President of the United States? My question is only this; was the dinosaur media in the middle of this wrinkled 25-year-old onion plus horseradish sandwich?  Do your eyes feel like they are bleeding just by standing next to the sandwich? I wish to the gods of etiquette, decency and all that’s good, mighty and wholesome, if not holy, that this was just a bad dream and the unnecessary feud would go away like a puff of smoke on a windy day. In this day of instant gratification and 60 minutes of news cycle of which 50% of it is manufactured from a Warthogs tail. I will not even dare dignify the abhorrent responses from the dinosaur media and their fellow travelers to this “unbecoming” indecent behavior in both print and electronic media.

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Las Vegas Shooting; Can we handle the painful Ugly truth?

A prayer in earnest goes out to Las Vegas in particular and another to our collective soul as a nation, bewildered, saddened, shocked and sickened to our very mortal and spiritual core! Our American values demand that we stand up stronger than ever before!

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# Vegas strong! A good mantra and message out there that there is still plenty of goodwill among us despite the obvious hand of evil perpetrated by what would seem to be a “normal” human being from all accounts given so far. But we will dig deeper into this and tear back the veneer in search of truth. Truth always sets you free. We don’t have to understand everything in this crazy place called planet earth but we can conquer real-world demons with some shining light and truth girded by eternal vigilance.

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We live in crazy town for sure! troubled waters we must conquer and prevail!

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United Nations; A spectacular Boondoggle; and why should the average American care?

President Trump’s speech at the United Nations 72nd general assembly was a shot that rang around the world and the smoke from the gunpowder is still palpable. Daring, dashing, stern and bold is an understatement of what has been a long overdue “accountability speech” from the leader of the free world. The UN has become a moribund organization that looks more like a sorority party only uglier, filled with cigar-chomping corrupt gangsters and money fleecing parasitic bureaucrats who have the capacity to create a committee that oversees the committee that oversees the committee, to look into the committee on committee issues! Redundancies or ridiculousness you pick your own choice of poison. Fast or slow either way you will get the potassium Cyanide coated in honey to facilitate your passage into the next life.

UN Photo: Maintaining Peace and International Security

So who cares what goes on at the UN?

Here is the original charter the reasons why we even have this once “great body” of the United Nations: Click the Preamble for more details on our sources for some of the data in this treatise; Nothing new under the sun folks as my grandma pudding would always say when I asked pesky weird inquisitive child-like questions such as: “why is the sky blue Grandma?”

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DACA, “dreamers” or Illegals? Reasons to revisit the Dream Act!

As a curious skeptical American, I watched how quickly the establishment ruling class of Democrats and Republicans alike came out in support of DACA! Forget about all the urgent priorities languishing on the congressional floor.  But, for the sake of the kids, Congress can’t wait to do their actual job and fulfill their oath of office. Of all the important priorities facing this nation, immigration is certainly in the top 5 of  Americas “bucket list” or “to-do-list”. And from my vantage point, I would say with a certain degree of latitude and confidence that the number one priority on the American people’s minds list is as follows:

1. Healthcare.

2. Tax relief.

3. Jobs, good paying Jobs; (Congress can you hear the folks screaming on top of their lungs? Hello!). 

4. Immigration reform; Fix the darn broken system. For example, a fancy idea I like to call  “border security”, a “big beautiful wall with a big front door” (Quoting some famous beloved figure!). And rounding up the top 5 priorities is the Federal Governments number one job;

5. National Defence,  defend us all from evil invaders, foreign and domestic!

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Dear Mr President!

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Dear Mr. President!

We love and support you, Sir! You are our best and possibly last hope at the top of the political and economic food chain, to change and disrupt Washington D.C! We need not remind you our dear President of the swamp you are now presiding over as chief executive. This is a letter to appeal to you and written as a courteous reminder of your 100 days promises (contract with America) that you made at Gettysburg! It’s also a friendly chastisement, a stark reminder of the dark real world of reality we live in sir! I appreciate how hard you work, you are an exemplary figure and also an extraordinary family man as well as a business icon! You could not be more suited for the highly esteemed office you currently occupy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! My first point begins at your strength, family! And sir please take this to heart and as well as with a grain of salt!  Related image

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How to Make OBAMACARE great again by the RINOS!

I took an interstellar travel vacation for 12 weeks to get away from all the “noise and clutter” stirred up by the dinosaur media! And I feel refreshed and invigorated as I certainly did not miss much besides President Trump making some fantastic foreign policy maneuvers that should make America proud again! I give the President a 9 out of 10 rating for only being in office 6 months at the most and coming up with a robust muscular foreign policy! Kudos to our beloved Russian Bear!

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A casual pit stop on my travels!
First and Farthest: How the Voyagers Blazed Trails
bouncing around in a galaxy of wonders!!

Slow news day?  Strongly doubt it. With so much news and happenings around the globe and inside the belt-way swamps of Washington DC. we certainly have a very prickly and sensitive subject at hand that riles up a lot of heated emotions, rhetoric, and in some cases down-right demagoguery when it comes to the political theater! So let us jump right into the pond and see how deep the “swamp” really is and can there be an honest adult conversation about these pesky issues? The Republicans now control almost all levers of power; Bicameral house of representatives, Congress and Senate and then the executive branch as in the Whitehouse/Presidency, you could not ask for more right?

The fix is in folks! The Democrats are complicit and actually love this idea that the government should be the arbiter judge executioner and medical practitioner extraordinaire to deliver to you the people the most personal and important aspect of your lives. Only they “the government” can guarantee your doctor/patient privileges and secure all blessings in this very private transaction through a series of bureaucratic edicts only meant to protect and provide for your poor souls! I mean according to the democratic party logic, most average Americans don’t have a clue how to run and manage their own lives, that is the reason why we need the big oversized jack boot of Uncle Sam on our feeble necks! Could this be the reason Democrats are screaming and hollering at the top of their most concerned lungs for a Healthcare reform and working with Republicans to deliver a product that actually works for all Americans of all walks of life, from the strongest to the weakest links? I will spare y’all from the Chinese Torture!

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North Korea a Menace to Society?

North Korea, do those words conjure up a civilized society in your mind? North Korea is analogous to a very smart, high energy kid on the playground who is obsessed with bullying every kid he comes into contact with. The only scary thing is this kid constantly brags about how well he knows the methods to make homemade dynamites and grenades. Would you let that pudgy kid play with your child or would you tolerate him bullying other kids? Noteworthy; North Korea is a proud socialist and communist peoples republic according to the democratic people’s party leadership. I wonder what the average common man would say if given the choice to be in a free society or live under the socialist regime? What would Bernie Sanders, Socialist senator from Vermont, say about what it means to live in a socialist society? I hope to have an opportunity in the future to pick Mr. Sanders brain. It could turn out to be a Hollywood-style blockbuster documentary!

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The Peoples’ Republic homegrown supreme Rock Star!

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