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How to Make OBAMACARE great again by the RINOS!

I took an interstellar travel vacation for 12 weeks to get away from all the “noise and clutter” stirred up by the dinosaur media! And I feel refreshed and invigorated as I certainly did not miss much besides President Trump making some fantastic foreign policy maneuvers that should make America proud again! I give the President a 9 out of 10 rating for only being in office 6 months at the most and coming up with a robust muscular foreign policy! Kudos to our beloved Russian Bear! See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

First and Farthest: How the Voyagers Blazed Trails

Slow news day?  Strongly doubt it. With so much news and happenings around the globe and inside the belt-way swamps of Washington DC. we certainly have a very prickly and sensitive subject at hand that riles up a lot of heated emotions, rhetoric, and in some cases down-right demagoguery when it comes to the political theater! So let us jump right into the pond and see how deep the “swamp” really is and can there be an honest adult conversation about these pesky issues? The Republicans now control almost all levers of power; Bicameral house of representatives, Congress and Senate and then the executive branch as in the Whitehouse/Presidency, you could not ask for more right?

The fix is in folks! The Democrats are complicit and actually love this idea that the government should be the arbiter judge executioner and medical practitioner extraordinaire to deliver to you the people the most personal and important aspect of your lives. Only they “the government” can guarantee your doctor/patient privileges and secure all blessings in this very private transaction through a series of bureaucratic edicts only meant to protect and provide for your poor souls! I mean according to the democratic party logic, most average Americans don’t have a clue how to run and manage their own lives, that is the reason why we need the big oversized jack boot of Uncle Sam on our feeble necks! Could this be the reason Democrats are screaming and hollering at the top of their most concerned lungs for a healthcare reform and working with Republicans to deliver a product that actually works for all Americans of all walks of life, from the strongest to the weakest links? I will spare y’all from the Chinese Torture!

Then in come the Republicans to the rescue! Riding on donkeys, (pardon the pun for usage of a major political party brand logo), into town to get a grip and resolve this “unaffordable” monstrosity crap sandwich known as Obamacare. Could that clue us in on the real problem at hand that may explain why the Republicans are fumbling the ball at the fifty-yard line with only one man left to beat on defense? I could have sworn I heard from the grapevine and every mountain top about how the Republicans were ready to repeal and replace this “disastrous” law of the land that was aptly named “Affordable Care Act” and the joke was on us the American sheep! Remember the campaign slogan; “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor! oh! wait even sweeter to one’s ears; your deductibles will go down $2500 per family and millions if not billions will be covered! And everyone “who is who” in high office was doing the high-five hands together on the Whitehouse lawn only a millennia ago! Gosh darn it, we should be asking this question; How’s A.C.A working for you folks lately? Been to the doctor yet with a crap sandwich in your hands as a form of insurance?

If the Republicans brought their own Calvary they could ride into town with a sense of purpose and mission. But we are dealing with a slight schism  I call; Dunces with RINOS (Republican In Name Only) aptly and correctly titled just to give it some window dressing of justice! What good is a bunch of men and women who are so “principled” they can’t unite behind any common sense resolution to an actual problem that is hurting every average citizen out there in the hinterlands and fly-over country?

The colossal failure of “repeal and replace” of Obama care or the sublime documents and law of the land: Affordable  Care Act is just as nauseating as watching a freight train rampage through your local town while mowing down every stray dog and cat in its destructive path! I have very low tolerance for gore. But what is happening to the American family across the entire nation when it comes to premiums, deductibles, prescription costs and overall healthcare costs is not a laughing matter let alone a “small” annoyance that should be able to go away at the behest of political chicanery or machinations of the slight of hand by the powers that rule over us!

Can the federal Government take charge of 19% of the USA Economy via Socialized healthcare?

The Government cannot deliver mail for crying out loud and now they suddenly have the juices and genius it takes to deliver affordable healthcare, not only cheaper but “out of this world” quality care? I’m no poker player but even the “Joker” couldn’t keep a straight face while explaining how the heck this bloated federal Government can deliver the goods on healthcare in a distorted market place filled with leeches from top to bottom! Let us not even bring into question the migraine inducing; fraud, waste, and abuse that runs well into the billions of dollars annually? I’m almost tempted to replace my chin with my forehead just so I could wrap my head around this financial quagmire!

Some inconvenient questions for our esteemed Senators? Can our elected official walk and chew gum at the same time?

Could some of these genius Senators explain to me how we can call a system insurance when folks call the insurance company the day after a fire to sign up for full insurance coverage? Who is creating the distortions in the market place? And why are insurance and drug companies eligible for so many bailouts and subsidies? And why do we need so much Medicare and Medicaid including folks who are young strong and able-bodied? Why the expansion of these programs? Is that the only way we can have everyone covered in terms of health insurance? We already have universal health coverage citizen and non-citizen alike so what gives? Are these taboo questions and topics that we can’t touch? Why do folk have to go bankrupt after a major illness? is it even necessary to cross state lines when it comes to insurance coverage? Why can’t I have the bare minimum if I’m a young strapping Mule who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles? Like car insurance, some of us start off our lives with just liability insurance until a time comes when income goes up cash flow improves and we can afford full coverage, what is wrong with that as an example of a way forward? Are physicians responsible for everything that goes wrong with the patient/doctor relationship? How many Hospitals are held accountable for the many mistakes that they make misdiagnosing mistreating or completely injuring and making worse conditions even more so than the initial problems? Is there a limit to the compensation and the damage done or recovery thereafter? and lastly another question for the esteemed Senators; Would it be a bad idea if the government guaranteed health savings accounts by issuing all of us citizens a check? that can only be used for health care, similar to how the government guarantees bonds and mutual funds. I say this because apparently, Uncle Sam has enough money to bail out insurance companies, drug companies and simultaneously issue subsidies to all who don’t contribute to the baked pie we call the treasury? So why not just cut us all a check for maybe a cool $20,000? And then the Government can step out of the way and let the “free market” do its thing! just an idea, what say you?

Can we revisit some fine points of this law and see some of the undeniable facts and scientific solutions in real-time as the earth spins around the sun?
    • FACT #1: ObamaCare is an unworkable law. We knew before Congress passed it that it would be unworkable. More taxes, more fees, more regulations, and the expansion of the federal government are NOT workable solutions.

    • FACT #2: As soon as Members of Congress and staffers realized the law, as written, would not work for them, they got a special exemption so they could keep their generous taxpayer-funded subsidies.

    • FACT #3: ObamaCare requires that Members of Congress and their staffers go on an ObamaCare exchange. Congress is illegally enrolled in the Washington, DC Small Business Exchange in order to retain their taxpayer-funded health insurance subsidies. How unfair is that?

    • FACT #4: Americans have been struggling with this law for seven years. We were not granted special permission to dance around the law, and we certainly have not been forgiven for breaking the law or not following the letter of the law.

    • FACT #5: The United States is a nation built on the principle of the rule of law. Allowing our lawmakers to become lawbreakers makes a mockery of our rule of law system. 

  • FACT #6: Our experience with ObamaCare over the last seven years has convinced us that the law needs to be repealed. We look forward to that same awakening moment for Members of Congress. So, join us under the law, and then let’s get serious as a nation about repealing the law.

Last week and a few days ago, feels like this morning, you likely saw headlines that said, “Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare,” or, “Republican plan to repeal Obamacare fails.” Those headlines were confusing at best, disingenuous at worst, and we‘ve received a lot of questions from supporters asking what actually happened.

Last Tuesday, July 27th, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell initiated a motion to proceed to debate the House-passed American Health Care Act. This motion passed 51 to 50, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote after Republicans Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) voted against the motion. Senator McConnell, knowing the votes didn‘t exist to pass the House bill, proposed an amendment to the bill that replaced the text with the language of the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act, with additional language that had not been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. That meant it needed 60 votes to pass, rather than the 51 votes needed under the rules for reconciliation. This amendment ultimately failed as of Wednesday night in a vote of 43-57. As you‘ll recall, Tea Party Patriots did not think this particular bill actually repealed Obamacare.

All of this was expected to go into the vote on the motion to proceed. The headlines saying that Republicans have failed to repeal Obamacare are not accurate … not yet anyway. In the next few hours, Republicans are expected to put forth a bill that is essentially the same Obamacare repeal bill that they voted to send to President Obama‘s desk in December of 2015. All but two Republicans voted for that measure in 2015 (one of whom has since been defeated for reelection and is no longer in the Senate) and President Obama vetoed it. While that bill does not repeal the insurance company mandates — and thus fails to completely repeal Obamacare — it does more to gut Obamacare than anything that has been proposed to this point.

Right now, it doesn‘t appear as though Republicans will have the votes to pass this bill. Several moderate members are expressing concerns about voting for the bill, including Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Jeff Flake, and possibly even John McCain.

Keep these linguini spaghetti spined political animal faces on your bulletin board to remind you who is responsible for your crap sandwich of which you are expected to eat and enjoy eating it like a man or woman; be a man! be a lady! and eat your crap sandwich and stop complaining, because you have it well and good, much better than your next door neighbors to the south of the border or north of the border for that matter! If you have an Italian grandmother as I once did please ask for forgiveness for spoiling the precious traditions of Roma, Sicily and Venice brought to America and being mentioned in the same sentence as some of these otherwise “wonderful politicians.”

And the Linguini spaghetti politicians in the pecking order are as follows:

Image result for susan collins

Susan Collins, Senator from Maine. I wonder why she doesn’t just pick up a new blue Donkey card at the local DNC (Democratic National Committee) and switch parties like the old Beaver from Philadelphia Arlen Spector, who switched party when the groovy train swung the other way in favor of the Democrats back in the day, circa 2009? Or even better she could one up the rat race to the bottom as did, Charlie Crist of Florida! Who will soon be wearing high heels to Congress as solidarity to all the hard working red district social pleasures workers who have it up to their necks with stressful high heels as they appeal for a comfortable flat-heel law to be passed.

Image result for Lisa Murkowski


Lisa Murkowski, Senator from Alaska. The distinguished lady who once said “I did not come to Washington DC. to hurt people or families? Now before I borrow poetic justice from the last great Whitehouse Communications director whose potty mouth is as refreshing as a bar of Irish Spring soap; “A fish normally stinks from, the head down” and I’m not a newbie kitten to this political theater your royal highness from the great and beautiful state of Alaska but someone smells awfully fishy and it sure ain’t we the people ma’am!

I love Alaska for its great wild outdoors and the fish is exquisite out of this world for sure! But for you Madam Senator you have adopted the finer points of what it means to be fishy and it’s mainly the stench that you embody with that double talk you have for a governing philosophy! Now that it really matters you show your weasel cards instead of your sharp and somewhat reasonable mind?

Image result

John McCain, Senator from Arizona once served with Abe Lincoln now serving his 25th term as one of the elite ruling class members more concerned with decorum and “proper” parliamentary procedures and working across the political aisle? Great American Military hero but a total lightweight and spineless political animal! Military bravery doesn’t not equal brilliant statesman (thanks, Senator McCain for showing us that example for posterity!) And another shout-out to the Arizona senior “statesman” for giving us a polished Chicago swamp progressive to lead us into the darkness? remember that slick polished political animal you dared not say his middle name in case “someone got offended?” Hello!.. can you hear me now? My cell phone seems to be out of range sir! can you hear me better now?” when are you going to give us a break Senator Maclame? This great American war hero has turned into an elitist “milk toast” political animal, it’s amazing what the swamp in Washington D.C can do to good decent people!

Image result

Mitch McConnel, Senator from Kentucky, and majority leader. I’m waiting for him to start cross dressing and change his first name, supplant it with the alphabet letter B instead of Mitch as he is well known for his “put you to sleep” deep drone-like voice. A bumbling bumble bee or wild turkey without any feathers! This guy is the true definition of “finger wagging, tree hugging wind reader” political mambo jumbo king pin you will ever encounter! If alligators could fly this Kentucky Senator would be one of a kind to pull it off! He is also the same lawmaker who promised to limit the last fictional Administration to a one term presidency? Where is the beef, Mitch?

Image result

Robert Portman, Senator from Ohio. If this guy won “snake oil sales man of the year award please wake me up when September arrives and this is only Augst 2, 2017! If this guy was your primary physician he would most like put you on an entire host of placebo to treat acute meningitis and everyone in the room would be convinced that is an actual legit cure for meningitis! Bravo Mr smooth operator; just listen to the guy speak, you would think you have met the next best thing! Holy Pope, I hope you truly exist! Help us all!

Image result for Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake, Senator from Arizona. His last name is spot on! What a Flake (no pun intended) this guy is already a seasoned “elitist” it’s like he’s been dying to enter the “Country Club of the ruling class” I imagine he was one of the so called; “never Trumpers” who are still sitting on the sideline sucking their thumbs waiting for a “participation trophy” from the band camp director even though the “kid” can’t play any instruments, but by golly he was present at band camp so every kid gets a trophy for just being there! And to top it off he was born in a town called “snowflake!” It doesn’t get any more Americana than that sweet-spot coincidence! The flaky guy from snowflake county! I need a Brazilian wax before I turn into a scary hairy primate!

Image result for Shelley Moore Capito

Shelly Capito, Senator from West Virginia. To think that a place that’s almost heaven West Virginia with all its wondrous topography could fall prey to this lady who can speak on both sides of her mouth is astounding to me, a complete head scratcher! Makes us all realize what we are up against in terms of allowing the Russian Bear to drain the swamp! She is well suited and cozied up enough to warrant some draining for sure! We may need an oversized Alligator Vaccum drainage machine, maybe the type that the Chinese are using to suck up all the mud pits as they build massive cities at a record pace when we cannot even fix our own “out of shape”  roads and bridges.

To sum it all up these Republicans should take a cue from an old progressive who just so happened to be a Republican and was open about it way back when the nation was as conservative as your wildest imagination!  Senator Miles Poindexter from Washington,Image result for miles poindexter

state. 1915 to be precise (served from 1911-1928 including a stint as ambassador to Peru) he was a flaming Progressive in the Warren G. Harding Administration and prior to that a Woodrow Wilson fan we can speculate? More like a fellow traveler, President Wilson being an avid studious student of progressivism, when it was in its “intellectual” infancy! These senators above are all Republican In Name Only (RINO), as Republicans have long been known to be the conservative party, the party of small Government, lower taxes and limited foreign intervention? Until the modern era when you can’t tell the difference between the so called two party system? Hijacked by big government leftist and progressives and now the Republican Spaghetti Rigatoni party wants in on the endless giant bloviating echo chamber of the welfare state also known as the bloated leviathan big government! Maybe a miracle will save us all from this onslaught on our freedoms and liberty to choose to live as we the people choose, fingers crossed!




North Korea a Menace to Society?

North Korea, do those words conjure up a civilized society in your mind? North Korea is analogous to a very smart, high energy kid on the playground who is obsessed with bullying every kid he comes into contact with. The only scary thing is this kid constantly brags about how well he knows the methods to make homemade dynamites and grenades. Would you let that pudgy kid play with your child or would you tolerate him bullying other kids? Noteworthy; North Korea is a proud socialist and communist peoples republic according to the democratic people’s party leadership. I wonder what the average common man would say if given the choice to be in a free society or live under the socialist regime? What would Bernie Sanders, Socialist senator from Vermont, say about what it means to live in a socialist society? I hope to have an opportunity in the future to pick Mr. Sanders brain. It could turn out to be a Hollywood-style blockbuster documentary!

A brief history of North Korea in a snapshot in the 19th century:

  • 1910-1945, Korea was Annexed and controlled by Imperial Japan
  • Korea was split into two parts; North and South at the 38th parallel approximately 50-50 split. As part of World War II general order Japanese surrender to America,1945-1950.
  • 1945-1950 North Korea was occupied by the Soviets while the Americans took control of the capital Seoul in South Korea
  • 1948 Kim Il Sung became the leader of Juche, self-reliant socialist Korean philosophy via Peoples Worker Party (WPK) of North Korea. Meanwhile in the same year 1948 Syngman Rhee an anti-communist rose to power to control the South Korean government. The two nations had a diametrically opposed political, economic and social system. Stark differences between USSR Communist ideology and the United States ideology of Capitalism; the birth of the cold war!
  • 1948 The USSR withdrew its troops from North Korea and so did the Americans in 1949 from South Korea.
  • 1950 the North Under Kim Il Sung leadership decided to invade the south to force a reunification of the Korean Peninsula as one nation. The invasion was successful but the allied united nations forces led by the United States of America pushed back and hence the beginning of the Korean War.
  • 1950-1953 Korean War dragged on until Chinese forces helped the North Koreans as the South advanced north with the help of American troops.  A stalemate became reality as two sides couldn’t penetrate deeper with outright victory and the 38th parallel was re-established as a half way point between the now divided two nation states.

If the following statement ripped right out of the official North Korean government doctrine has any resemblance to irony then I would welcome you folks to the real world of comical insanity and pardon me while I avoid falling off my spinning chair! After the quote stay tuned for some interesting provocative queries and factual data that may shed some light on this “sublime philosophy!” no pun intended nor are we trying to defy logic in this part of the universe!

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is a genuine workers’ state in which all the people are completely liberated from exploitation and oppression. The workers, peasant, soldiers and intellectuals are the true masters of their destiny and are in a unique position to defend their interests.” Sounds like a reasonably good philosophy thus far, right? Until you run into the following intriguing factoids:

  1.  North Korea has approximately 16,000 miles of road network but only 450 miles are paved roads. An insider joke; North Korea is the safest place to drive as there are no road accidents and no traffic because no one can afford a car except for the ruling class!
  2. Annual income for North Korea is about $16 Billion GDP. that’s about 1/5 of Bill Gates founder of Microsoft net worth ($87.3 Billion). Translates into $645 annual income per person based on a population of 24.8 million folks!
  3. Marijuana (Weed) is legal in North Korea to keep everyone sedated and mellow!
  4.  Traffic Lights don’t exist, so plenty of real traffic cops on every conceivable corner.
  5. Outside of the capital Pyongyang, there is no electricity in many towns and country sides.
  6. North Korea bases its calendar on its founding father and first despot leader born April 15th, 1912 Kim Il Sung. Therefore in North Korea, it is currently the year 104. They truly believe they are the first nation and tribe on earth as in Adam and Eve! After free weed smoking you never know folks, it could be true?
  7. On average North Koreans are two inches shorter than their counterparts in the south. Being that healthcare and nutrition are an actual luxury in North Korea!
  8. Only 20% of the land is arable in North Korea.
  9. North Korea has been labeled the most corrupt nation in the world! Only Somalia and Bangladesh come in second and third in comparison to the regime.
  10. For about $8,000 a North Korean can pay a “coyote” to escape to China or to South Korea! When an escapee is caught he or she must serve a sentence in a labor work camp including their grandparents, parents, and children. A full 3 generational punishment! If you belong to a higher class you simply get sentenced to death! For an Average North Korean it would take only 15 years or realistically 24 years of savings to come up with an “escape fee of $8000 based on $645 annual income!”
  11. Free and fair elections are held every 5 years! Only choice you have on the ballot is one candidate, the great leader Kim Jong Un!
  12. North Koreans are taught that, the North Korea is one country and that South Korea is just an occupied colonial beachhead for the imperialist American government.
  13. Every bookstore in North Korea is replete with one major book title;  Kim Jong Il books about how he was born miraculously, the genius military protege who graduated before schedule and was able to teach his masters and superiors about everything you can conceive of military wise.  Books about Kim’s mother and bedtime stories of legendary conquest and feats and everything poetic and lifestyle about Kim Jong IL, and his father  Kim IL Sung.
  14. As part of the vacation and vocational learning, every North Korean is encouraged to visit Kim Jong IL burial casket draped in a glass. It is required homage and patriotism as a champion of the cause for Socialism!
  15. Kim Jong IL in 1978 kidnapped a famed filmmaker Shin Sang from South Korea, specifically to make Propaganda films that would shine the light on how enlightened, entertaining and wondrous life is in Socialist North Korea! And also improve the North Korean Movie industry!

If this whole North Korean story were all a work of fiction, it would be an instant literature classic best seller only second to the legendary walk of fame as in George Orwell’s  book 1984!

What we know and don’t know, maybe the hair trigger that raises the specter of a messy bloody war if the civilized world must confront this rogue regime! We have reached a fever pitched crescendo! Thanks to the “kick the can down the road” philosophy pursued by past administrations starting with Bill Clinton,1994 through Obamas, 2016. An almost insane approach code named “strategic patience” which is essentially a capitulation to the madness from a potential suicidal maniacal government! That should reassure you folks out there that we live in a very mundane peaceful world wherein our enemies are saber rattling and threatening global peace and our dear Government officials, especially the last Czars of 2009-2016 era had been resting on their laurels or twiddling their thumbs while “Rome Burns”.Don’t you wish you were a snowflake? It’s one thing to have a mutually assured destruction detente pact (MAD) as we have had with the Soviet Union now Russia in bygone decades, but when you have overzealous religious nut jobs such as Iran and a certified maniacal Communist regime as in North Korea, we can not afford to ignore the threats that these regimes pose on the global or regional stage! the entire western civilization has to rally together and protect these precious freedoms and fundamental human rights we all cherish! This is an existential threat: Picture this scenario for a few seconds; your next door neighbor consistently threatens to burn your house down because he doesn’t like your fencing or the noise from your lawn mower when you’re pruning the brushes, and you notice your neighbor piling up wood and playing with Molotov cocktails and dynamite while threatening to incinerate your house? I doubt that any sane neighborly person would look at that scenario or situation and call it a time for “strategic patience?” even more irrational would be the thought of just engaging the neighbor into friendly coffee time chat, that may assuage their diabolical menace? Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in where threats by any adversary must be taken serious and for what they are worth; real existential threats! I’m not a war monger and I would hate that we descend down this very precarious path as we all know the necessary evils of war! I would hope that we could offer this chubby communist manchild a good treat that would make him and his regime back down and maybe unite the Korean peninsula into one nation in exchange for the total dismantling of all the nuclear technology and sites they have burrowed under the ground or wherever they have hidden them. The most head-scratching conundrum is the fact that America and the rest of the western world have no actionable human intelligence on the ground due to North Korea being isolated and cut off from civilization the last 50 years and counting! Will the new Trump Administration do something strong and positive to solve this menace? I nervously await the wise and calmer heads in the “situation room” at the white house, to act decisively and quell this cancerous cell on humanity.

Lets us take a short journey to North Korea. A picture is worth a thousand words and more sublime are the self-evident facts that spin out of the ethernet by way of expert analysis through our caveman scientist lab.


Soldiers routinely ask folks to sweep the streets as part of Keep North Korea patriotic and clean!
Chilling in the hood!
The only mode of Transportation for most regular folks! Train travel is also only by approved permit from the local government!
Communists never seem to know much about elegant architecture? It’s the same boring script as in eastern Europe!
Image result for north korea starvation
Kim Jong Un and the ruling class are well fed and fat while the kids starve in the general population? What happened to their great manifesto “Peoples Republic?”
No Kidding! that’s actually a busy highway! No traffic no accidents in North Korea, possibly the safest place to own a vehicle on the planet!
Image result for north korea starvation
Working hard for the “Man” dedicated bone grinding labor for a little corn!
Universal Principle: Given a choice Folks want tons of freedom, to have fun and live life to the fullest!
Image result for north korea starvation
feast day! mostly a photo-op as such places rarely if any exist in North Korea. Outside ruling class getting all the “nice” food good luck finding a restuarant with nutritious food!
Rice fields: If only this were commonplace in North Korea, how great that would be for the people!
Image result for north korea starvation
This is where North Korea spends most likely 90% of GDP on the Military! Twisted Priorities!
Apparently every guy in North Korea should have a hair-cut such as the great leaders hairstyle to look manly?
A busy factory filled with so many workers you can barely see the machines!
Fancy well dressed traffic cop! You can find them on every street intersection in Pyongyang the capital city.
Subway and transit train! I wonder if it is ever on time?
soccer in the hood!
Kim Jong Uns hand picked Girl band! I wonder if they are as good as Destinys child? Will they ever compete on America’s got talent?
O Hail the great leader! His excellency the Lord of our lands! Folks have to bow when they encounter Kim Jong IL Statue?
This is the Communist version of a “Wealthy Village” and apparently government officials are quick to “show-off” this fake villa compound to tourists and visitors alike!
One man One Vote! Candidates listed on the Ballot: 1. Kim Jong Un 2. Kim Jong Un and 3. Vote any candidate on the first ballot! When in doubt just vote Kim Jong Un!!
Playgrounds open to the ruling class and the public! No ordinary North Korean can afford amusements or the play rides? Catch-22?
Glass Tomb
Public viewing of the dead Kim Jong Il is a required public service and should be on North Koreans bucket list?
The world’s largest Stadium that seats a whopping 150,000 spectators. Named Rungnado May Day Stadium DKRP has some bragging rights here!
North Koreans routinely smuggle soap operas from the west! they want a taste of South Korean lifestyle just for starters! Even though their government tells them Western values are evil!
chilling by the train as Soldiers and train conductors wait next assignment!
North Koreans are taught that Korea is one united territory. They Don’t consider South Korea as a separate Country, they teach their youth that South Korea is an American beach-head and the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is just a bleep on the radar!
A Lenin Like Statue in North Korea of the great leader and founder of DKRP, Socialist revolutionary Kim Il Sung When you see this staue its your patriotic duty to bow down and pay homage!
Pyongyang the Capital City! is it anywhere close to breathtaking?
Forever the father of the North Korean Nation! This painting is available in every building and on mountain tops!


Yes, that is Vladimir Putin meeting with the so-called “great son!” Putin meets Kim Jong Il Circa July 19th, 2000 Putin is everywhere! What does the dinosaur media have to say to that omnipresence by the great Putin?
A pose for the Fatherland North Korea!
Middle School kids get the indoctrination just perfectly! Cute uniforms to boot!
Hvae you read a book on Kim Il Sung, or Kim Jong Il or better yet Kim Jong Un? All you can read on the life and times of the “great leader” and genius founding father of North Korea!
As you can see the Kims picture must be on every building!


New World Order under Trump (day # 83!)

Seven and half days ago as President Trump sat across from Chinese Leader Xi Jiping having most likely a sumptuous meal, American forces were dropping 59 Toma-Hawk Missiles on a Syrian air force base! World War 3? Since the Syrian government under dictator Bashir-Al-Asad are a client state of the Russians this could easily escalate into a very long nasty protracted warfare and Americans are weary of interventionalist regime change policies especially in the quicksands of the middle-east.

To his credit, this is a more muscular America that the world stage has been waiting for the last 8 years and counting! Support the mission or not these are the red lines that were crossed by our enemies and the last fictional administration did absolutely zilch, zero, nada to enforce international standards set forth by the civilized world when it comes to using and deployment of biological and chemical weapons.

Drums of war are not what most decent folks want as a policy but it seems that the world is increasingly a dangerous place and the only response befitting a chaotic world is the use or threat of military force as the front of the spear when it comes to diplomacy! Like it or not history has taught us that Military force is the first part of diplomacy! Unfortunately “talks” and talking tough as had been tried a time or two in the past has yielded a big fat zero and as a result, we all live in a tenuous, precarious, unsafe world! And here comes the new President of the United States with an aggressive posture and first class deliverable message; that America is back in charge and will not tolerate other rogue nations threatening the global peace order or indirectly threatening the US. To quote president Trump’s usual mantra “Not gonna happen anymore!” I don’t have presidential daily briefings and I’m not the leader of the free world, but I do trust this president is making the best strategic decision to roll the dice in our favor! Mr. President good luck and may the force be with thee! With this muscular approach, the President is playing 3D chess and has now earned a few bargaining chips on the world stage to deal with the other hot spots such as North Korea and the Iran/Syria/Russia nexus of perfect storms. I do not envy the position of President of the USA but we certainly elected the right candidate with the energy to deal with this sordid mess globally! I pray that the rest of the civilized world wakes up and realizes that we are living in a new world order.  Top of the list priority entails dealing with domestic issues from a smart forward thinking standpoint and confronting the real global threat of Radical Islam, not global warming as our friends on the left would have us all believe! We have an existential cultural war against a virulent virus ideology that will consume mankind if we in the western world do not commit to a return to basic natural law and moral authority based on Judea/Christian Philosophy. If we continue down this self-inflicted suicidal pathway practicing cultural marxism and political correctness, it won’t take our enemies five generations to conquer the west. In a span of two generations, we will be sitting on doomsday within our lifetimes (50 years to be precise if you like the warm fuzzy Math!)

Democrats set a dangerous constitutional crisis

The Democrats in the Senate just blew themselves up with a grenade meant for the Republicans on a Supreme Court confirmation hearing? Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has finally given in to the dark forces of their base! Setting a low bar precedence is not a becoming endeavor for any true statesman and patriotic defender of the constitution. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves and therein lies the problem, shameless cowardice is their Modulus Operandi. Weak leaders who wear the badge of incompetence and shame with a gleeful pride. Sad day in America! These are the folks who can not do their rightful job! Sitting on the bench and sucking one’s thumbs or throwing a temper tantrum is something that only a kindergartener can do with childish innocence, but, we live in an adult world?

Judge Neil Gorsuch, a fine outstanding scholarly legal mind was up for a vote and all the Democrats had to do was supply 8 senators to join the Republicans on a bipartisan confirmation hearing, thus giving president Trump his first executive accomplishment.  And a balance of the supreme court in the same vein. Trading a conservative associate Judge for the same type or similar Judge. And why the Dems don’t get this through their thick partisan skulls behoofs me as a real world neanderthal! Republicans hold a senate majority 52-48 against the Democrats. This was a vacancy left open due to the untimely death of Supreme Court legend Antonin Scalia. An opportunity for the Dems to show magnanimity and save this legislative battle for another day when they will truly need to push back or pretend they can challenge the Republicans agenda going forward. Honorable statesman tactics they knoweth not in politics. Alas, the nation suffers from a one-party state machinations with no counter balance and aspirational vision, we are left to political chicanery and shenanigans. Opposition for the sake of opposition is a theater worthy of well-trained Kangaroos that refuse to be tamed for the next circus!

What happens now in the near future if President Trump nominates another possibly two supreme court associate justices to fill in the vacancies that are more than likely to happen? Will the Dems enjoy sitting on the sidelines while the governing party Republicans use the nuclear option each time to avoid a filibuster to the vote? What a disservice they are doing to the national political discourse! Shredding the time-tested constitution into confetti to score cheap political points for any expediency is an injustice that the perpetrators, in this case, the Democrats should pay for dearly at the next ballot box and beyond! The American people deserve better than this bunch of shameless lip service charlatans. Do the Democrats want to join forces with the Green Party and just call themselves the New Democratic Green Party (DGP) or better yet Green Socialist Democrat Party (GSDP). That would make a whole lot of practical sense. True primary colors as they are constructed from top to bottom, with no pretenses. Only true authenticity! Buyer be aware! You know what you are buying into everytime you decide to vote for the Dems or the GSDP! And on the flip side, the Republicans can re-brand themselves as the New Democratic-Republicans! (DRP), since they can’t seem to govern when they have legitimately earned power and have been given the green light by “we the people”? Republicans own all the levers of power for effective and total governance and can execute without any help from the Democrats in all practicality. Yet the Republicans can’t even bring any bills worth writing home about on the Presidents desk and it is day 78 out of the first 100 days? We don’t need a plate full of Linguine for lunch, where is the real grass fed beef in the legislative sandwich?When are we going to have a true binary choice for the electorate? May time have mercy on all of us!

Unmasking Crickets and Scandals

What do crickets, scandals, and Susan Rice have in common?

If your guess is as good as mine, that powerful political theater and media malfeasance makes for a smelly day in Denmark! Something stinks in Washington DC! If you thought for a New York second that we are living in an alternative universe where unicorns smoke cigars and can read Chinese Mandarin using a specially encrypted code provided by the Dinosaur Media Incorporated, you are closer to clarity than the deep end of darkness!

The Dinosaur Media has proved once again how crickets can be taught to sing Kum-ba-ya better than the Brooklyn Orchestra Choir could sing at any event while the Media bobble heads direct and conduct the concert! The Dinosaur Media is determined to pull the wool over our eyes?  Why? To give their corporate puppet masters enough time to cover up incompetence and desire for more ruling power! It’s not about letting the citizens pursue happiness and liberty as they freely choose but it is all about more centralized power for the elite to manipulate and control the population because the elites know better how your individual lives should be managed! They are the wizards of smarts don’t forget that factor out there in the hinterlands!

Since the inauguration of the new President on January 20th, 2017, the Dinosaur Media has obsessed with a “nothing Burger” over the Trump/Russian connection narrative, which by any measure of independent observation, leads any rational sane mind to these following facts: (a) All the Russian plus Trump team stories have little to no evidence and are a total distraction from real world stories. (b) a cover up of a scandal if you connect all the unfolding dots of information. A raging fire of a scandal of biblical proportions, i.e It is much easier to cross the red sea on dry ground while water is suspended 200 feet in the air! Than it is to ignore so many obvious leads that have nothing to do with Rabbit holes, and (c) Susan Rice a former national Security appointee under the last administration, is a walking, talking scandal that the media has suddenly conspicuously become hushed and silent about. Oh! Well, they are already coming to her defense before all the facts are out and “unmasked?”

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Susan Rice NSC Official in Obama Administration
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Curious George? Is that Gen Flynn and Susan Rice hmmm intriguing?

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Trumps first 100 Days (Day # 76!)

An impressive fact is that we have a business-friendly President who has passed the rigorous test of surviving and being a successful entrepreneur in the free market! This President understands small business people, entrepreneurs, and workers! The perfect change agent needed to save us all from the Washington DC madness swamp of endless regulations. In 2015 alone, federal regulations cost the American economy more than $2 trillion. That is why the President has proposed a moratorium on new federal regulations and is ordering the heads of federal agencies and departments to identify job-killing regulations that should be repealed or eliminated entirely. Play that funky music again!

Bad News For Trump:

The RyanCare formerly known as Obamacare is now on the laps of this current Congress, Senate, and White House! It is a total crap sandwich that will bring more cancerous tumors to the American body of health! We can not allow 25% of the US economy to be dominated and taken over by the Federal bureaucracy with all its foibles and incompetencies. Speaker Ryan needs to get hes nerdy behind and work the back channels like a skilled craftsman and get the freedom caucus, Tuesday Morning Caucus and the other sausage caucuses too numerous to mention in the house of representatives and save us all from this monstrosity known as “Unaffordable healthcare Act” or ObamaCare. There is no time left for playing chicken fiddle, or “duck duck goose”. Take all the time you need speaker Ryan and bring a successful ready to be unveiled healthcare bill on the president’s desk, pronto! Sounds cruel but we need a free market solution! Everyone one including the poorest of the population must have skin in the game! Healthcare is not free!So who foots the bill when one gets sick? This idea that expanding Medicaid and Medicare as the gold standard to cure the lack of coverages is ludicrous on the surface. And to believe that, you certainly must be drunk on dirt cheap  60% full proof liquor.  We the people should be able to have insurance in any state we choose and keep any doctor we want and join any association we see fits into our sphere! And if the government wants to help; how about more tax breaks for small, medium-sized and large businesses who provide health coverage insurance for their employees. We can use some health savings accounts! Allow charitable organizations to write off or be completely tax exempt if they provide any health care for average Americans freely, regardless what charity it is as long as it doesn’t engage in any criminal enterprises. The freer we are as a people, the better we will be able to take care of each other, that’s why we have a nucleus and extended family! Mama used to say “charity begins at home!”

Good news for Trump:

We need Congress to grow a pair of cajones and fulfill their sworn oath to serve as the people’s representatives and do to the best of their ability defend our constitution at every turn! But they (congress) have abdicated their role and have permitted the presidency and executive branch become too powerful, its almost like we are living under an autocratic rule! Not by any stretch of the imagination that President Trump is guilty of usurping power, but past presidents have set a very bad precedence especially the last 8 years of executive over-reach and a lame duck congress not holding in check unfettered power grab! Constitution provides co-equal branches of power for a very wise reason! What happens when we have a leader with dictatorial or nefarious tendency at the helm? We will lose our republic! We are not a democracy as I constantly hear our neighbors from the leftist mindset! We are a constitutional Republic with an experimentation in liberal democracy!

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Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

Russian collusion is a new dirty word! Probably stronger than the ones you have heard about at your playground. The kind of dirty words that would make your grandma wash your mouth with soap detergent! The Dinosaur Media is apoplectic! They keep chasing their own tails and want all of us to buy into this semi-insane phony baloney nexus of Russian meddling into our electoral process, with a puppet master control that would give Houdini the hives for its flawless execution! Could it be true we have a Russian agent in control of the White house? Nikita Khrushchev must be doing the Macarena! Talk about wild dreams coming true! Who needs a “cold war” when you can hack into an election system and upset the balance of power from within without firing a shot! Must be the greatest coup-de-tat known to mankind! Continue reading Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

The First 100 days! (Day #55)

President Trump! It feels good to be able to say that in this beautiful nation of ours! We finally put an energizer bunny in the white house to work for “we the people!” Refreshing as that may sound let’s look at the few of many things that the top executive of our Federalist society has accomplished or set to accomplish in his first 100 days in office!

This is day number 55!! And it’s already an electric slide I call “fantastic voyage!” The man is not afraid to tackle what is arguably a systemic mess from domestic policy, foreign policy and dealing with the “deep State” or as uncle fast Jimmy would say back in the day; A house with too many Bore weevils interwoven in the federal bureaucratic leviathan! President Trump keep the sunlight shining on these meandering corners of power! If you could use a chainsaw and weed whacker we have plenty of spares and if you need extra reinforcement to keep cutting the size and scope of the federal Government! Refer to rules for change agents, number 3; “Drain the swamp!” Continue reading The First 100 days! (Day #55)

Goodbye General Flynn! Part 1!

When you mix Hyperbole and emotional thinking you end up with a cocktail stew of irrationality and hallucinations! For example, you may read about the Russian “meddling” with our electoral process as hypothesized by the dinosaur media. And then in addition couple, that information with the ousting of a great American Patriot Lt. General Mike Flynn, a national security team advisor to the President, and you guessed right your mind will be in a tizzy! If you as an independent observer noticed a glaring collective amnesia from the Dinosaur media you just won the lottery, bingo! Since the Media and congressional Democrats have been taking a long winded nap that only lasted 2920 days (8 years if you insist on the Math!), they have suddenly out of the blue sky found their mojo and they want it back! Energized like a frenzied pack of sharks smelling blood in the water! Or could it be true that the Media has finally discovered their shrill chihuahua bark after-all?

Image result
Lt. General Mike Thomas Flynn a great American Hero, a key leader in counter-insurgency known as a “hot head” by detractors!

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What’s the Immigration Noise all about?

Muslim Ban? Are you serious dawg? This can’t be happening in America? Executive order on steroids, or sensible insanity? Could it be the President is just being trigger happy go lucky in issuing a travel ban from certain regions of the world? Or is it a plausible theory that the President is acting within the confines of his authority?

But wait a huge New York Minute before I stitch myself up in hysterical laughter and simultaneously clear my throat from possibly choking! My glee is not quite at the level of the Media Hysteria over how it feels to lose power at the executive branch of government, where the media has had a “forever after” romantic cozy relationship with the powers that be! The media wanted perpetual power, by belonging to the ruling class. Now that power has slipped away and shifted in a totally different direction! Inconceivable! Continue reading What’s the Immigration Noise all about?