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Open Borders No! Free Immigration, Yes!








Before we all feel like a boondoggle has evolved out of the ashes of this contentious issue on immigration, I would like to quote a wonderful Hill Billy Farmer from Alabama and not for shock value but for nuggets of wisdom; “If y’all want to end illegal immigration, stop eating!” What say, you Alabama farmer? Oh well! The pesky issue follows us again, why? Are Illegal immigrants a workable disposable workforce? Before we beat up this immigration issue like a Pinata (no pun intended to my Taco loving Latino friends). The Democrats seem to love Latinos for the vote to buttress their power indefinitely “living la Vida Loca!” And the Republicans support big business, which in turn wants and loves the cheap labor! Cynicism anybody? not really just plain facts that are not easy to confront and address without a good dose of reason and logic, our primal instinct in this lab of experimental thought! I promise not to fall off my armchair rocker; and go out on a limb and say, Immigration should be free, the likes we had at the turn of the 19th century such as before 1914 when we had an influx of Irish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Jewish and Italian immigrants to mention a few. Everyone, native citizens, and immigrants mutually benefitted from free immigration. And whomsoever came to our shores came to fill up jobs that were desperately needed during the height of the industrial revolution! Contrast that migration wave and fast forward to today with Migrants coming from South and Central Latin America, Asia and Africa are all migrating to a Welfare state! Looks like a loss-loss situation and fascinating to watch, but we are all interconnected in this our quest for freedom! At the roots of any immigration is the natural born soulful thirst for liberty endowed by our creator and on the other hand the selfish tyrannical “isms” of state power by those that advocate big government control of folks that yearn for freedoms! Borders, Language and Culture matter! Open Borders? No! Free Immigration, Yes indeed! If we can control and secure the borders then it should be free for all to come if they love this land and want to partake in all the milk and honey that’s flowing from Sonoma California to Long Island Newyork or Minnesota Hills to dusty Brownsville Texas, and all the fruited plains in between.If I were Mexican or Cuban, or other than Mexican, I would, by all means, swim across the Rio-Grande river or walk across the Arizona desert to come to America and make the Moolah for a better lifestyle, you bet I would dare do it! Damn right! Trek here to these United States (compare $1.50 per hour in Mexico versus $9 per hour in America, Bingo!) There is always a net positive when new adaptable and assimilating immigrants show up on our shores and join this American melting pot! Immigrants who come here to wave the American flag with a fervor and pride that can only happen in America! As the great 18th-century poet Emma Lazarus, once eloquently put it;

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Lady Liberty America the Beautiful










“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these thehomeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Now that the romance and honeymoons over, it’s time to look at the nitty gritty side of the underbelly of uncontrollable, broken and disorderly immigration system: Continue reading Open Borders No! Free Immigration, Yes!

Happy 4th of July!!

Old Glory Flag Salute!! America the Beautiful! This is exactly how i feel about this momentous and glorious day (A salute to the Flag and all its meaning and purpose) that we can celebrate our cherished freedoms any which way we please, it’s the American way!! And thanks and kudos to the great Men and Women who have gone before us and defended these liberties which some of us take for granted in the heartlands and street corners out there in Somewhereville and NowhereVille respectively!! God Bless The USA, our Armed forces: Navy, Marine, AirForce, Army, Special Forces units, National Guard, Coast Guard. First responders EMT, Police, Firefighters, Border Patrol agents, Covert and Overt organizations, Health Practitioners, good hard working Teachers, Crossing guards, The Mail Man, Mamas and Papas too numerous to mention who are out making a difference in the world giving their time, money, effort and energy to make this our great Land! I salute you all! : Live free and let live! Cheers to Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!

Realism Theory in Motion

My Time-Tested and underground Lab theory of scientific Mathmatism “aka” Realism Theory, made simple;

states that P3B3 = Cm  wherein P = Ignorance, and B = reality,

and C is a common sense primer,   X = (Knowledge to the ^nth degree) and M is inherent IQ

Therefore P3B3 => => leads to CmX = Common Sense. A proven formula for enlightenment!!