Right To Vote

A curious perusal through a local Fort Wayne, Indiana newspaper The Journal Gazette dated March 1st, 2015 had me scratching my upper brow and trying to figure out what exactly is the reality behind the eclectic noise concerning the very fundamental and constitutionally protected act of voting! Coming from both flanks left and right oh yes that proverbial left-right thing is not a cultural phenomenon but part of the universal lexicon or shall we say as my wise pipe smoking, rough around the edges uncle Jimmy would say “its reality son! deal with it! Before i jump to any conclusion of which i’m a world-renowned expert in the entire universe, backed up by having had 28,000 years of scientific research, i will quote The Journal Gazette newspaper word for word in the following brief segment: : “As the voting rights Act of 1965 approaches its golden anniversary, two members of Congress seek to establish a constitutional amendment that would expressly give people the right to vote” OK I will take a much needed deep breath right here before i fall out of my supply chair! Quote continues…. “Rep Mark Pocan, D-Wisconsin, said the 2013 supreme court decision to revoke a Voting Rights Act provision affecting federal approval of voting law changes in Southern states “just really underscored the fact that we don’t have an explicit right to vote in our U.S. Constitution.” “In January, Pocan and Rep Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota re-introduced legislation to establish a right-to-vote constitutional amendment. Their first bill introduced in 2013 never received consideration in the Republican-controlled House. now that i have fully fallen off my rocker and i have regained my physical and mental faculties and in full astute composure! I’m not yet laughing since i know i will soon apply my Theorism formula and figure out this whole dang thing! But wait before i go further it gets even better with another fellow traveler who supports this “voting right amendment”, actually a group named FairVote, a ‘Non-partisan’ group in Washington DC (that wonderful place of opulence close to the Potomac River) supports the Pocan-Ellison effort. summarized as such: Executive Director Rob Richie believes the rhetoric of right to vote doesn’t match reality because if amendment is ratified, “Pocans measure would override state laws that he claims “make it harder for someone to vote” and this last portion makes me want to seriously cry like a wailing 3 year old whose mommy just rejected a request for another chocolate chip cookie!… “IDs such as drivers licenses and passports aren’t just given away. And even if State-issued voter IDs are available for free in most states, Pocan said, the time and expense necessary to gather identification documents, travel to a motor vehicle license branch and wait in line to apply for an ID are a hindrance to obtaining one!” Talk about a tortured path no pun intended!

Really! that’s classic, meantime, on the other side of the spectrum is a group called True the Vote, another nationwide non-partisan group based in Houston Texas, advocates voters rights and election integrity, opposes this bill or amendment! True the Vote backs voter ID laws and Citizenship verification for voter registration combined with cooperation among the States to make sure voters are not double or triple registered in more than one State! Now for my last deep breathe as i turn my head around to avoid spinning in all directions, i must point out that this is when my realism formula works best so we can sift through the facts and manure faster than a spinning wheel at a magic show! Therefore according to the left of center group FairVote and their peers Representatives Ellison and Pocan, obtaining and showing an ID is so cumbersome and hard especially for Blacks,Browns and the other in between Americans that they require to just show up at a voting booth and say hello to the registration officer or whomever is charged with electioneering and be able to vote without any proof of identity? oh! and its gets better these folks believe too that convicted felons be eligible voters as soon as they apologize and say sorry for crimes committed and also that voting age of consent should be lowered to 16-17 years of age! ah! the wonders of youthful vigor and teenage wisdom! why not lower the bar to 12 years old like my smarty pants nephew who likes Republicans, would he be allowed to vote under this wondrous concept of “if you old enough to walk you must be old enough to vote, right? Or better yet only eligible to vote if voting Democratic ticket instead of wicked Republican ticket? makes perfect sense! Switching gears to the other group, True the Vote that advocates what looks like a very mature adult solution: verify citizenship and identity of the voter and cross-referenced across state lines and bingo! you are ready to vote! Doesn’t seem like pulling teeth with a Pliers? it’s too rich to believe what these political figureheads come up within the dark of night! One side claims “voter suppression” for asking for proof of identity and the other side cries “Voter fraud” if no identity is enforced?¬†Beware of democracy and the one man one vote scheme! It does tend to have an ugly head that comes back to bite the rear ends of the best advocates for it? or is this just another entrenched perpetual Power grab for the leftists? Or can it be true that the right wing conservatives are being unreasonably controlling?