Instrument of Mass Disinformation

Since the debates are still raging on like a wild fire, i’m inclined to chime in about a few things i picked out;

Its now wilted down to a 3 man horse race or aptly and more realistically a race between front runner Billionaire Mogul Donald J Trump and Texas firebrand senator Ted Cruz!

Debate night Detroit city Trump called Marco Rubio “little Marco” in retort to Marco Rubio calling Trump “a man with little hands, that cant be trusted! You know what they say about a guy with little hands?”  I mean this is classic gladiator stuff you can’t make it up folks! Twist  your hands into a pretzel and wet your appetites folks, bring out the peanuts and beer and if you are french-inclined some Red Moscato Wine. Sit back and enjoy this charade of deep rooted pragmatic policy wonking, albeit it name calling! As moma said many times millennia ago ” if you ain’t got nothing good to say substantively then kindly shut your trap!” need i say more to that wise nugget? So factually speaking since we pull everything from the headlines, “making stuff up as you go is the wind beneath the politicians wings!” Florida Senator Marco Rubio and presidential hopeful just to add spice to his resume build-up (forget that old wondrous document called the Constitution) it’s all about Marco an instrument of mass disinformation a darling of the G.O.P establishment (aka “ruling class!”). This Florida senator is the quintessential “sell-out” man tan politician who abandoned Tea Party grassroots or rather used the tea party grassroots as his base to jump right into the Crony corporatist sausage factory that is K-street rather K-Pig-street and has bamboozled the voter, hoodwinked them with double speak on both sides of his one mouth! Typical washington sausage corporatist, talk a good game and deliver nada yes i said it Zilch nada in terms of what “we the people” governed by consent and offer power by the same token to the representatives who are supposed to deliver on their so called promises! At the very least “follow the constitution as your guiding principles Mr Senator or Congressman/woman and the powers that be, just read the darn thingy majiggy document. Dust it up and put your reading glasses on and follow its precepts you will tend to do the right thing; word to the wise!  Its a shame, if its not a crying shame as the ordinary man on the street ends up again shafted, disenfranchised, disaffected, blamed and ignored! There are consequences to failed economic and social policies, just ask your unemployed neighbors without going out into the hinterlands! Rubio is no longer a grassroots darling but a bought and paid for marionette (gang of eight amnesty bill, cough cough),donate money to Rubio and you will have a bill named after you the benefactor for the GOP establishment what a greek tragedy for a bright well spoken man to go down this sausage tube! And i never seen anyone so pleased with a 3rd rate performance, or coming in 4th in little league and jumping hysterically “mommy mommy i won, i won a trophy as number 4th well sometimes 3rd depending on how many fingers one still has to use to count; hip-hip-hooray!”  And basically he is acting out as a spoiler in the two man race for Republican nomination! isn’t it late in the game now to be swinging for the fences? Good thing about coming in 4th place is mommy will always love you! But this is politics 101, a blood sport and a title to be the chief executive in the freest nation on the Planet! folks, i kinda like a winner and the 1st place winner not the 3rd or 4th and so forth down the road! so lets put our red solo cups up and enjoy the horse race as it continues to amuse and bewilder!!

How sweet it is to be Zinged by You!

As your resident scientist, i can not by any measure or proclivity ignore the delicacy that is the Trump phenomenal in the current election cycle!

I watched the Live Debates in South Carolina last week Thursday, February 25th, and i could have sworn i had a craving for salted caramel popcorn and a ginormous 40 ounces Apple juice cup. Then it hit me as i seen the two stand-outs on the left and right of “the Donald” namely Marco Rubio and one Ted Cruz. A Theme song was very appropriate for the on-going slug-fest for GOP front-runner nomination; “How Sweet it is to be Zinged by you” of the James Taylor fame 1970’s top charting singer-songwriter! i dare continue the lyrics as i know Mr. Taylor will receive his well-deserved royalties for that classic hit song ” I needed the shelter of someones arms,  there you were. I needed someone to understand my ups and downs, there you were. With sweet love and devotion, deeply touching my emotion. i want to stop and thank you baby, i wanna stop and thank you baby, yes i do, How Sweet it is to be Loved by you!” that encapsulates the love fest debate and who needs policy wonking or a debate on serious issues facing this great American nation!  Practically what Rubio and Cruz meant to say with Guitar strings providing the harmony and syncopation as Trump was enjoying the soliloquy! Lets hit that note one more time y’all: “How Sweet it is to be Zinged by you!”