Rumble young man Rumble!

Folks another American icon has left us all dumbfounded mesmerized and very much inspired! Rugged individual, Alpha male extraordinaire a true American son that has part of his fabric woven into the greatness that is the American century of yesteryear. The reason why America has been a beacon of light, hope and ferocious tenacity, a strong mountain in the valley of tumult and uncertainty! Now that’s some good ‘Ol values we can all imbibe, embody and let pour from our sweaty palms as we continue trudging the trail blazed by the Great ones among us! Here are a few Appetizers for your food for thought:

  • “Rumble young man Rumble!”
  • “The Will must be stronger than the skill!”
  • “I’ve wrestled Alligators, I tussled with a Whale, I done handcuffed lightning, and thrown thunder in jail!”
  • ” If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologies.”
  • “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!”

Cassius Marcellus  Clay aka Muhammad Ali the greatest of all time heavyweight boxer and legendary icon! keep your star shining in the night skies and also in our hearts and minds,(RIP).

InterGalactic Siesta

After a much needed intergalactic siesta for only 1/2 light years, its good to be back on this side of the parallel universe! And right into the swamps of political mud: “The Cruze Missile has crashed!! Oh by Golly Miss Molly! I could have sworn the firebrand, lightning rod-world class debater from Texas would survive the mudslinging and bring he’s A-game to Donald Trump, New York Yankee gentleman, finest rugged individual and great communicator!

Without using our magic formula; what happened to The Cruz missile, why did it misfire? only garnering 567 delegates out of the much needed 1237 delegate count to win the whole darn thing as pivotal crown prince of GOP nomination.

Analysis 101: Ted “Cruz Missile” Cruz;  strength = 1. world class debater 2. accomplished prosecutorial attorney.  3. well groomed middle class pedigree and Ivy league Theorist! 4. Honorable decent family man (almost a saint in political or public sphere so to speak).  5. first generation American of immigrant roots

Weaknesses: 1. Too cerebral (hello “beam me up scottie” syndrome on this side of the plane!). 2. Cant communicate thru the media noise machine! 3. doesn’t know how to steal pages from political opponents ( use “the Donalds genius marketing message! A targetless non-policy specific, emotionally driven campaign!) 4. Canned speeches sounds repetitive robotic and smells of Washington Corporate machine sound bites. Can not reach grassroots, lower, middle and upper middle class folks who only understand “low information mode of communication” style. the only chance he had to append and upset the apple cart that is an electorate that is acutely attuned and fixated on an emotional connection with the simple yet powerful message of Trump: “Make America Great Again!” you gotta give “the Donald” credit: Genius!!