Black lives matter! Really?

In the interest of being a cultural provocateur, i chose not to use our common sense formula P3B3 = Cm  for this one as it is a touchy subject! I will proceed with caution and sensitivity and just get straight to the heart of the underlying issues and use what my grandma Grace Pudding (98,000 years old) would use in moments of anarchy tumult and confusion: Tough Love!!

Firstly, I acknowledge and send intergalactic angel dust and peace to the families that have lost a loved one (R.I.P) to the gentleman in Louisiana, and Minnesota, most likely a Police accidental shooting? Or a case of excessive force, maybe reasonable probable cause? Even more tragically, the great Dad in Dallas Texas who was gunned down in the line of duty, under a hail of racially motivated bias and evil intent! It’s really a crying shame that innocent lives are being lost but unfortunately such is the human condition!

So where does tough love come into play here? Well, firstly we need cooler heads to prevail and that means, it’s time for visionary leadership to step up and be the fatherly hand of wisdom to guide the afflicted and afflictionators alike (science Lab Lexicon!). But as i sit in the lab writing this piece i hear a lot of cricket sounds and the sound of a Chain-Saw, not very helpful! And then i look up above in exasperation I hear grandma Grace Pudding whisper to me: We need a few syllables that will indeed shock the nation but bring to light the real underlying issues to the core and essence of these societal problems we have today!

what is the solution and diagnosis of this ever growing “cancer of behavior”?

Syllable number one: F.A.T.H.E.R (a descriptive word meaning paternal bonding, a divine plan of happiness and parental authority,we need more of these across America in every home! and more so in the inner city across the fruited plains!).

Two worded Syllables: INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY ( God-given right and Parental driven Moral Value, that when applied can lead to more freedom, respect for self and others culminating into personal and community strength and growth!).

Thirdly, three-part syllables: Social Adaptive Skills (not just related to mental intelligence or lack thereof, but more importantly, the skill set one acquires to have values reinforced at home by a parent, simply priceless: “Respect for Authority!”

Now i understand the audience may be left gasping for extra oxygen after learning about these timeless “tough love” principles, I guarantee if we tried these 3 areas of cognitive and philosophical experiments, we will all be a better society! And how does that comport with some blatant and obvious “seemingly” isolated incidences of Police Brutality? Again we can all acknowledge that Police departments across the nation and across the board are an exemplar of professionalism and community care in Law enforcement! Can we do a better job at community engagement and law enforcement with all due respect both ways? Absolutely affirmative! Implement corrective sensitivity training that does not dilute common sense law enforcement and endanger our brave first responders lives and add further risk and stress to an already risky job?  It should be a case by case basis and a localised situational and operational call by Police chiefs and their departments respectively! It’s not fair to paint a broad brush and accuse the police of brutality Cart-Blanche! Even though it’s entirely possible in about 0.5% of cases that could be true and only if verified, carefully by internal review and on the job training via a pro-active internal training affairs department! Sublimely important is the constitutional right of every citizen to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and secure in their persons! Let us all calm down a notch and not let the demagogues among us divide and conquer us all by pretending to have any solutions when in fact they are only full of rhetoric that stokes the flames of anger, bitterness, class envy and brutish hooliganism “aka” mob rule and Anarchy 101 as espoused by the leftist, grievance industry, ignoramus, anarchists, and other such fellow travellers! There are two grenades here that should not end up in the hands of bomb throwers: 1. Stop Black arrogance/ignorance and attitude towards law and Order. 2. let’s stop White guilt and soft bigotry/Patronizing posture! Boom goes the proverbial bomb!  Instead, Buyer be aware: Of charlatans and Anarchists about to steal your children’s joy and future! you know who these folks are, wether they appear to be in the power corridors of Washington DC or your local Media outlet including so-called political “talking bobble head” Pundits!

All we need is Love! Thanks, John Lennon and some Grace Pudding wisdom: Tough Love! Cheers to more Fathers in homes and Pro-active response manual in all police departments across the nation!

Happy 4th of July!!

Old Glory Flag Salute!! America the Beautiful! This is exactly how i feel about this momentous and glorious day (A salute to the Flag and all its meaning and purpose) that we can celebrate our cherished freedoms any which way we please, it’s the American way!! And thanks and kudos to the great Men and Women who have gone before us and defended these liberties which some of us take for granted in the heartlands and street corners out there in Somewhereville and NowhereVille respectively!! God Bless The USA, our Armed forces: Navy, Marine, AirForce, Army, Special Forces units, National Guard, Coast Guard. First responders EMT, Police, Firefighters, Border Patrol agents, Covert and Overt organizations, Health Practitioners, good hard working Teachers, Crossing guards, The Mail Man, Mamas and Papas too numerous to mention who are out making a difference in the world giving their time, money, effort and energy to make this our great Land! I salute you all! : Live free and let live! Cheers to Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!

Blast from the near past!

Your resident mad scientist is back on the loose so let’s release a few snippets of what has been happening on the world scene from where we left off during the struggle for G.O.P and the other D.N.C party nomination process!

Fire-brand missile Ted Cruz: I wish this Texas tea party-backed Republican  could have yelled much louder against Obama during the debates and stolen ‘The Donalds” thunder!! rumble Cruz missile rumble! He went on to say confidently in an interview with Chuck Todd of the NBC fame or one of those Alphabet Channels: ” Obama you are a world class Demagogue who presides over a bloated over-regulated federal government that has shipped jobs overseas and making the rich richer and also bringing in Syrian Refugees infiltrated with ISIS members. Right behind you is  Donald Trump another similar Demagogue. We will  abolish the IRS, reign in the EPA and implement a fair tax and bring back jobs for the average American!”  This will be a fun fight: Cruz vs Trump! seconds away… round 2! (ding ding boxing bell rings) fight fair gentlemen, no low blows may the best man win! ( in Shakespearean lingo may the  best man wineth thee!!). And Cruz last quote “Hillary sells influence and Trump Buys Influence!” clever ploy!  is it too little too late or serves as a juggernaut for the political vein?

Act presidential Mr. Donald J Trump?  No! That’s not fun we want the blood sport to continue by golly miss molly the Trumpster is funny, Trump goes on to eloquently in Trump fashion tells the story of how his opponent in Ohio Governor Kasich doesn’t pay attention to the political punditry on the boob tube (TV) and instead only watches Golf on Television? how insensitive of this self-absorbed Governor from Ohio not to watch when “The Donald” is giving speeches and blistering across the nation winning like a crazy soul train on steroids! http://video/2016/03/14/trump_john_kasich

Rocket man  “little” Marco, sounds good when he articulates: i wish you had not joined the establishment sausage machine with a Senate bill {S 744} (Gang of eight immigration bill) that would have been a massive trojan horse and end American sovereignty as we know it! Sorry, you had to exit  so early “little” Marco Rubio! Promise us you will serve as a “real conservative” Senator or maybe Governor!! Good luck Marco you have brilliance as a halo on your political head! He Marco Rubio did mention a salient point that folks are very frustrated out in the hinter-lands and all across the fruited plains and the anger is palpable you can cut through it like a Cheese cake at your local Cheese cake factory! I think the nation is ticked off at the political ruling class (unfortunately we are in a living breathing Oligarchy!) whatever happened to “we the People” as per our founding document and vision of forefather founding fathers sacred honor! Alas our Floridian stud muffin comes up short and could not make the case to the American electorate!

Political Animal extraordinaire, Clinton: “We didn’t lose a single person in Libyan War” meantime Libya is a failed state in total anarchy, a Rat named Bojangles could literally run this Libyan country as newly minted dictator right now as we speak if he made the push to do so! To Paraphrase most of Hillary Clinton speech in front of live Townhall style audience; “In Libya, you had a blood-thirsty dictator of whom the Europeans were screaming and begging us America to intervene, so we don’t have another Syrian crisis? The USA responded and provided air power support while Allies did the ground work” Libya is not perfect Mrs. Clinton asserts; “Khadaffi and his forces were defeated and Libya ended up with two free election cycles ushering in a messy kind of democracy where Libyans voted into power some so-called moderates [backed by ISIS and other evil unknown elements!] “Changing from Dictatorship to a more democratic system takes years! Ahh really madam secretary you don’t say! takes ages huh? “And Libya was a different kind of calculation; We didn’t lose a single person and we didn’t have a problem working with allies vis-a-vis NATO and Arabian allies”

Ok I’m chewing on some fried chicken drum-stick and trying not to choke on the bone marrow as memory serves me right that we had 4 US Marines and an American Ambassador killed in Bhengazi Libya? Did i miss something? This is the best/worst you have ever seen America! everything that is wrong in and with Washington DC power center. She is the “it” gal and the glow girl! Tell us more lies we love the way you lie! [this tune sounds like  Eminem song featuring Rihanna; Love the way you lie!] Our grand supreme leader comrade Hillary  Clinton, folks hands of applause!!

Crazy Grandpa, Bernie “Hot Turkey” Sanders! has such big plans i think he is a millennial, and just like Millennials still living with Mommy and Daddy at age 25-34 with huge college Debt have grand plans but just don’t know how to execute them and how things actually work in the real word! Free College For everyone (yay!) Free Medical care (yay!) free Apples and eggs on every table (yay!). Let’s roast the Billionaires and Millionaires and eat their lunch for free (gallery if you happy and you know it: scream Yay!): If you can stomach an hour long socialist spin for great minds and  the mushy brainiacs alike, and also have an open-minded skull like mine, by all means check this speech at the  following link: