Black Plight, Black lives and Colin Kaepernick

In the interest of fairness to the great philosopher of our time; National Football League genie in the bottle San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, I promise to address the concerns that this great athlete has brought to the forefront with much media fanfare!

Part A: It’s a Triple edged sword as we trudge along with Mr. Colin Kaepernick and have this conversation! On one end of the spectrum, I defend Colin and his right to free speech with every fiber of my DNA and so would all my brothers and sisters that have fought battles from the beaches of Normandy, the foothills of South Korean 38th parallel, Aerial bombardment of Hiroshima Japan, Auschwitz death camps, South Vietnam, Desert Storm Iraq, Mogadishu, Fallujah and current theater of war in Afghanistan against global Jihad. Wherever the Marines, Special Forces, Army or Airforce is needed, the Men and Women in uniform have laid down their lives so we can all enjoy the freedoms most of us take for granted! That’s just one part of the discussion there; can you appreciate why the flag is such a sacred piece of holy grail that is draped in the priceless precious blood of our own finest among us? Now let us look at the other side of the spectrum, the real ugly side where the rubber meets the road: This is not for the faint-hearted because this is a wound that runs really deep into the inner cities and the underbelly of the beast!

Part B: The 3,800lbs Elephant in the room nobody wants to address has two sides of the mirror. Plenty of blame to go around, but let us zone in on the most important aspect of self-reflection and emotional maturity on all the principle actors! Like in all endeavors there is always room for improvement! He who stops learning stops growing and dies of natural causes. Therefore let’s have this conversation Mr. Colin Kaepernick: For starters, I will Quote this NFL great during an impromptu interview: “Whats happening across this country is unfair, unjust, there needs to be accountability” Why? media person asks? Colin responded, “Police brutality, it’s not new ground and this needs to be addressed and I will continue to sit and protest. People are being murdered, it’s not right by any standards! This is supposed to be a country that delivers freedom, justice, and liberty for all or everyone. This stand is not for me, this is for the voiceless to try and effect change.”  Well, sir, my fellow Philosopher Colin, believe it or not, I actually agree with you on most parts of what you said, but you know, I like following empirical evidence so buckle up for a very grown up discussion!

The social malaise that confronts us in the 21st century; Black lives matter and so do all Asian, Latino, Blue, Brown, Yellow and Anglo White lives! Now that that’s out of the way, next point:

1.Aggressive policing  does exist and rightly so! Unfortunately, there is a very minute and I repeat, a very small percentage less than 1% of real Police brutality and the numbers are available for anyone to look up as to how many young black youth have been “murdered” by Cops! I’m sure if we have time on our hands we can find a rogue Cop or Cops nationwide, but in all candor, most police officers are very professional and happen to be real family folks when not in uniform. Indicting an entire blue wall of excellence in very trying and tumultuous times is akin to an exercise in sophistry, arson and unnecessary bomb throwing inside movie theaters. As i have emphasized in other publications that this is a powder keg waiting to be ignited and I’m certain we can do a lot more to improve the training and professionalism of our finest blue blood first responders that perform to the best of their professional ability without fear and favor!

2. Black crimes matter! A vicious self-inflicted wound! Ouch oh no! he didn’t just go there? Yes, I have just stepped into the auditorium and I hear pin drop silence: The ugly sins we sweep under the societal carpet. Are Cops Racist? Colin Kaepernick if not an indictment on the police force i wonder what you really imply in your statement about random murder occurring out there?This is very frustrating if not maddening for our Progressive friends who are most likely chomping at the bit due to their misguided policy prescriptions! Urban policies from the Progressive Left have left black inner cities in a cauldron of darkness. Blacks as a proportion to their population size commit more aggravated crimes than any other ethnic group! That’s a bitter pill to swallow, unfortunately, lots of spring water needed for that! And as a result of bad policies prescribed by the Progressive left and their cohorts the black community has largely been ignored and left to its own self-destructive downward spiral creating an urban pathology that has come full circle to fruition, and now we see the deadly results of basing policies on childish fantasies, such as Roses, Lillies, blissful strolls and singing kumbaya motivated by patronage and “ruling class knows best mentality.” The Genesis of this Inner City Neutron bomb dropped on the black family to fix the prior centuries litany of injustice was started by no other than Americas 36th President Lyndon Baynes Johnson (LBJ); War on poverty and the great society from 1965! These misguided policy prescriptions have led to a generation of young black unmanageable misfits in society left into a sea of poverty, and unaccountability and no Parenting at all! what a crying shame! The insidious silent cancer that has been killing the black community for decades is all those fancy things we now call EBT, SNAP, TANF, SSDI also essentially known as Welfare! In other words “handouts” are not a way forward in life. There’s a big difference between being down for a temporary short season and asking for a “hand-up” than actually living off hand-outs which may turn any good individual into a total loser, dependent and or parasite hooked on the drug of dependency! Not compassionate! The Democrat party has championed these under-belly values as compassion and this is the catastrophic result; Black plight, black poverty, and bleakness in the inner cities!  The great Gipper Ronaldo Maximus (Ronald Reagan) once said the best social welfare policy is a JOB!

3. The run-down continues; here is just a snippet of municipalities and cities administered by Democrats (yes, the Donkey Party) since the 1960’s:

(A) Ground Zero; Ferguson Missouri infamous for the Michael Brown case. Cop Daren Wilson acquitted and found not guilty of civil rights violations, and by the way, the Injustice Department concluded the same way with their own independent investigation corroborating Police Officer’s initial statement and the story of the facts. (B) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Surprise surprise the officer involved in the fatalities is not White! Is that a shocker or what?

(C) Chicago Illinois, Barack Obama’s back yard and Mayor Ram Emmanuel soup of consistent corruption, remember Rod Blagojevich the honest crook who by Chicago standards is a squeaky clean guy, no pun intended! Chicago by the way, is the murder capital of America, highest black on black homicides by a long shot when compared to any large metropolis. The sad part about Illinois its one of those places where if Pope Francis was running as a Republican he would be handily defeated by some leftist Democrat or independent! But I still love Chicago style Pizza and the Navy Pier! (D) Gary Indiana. Enough said about this God-forsaken neighborhood. It should just be adopted by Chicago because one wrong exit turn and your heading towards Chicago’s south side! (E) Baltimore, Maryland: Another cesspool of blight and infamous for the Freddie Gray, a young unarmed black guy who probably had many medical issues and was a walking ticking time bomb waiting to explode, after being arrested and then suddenly had a lethal spinal injury from the arrest? Sad and unfortunate loss of life but this city is right up there with the very worst of them when it comes to inner-city black poverty and unemployment and other social ills! (F) St Loius, Missouri (pure Democrat back-woods since 1968)Last 8 mayors all Democrats. This is just the short list, we need a whole book of volumes if I catalog all counties, towns, and cities run by so-called Liberal democrats whose real name is Progressive Democrats maybe Regressive Leftist is more appropriate. Thanks to the Regressive left we are now marching backward and turning back the hands of time to a Jim Crow era  filled with slave masters! The Audacity is breathtaking!

4. The Painful truth we all have to face by looking in the Mirror Mr. Colin Kaepernick! The $40 Billion Dollar question is this: What is the greatest threat to a Black man in America discounting Negative stereotypes promulgated and perpetuated by Hollywood and the Media? It’s not racist white police officers, but another young black male between 18-35 years old! I didn’t stutter nor flinch for a split second! The biggest threat to any Black man in America is another Black male and the facts are painful but they don’t lie! We are all entitled to our own opinions but like fast uncle Jimmy always says; you are not entitled to your own facts! Facts are facts like pure mathematics 2+2=4 and it will never be equal to 22 if a unicorn came into your dreams and whispered otherwise! This sure feels like those dreadful times as a child when your mother gave you an Anti-Biotic pill so huge you needed 40 ounces or 5 glasses of water just to swallow the darn pill!

5.  Being raised in a two parent home is the best option for any child whether raised by two White, Black or Asian parents! And you my dear friend Colin was raised by two loving wonderful parents and it’s obvious they did something right and because of that stable environment you are part of the 2% population that have all the spoils of the fat of the land (more power to you! I love Rich folks, with a healthy dose of envy) and remember that you could be a role model and be a big boy by adopting plenty of inner-city black youth by putting your money where your mouth is; now that’s a true way to make an impact instead of making small talk in front of one of the pillars of evil in our society also known as the mainstream media! For every young black kid that you adopt Colin Kaepernick, that is a kid that will grow up with a positive role model and that is one less kid out on the street committing heinous crimes due to a lack of education and parental guidance! Do you see the connections of how toxic the environment has become, where youths are generally misfits and encounters with the Police will normally be a combative and aggressive time bomb waiting to explode on both ends? For regular folks, a routine stop or encounter with the police ends up in a cordial respectful manner from both ends and there is no tragedy that ensues! I’m sure there are plenty black folks of a different stripe that get “unfortunately targetted” and pulled over, but they live to see their families and go back to their productive sites of business or go about their daily lives like every other decent law-abiding American citizen! Why is it not so, for the inner city black youth? These are complex but solvable issues that can and rightfully so be addressed by starting at the base foundation! You can’t defeat an enemy or solve a problem if you don’t know its roots and origins! Can we keep the conversation rolling or is this churning your innards?

Part C:  A walk down the aisle of soft bigotry! Poke the magic Dragon, Mirror on the wall side two:

1.  Federal appeals court strikes down North Carolina Voter ID requirement; really? you gotta be kidding me, right? When I go to my local library (ancient times like back in 2012!) I’m asked for an I.D. and same goes for the times i have visited my family video rental again I’m asked for a state-issued identification? What even more perplexing is every time I hop on a jet plane to Pittsburg, Orlando, New York or Los Angeles, how dare they ask me for an ID How nosey these govt officials truly are!

2. Maybe a good time for us all to drink some strawberry/lime flavored cool aid! Why would one need a voter ID to cast the all-important civic duty and constitutionally protected right to vote one’s free conscious? Let me take a wild guess before the peanut gallery! Don’t shoot the messenger folks, I’m wracking my brain as we speak and have this conversation with the honorable presence of Colin Kaepernick as guest extraordinaire! Bingo! It must be because folks of color “aka” minorities have no way of accessing their records such as birth certificates, prior identification papers etc and therefore incapable of obtaining a state-issued ID unless the benevolent hand of big Government officials (Democratic Party elites) leads these poor helpless folks to the department of motor vehicles or Bureau of Motor vehicles in my neck of the woods. So let’s get this straight, minorities are roughly about 27% of the population (blacks at 13% and Latinos at 14%) therefore 27% of 300 million US population that equals to 81 million folks who are little children who can’t think independently and act maturely of their own volition. Could we make a case for triple quadrupled increase in kindergarten outlets so we can contain all these children, poor little kids of color! We the self-sufficient self-righteous adults must feel so morally and intellectually superior and need to Patronize these kids of color! oh! The Hubris, the arrogance and pomposity and downright soft bigotry smells like a clogged sewer pipeline. Should I just bite my lips that way I will be the next bee-stung lipped genius from the underworld. Get a load of this pile of mulch; some of the Patronizing soft bigotry comes by way of Federal Justices, and here follows a classic example and i quote a July 2016, New York Times article by Michael Wines and Alan Blinder “The court also held that the ballots of people who had mistakenly voted at the wrong polling stations should be deemed valid. In the Wisconsin decision, Judge James D. Peterson of Federal District Court ruled that parts of Wisconsin’s 2011 voter ID law are unconstitutional. He ordered the state to make photo IDs more easily available to voters and to broaden the range of student IDs that are accepted at the ballot box. The decision also threw out other rules that lengthened the residency requirement for newly registered voters, banned distributing absentee ballots by fax or email and sharply restricted the locations and times at which municipal voters, many of them Milwaukee blacks, could cast absentee ballots in person. Judge Peterson’s sharply worded 119-page ruling suggested that Wisconsin’s voter restrictions, as well as voter ID restrictions in Indiana that have been upheld in the Supreme Court, exist only to suppress votes.” I don’t know about you but I need some oxygen to reduce the radiation that’s permeating every cell in my body! It’s breath-taking the Ivory tower, nose in the sky mentality that these left-wing Regressives have towards other regular Americans who so happen to be folks of Color?” Hard Slogging Mr. Kaepernick, can you follow the argument or are we still trying to throw bombs in the dark?
Is it possible that we can increase absentee ballots and give folks with mobility issues and the ability to vote if they can verify their citizenship other than word of mouth? Maybe we can expedite their civic duty to cast a vote free from intimidation and delays to the party of their choice without any coercion, force and still maintain the integrity of the election system? Is that a novel idea? Beam me up Scotty and I mean it this time!

3. This is the national scandal that nobody wants to face head on; Black youth unemployment has reached 60% and no that’s not a typo! Blacks, whether they be in the inner city, urban centers or Ghettos or whatever location you want to assign them, are at an all-time high unemployable rate given that we have a “mixed race” President in the oval office also fondly known as a “Black President!” So what’s the deal, begs the question? Its Policies that Barack Obama and his ilk have prescribed over the last 5 decades, including the time our beloved President was most likely experimenting in rebellious ways by smoking glue or even trees for that matter and who cares! It’s just a puff of smoke, unfortunately, now that he is “the Man” a Washington D.C insider, he doesn’t have a clue how to tackle this dreadful issue other than his instinctive nature as community agitator (Organizer). I’m still trying to wrap my head around that pedigree and pay grade of Community Organizer, other than a fancy word for Law Degree carrying left-wing Marxist. If you have a young black man between 14-34 years of age who has no job skills can’t read past the 3rd-grade level or 7th-grade as if that were better and is chronically unemployed, why would I hire him or her? No value to my company other than at best a minimum wage, menial job, and lord have mercy if he Idolizes Colin Kaepernick with Tattoos all over his body like a walking talking billboard (sorry, if you are not a Rock Star you are wasting ink!) and doesn’t speak diction English, instead is proficient at Ebonics or Pidgeon English? Then Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury we have a massive crisis on our hands of Biblical Proportions, miracles are needed at this stage! Again this is where soft bigotry rears its ugly head! The Soft Bigotry of low expectations of which the left “Regressives” confuse for compassion! Company executives or those in positions to hire young black men already have this negative stereotype reinforced into their minds by the media, coupled with personal prejudices (nothing inherently wrong with Prejudices we all have them to one degree or another) it’s not a terminal disease and can be wiped clean with real world “education and Knowledge” that’s how you defeat ignorance of any kind! Pick up a book and read first before you judge!

4. This one is short and sweet; Is it ok to lower the standards so a black kid could enter advanced education and enroll at a higher institution of learning such as College and walk around campus with a black-hole Halo on his or her head as the low bar 900 points SAT scoring genius from the “hood?” Who does that benefit really, lend me your brain Colin you have a good degree from a decent almost A-league prestigious college! Does this particular aforementioned black kid graduating from that “special favors” college entry get a head start in life or will this Black-Hole Halo haunt the college educated kid the rest of his or her career, irrespective of a chosen field?

5. In the final analysis, now that we have had this discussion Mr. Colin Kaepernick can you swallow the truth? This is just a small portion of our ongoing conversation with the rhythm nation! We are just warming up here and we have about three (3) agenda items we can all take to the bank, and sit at a round table of wise men and women from all walks of life! Soft Bigotry is the 900 pound Gorilla insidious cancer in the American society body fabric across the country, not rampant or blatant racism! Call a spade a spade, not a weed whacker! Racism, in America, if you look hard enough for it, does exist without a doubt, and so do  Cherokee Indians, and how often do we brush shoulders with that type of Native American!  Easier to find a Black Irish man than a rabid virulent racist in a town near you. Can you handle the truth, can we sit together as one of many few good men out in nowheresville? Like the great Colonel  Nathan Jessep (Jack Nicholson) and adversarial Lt. Colonel Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), did in dramatic fashion and get to the root bottom of this Colossus! I’m sure we can do a little teamwork to spread the wealth around in knowledge and actionable charity!


Obama’s Justice Department!

This one’s a doozie! We shall just call it the “hit job” or drive by Justice department melody doing its due diligence by pouring hot coal on liquid Nitrogen! What’s Baltimore got to do with it? Maybe the big question is “Whats Love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” My Bleeding heart leftist friends what say you in light of all this mayhem? Or is this the fault of mean-spirited right-wingers and their friends on the conservative landscape? Is there any blame really or is this just another misnomer? Before my head gets cloudy (no pun intended, I’m literally on cloud nine) as I smoke through the details and analyze the Hot mess in Baltimore’s powder keg Unrest!

If you want to understand the underpinnings of the Injustice Department, oops, did I just step into a hot mess here? Yes, it’s not really your Grandparents “Lady blindfolded Justice” carrying a sword and scales of Justice. You can call it good old-fashioned real “Justice system that is blind.” Because justice is blind to color, race, creed, marital status or origin! Lady Justice concerns only herself with the facts, data, and the due process so that any accused party has Miranda rights if arrested for a probable cause, a legal due process and equal protection under the law with a right to be judged by a jury of peers! Such is our Jurisprudence system! The Justice Department as manned by one Eric Holder and now Manhattanite Loretta Lynch makes you wanna hold on to your pets and belongings with dear life because “we are not safe” by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to the gangsters in charge at the Justice department! food for thought there! Just so everyone’s clear about this opinion from the empirical evidence junkie,  Loretta Lynch is a minor gangster compared to the real Don Juan himself: Eric Holder the “America is cowardly to discuss race relations fame” yes that one! The guy who looks like a  hybrid between Ferret and human (sorry mama, peace be upon me, I’m just sayin’ ya know!)

Related image

Image result for ferret

I’m sure he’s a hunk in the Ferret world! This guy would win the Global Hutzpah and arrogance award if one was given at the United Nations also known as the Oscars! Eric Holder is a champion of the Progressive Left, a spokes-mouth for the baby boomer generation that never grew up beyond their high school pot smoking days while fighting “the man!” aka Ruling establishment class! They are now officially “the man” in charge of the corridors of power, and I guess the puff of marijuana smoke is still lingering in the midsection of the brain called Amygdala! It may literally be the size of a singular half peanut, when healthy it’s normally about the size of a whole shelled Walnut or Quater coin! What’s worse in their intellectually dishonest positioning on all things that matter in politics, policy or all social science issues, these folks such as Eric Holder and his ilk (fellow travelers) have not matured past the college faculty lounges! At best reminiscent of your left wing Che Guevara loving socialist revolutionary chain-smoking professor nincompoop, bereft of any intellectual curiosity or honesty, but more in the stripe of child-like tyrannical dictatorial leaders whose ruling style is that of divide and conquer by class identity politics therein maintain illegitimate power! Be aware of the left don’t let them fool you by any means necessary with their power grab and blatant disregard for Natural-law, as pertains to human ambitions and proclivities. There’s only one philosophy that appeals to the child in us and unbelievable as it sounds, I left my childishness behind long before puberty or pre-teen years and its no wonder the rest of the world suffers from constant tyranny as “child-like” brainiacs are ruling over us! May the force be with thee to fight back on the frontier of reason, logic and natural inclination to pursue Life, liberty, and happiness as we see suitable on an individual basis (Sorry Roll Over Karl Marx). The individual is paramount, not the State and its stated goal of we the faceless masses! It is We the People! Our core and encompassing yearning to be free citizens period! And you can’t take my stuff away! Continue reading Obama’s Justice Department!

Trump seeks strict Immigration vetting!

Oh no! He didn’t just say that! Pssst,  this is a whisper from the soul man “promote American culture and encourage assimilation!

I have the following juicy quote depending on what part of the country you hail from. Be not dismayed, it’s just another page in this roller coaster ride called “America seeks to define its soul!”And there follows the days “controversial” Associated Press article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Quote:

Youngstown Ohio, “Donald Trump called Monday for extreme ideological vetting of immigrants seeking admission to the United States, vowing to significantly overhaul the country’s screening process and block those who sympathize with extremist groups or don’t embrace U.S values. “Those who don’t believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into our country,” Trump said in a foreign policy address in Youngstown. “Only those who we expect to flourish in our country- and to embrace a tolerant American society- should be issued visas.”

This is so profound folks, I can, almost with a wry wink say that this may be the best-kept secret of all time? Imagine for a few seconds a world where you actually require immigrants to come to your shores and assimilate to your American values! What Hutzpah or cultural arrogance we have, right? I can surely remember my dear beloved mother say something to the effect “When in Rome do as the Romans Do!” Or if you go to France I’m sure the French would want you to speak their language, right?

So what’s the fuss and huffing all about when I hear the rumblings of “how Trump is being a xenophobe?” Common sense dictates that if you or any guest comes into my house as a guest, you will abide by my “religion” aka rules of conduct and house ethics? At this critical juncture in our nation’s history. It’s clear that Immigration is a very sensitive touchy subject due to the simple fact the System is very broken and absolutely dysfunctional! And to the contrary there’s is a simple solution: Expedite immigration status for all folks that have done it the old fashioned way; by applying legally and in Alphabetical order! especially for those that want to be a part of our melting pot fabric. And also, we as America, have the right to look at you the immigrant with 5 times the scrutiny and decide how many we want, admitted into our sacred shores! And continue the good old fashioned American value of “wait in line for your turn and you will be given due diligence and rewards that accompany the wait! And like Trump says later in his speech “if you come from parts of the world that export Terrorism we will not issue any visas and make it harder for you to come into our lands!” Sounds like common sense to me, not xenophobia! Being a nationalist or nativist is a by-product of national pride! And I don’t see anything wrong with that if cool heads prevail without demonizing fellow citizens who love their nation. Epluribus Unum (check your dollar bill or Quarters), one of our great foundational Tenets we hold dear in these United States of America!

Temperamental Insanity! Trump Said What?

If walking by a side street and you see a plate size pile of waste, halt! as Grandma Pudding would say “don’t walk into a pile of crap, and wonder why you smell like sulphuric acid on a hot 105-degree day!” Well, folks, I can’t help but jump into the fray this is so much fun it’s like sliding on a 90-foot S-shaped water park slide in the dead heat of summer!

Maybe we should just call it an egg-throwing contest, analyzing the media game as they sit cozied up sucking on lollipops on the laps of these fine powerful lemmings we call Politicians!

Here is a starter, let’s follow some logic and reason behind the so-called Media frenzy blaming Donald Trump for inciting violence against a political opponent! What? Yes, you heard that right! the magnanimous, famous benevolent, rambunctious  Billionaire, “The Donald” is advocating a wipeout of his nemesis if she wins the electoral vote:

1. Trump in his own words at a Willington North Carolina rally: I Quote, ” Hillary wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment (right to keep and bear Arms, Britney Spears is in the audience just wanna make sure we are all on the same page!), by the way, if she (Hillary Clinton) gets to pick her Judges, nothing you can do about that, folks (audience boos disapprovingly)… although the 2nd Amendment people maybe there is, I don’t know- that will be a horrible day.” Trump continues, “Right now we are tied because of Scalia this was not supposed to have happened. Justice Scalia was supposed to be with us another ten more years at least, and this is what happens, that was a horrible thing. So essentially Hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. Speaking to NRA folks, who are great and they endorsed me early on in the campaign. My sons a member and I am too! We can add the NRA to the Judges they go hand in hand”  and he goes on and on about bad guys not giving up weapons and law-abiding citizens getting the ban and can’t defend themselves- “not gonna let that happen folks” in typical Trump solution fashion.

Now here is the first salvo of genius from the Media, as in one “Jonah-List” (aka “Journalist!”) Evan Osnos  a writer from the New Yorker writes and I quote: “Did the Republican nominee just raise the prospect that if he loses, gun owners could attack a President or Federal Judges?” This guy took it a step further and connected blissfully the Russian Hacker story, wherein Trump was jokingly and sarcastically claiming that maybe the Russians ought to look into Hillary Clintons missing 30,000 emails. And much brouhaha was made about a complete non-issue and this Nimrod guy Evans Osnos rebounded from that tangent by claiming that “even joking about attacking a President or Federal Judge is grounds for a federal investigation and Trump has made a point that no candidate should be above the law!” (Bingo!)

Suffice to say I won’t call this writer a Nimrod, but you know how much I’m itching to not use our magic formula, because this is a cake walk if not a lemon easy-peasy walk and chew gum at the same time kinda puzzle! I will make a few quotes from other famous politicians or powerheads and let you the reader make your own inference on what the temperament issue and media noise is all about! Ready?

We begin with a timeless revelatory interview that is “a must-see TV viral hit!” Disclaimer here: The next thing that happens is a classic reason why you should not send your kids to an Ivy League College lest they get infected with intellectual curiosity, which is a violation of “safe spaces” on college campuses across the plains! Tip your hat to Trump’s spokesperson Katrina Pearson ( i say she should be the Anchor babe for CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC imagine the jitters and viral hits that would follow! talk about a YouTube addiction!)

And Now let us all follow the bouncing ball:

2. Joe Biden (at a Virginia campaign rally 2008) said the following: ” I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my Shot Guns, so don’t buy that malarkey! They gonna start peddling that to you! I got two if he tried to pull my Bereta, he’s got a Problem!”

3. Hillary Clinton’s tweet: ” A person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way” 4.03pm on Aug 9th, 2016

“Let me say something that is critical or a critical difference between my opponent and myself: Words matter my friends! If your running to be President or you are President of the United States, words can have tremendous consequences. Yesterday we witnessed from a long line of casual comments from Donald Trump that crossed the Line” His casual cruelty to a Gold Star family, and his casual suggestion that more countries should have Nuclear weapons and now his casual inciting of violence!”

Hillary Clinton in a campaign stump with media said the following: ” My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary, somewhere in the middle of June! We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California, um, I don’t understand it, there’s lots of speculation about why it is!” a reporter asked her to clarify- ” What’s your speculation?” Hillary replied: “You know I don’t know, I find it to be curious, I don’t wanna attribute any motives or strategies to people but it’s because I don’t know (chuckles aha ha aha)  its a historical curiosity to me!”

4. President Barack Obama once said i paraphrase: ” when your opponents bring a knife to a fight we will do it the Chicago way by bringing Guns to the fight!” I wonder what that really meant I’m sure the Ivory towers of political talking heads is quivering and scrambling to digest that sound bite! Looks Innocuous to me what his excellency was saying in a broader context! But i leave the floor for all to examine the Quotes from our leaders (Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Trump) and let’s see if together we can find a call to action (inciting violence?) other than a concoction of nuance political figure of speech? I will have another beverage as the clock ticks in Jeopardy fashion land! Wake me up when September comes!!

Baking a political Convention: Democrats

Demi Lovato a gifted New Mexico native singer summed it up very well in her appeal to the convention attendees “mental Illness is an epidemic across America! and her prescription would be as follows: Hillary Clinton the government machine-gun carrier would come to the rescue! I’m very certain as I watch paint dry that Hillary Clinton has a government based solution for all that ills America, the “silver bullet” and panacea from cradle to grave, all risks included and covered courtesy of Uncle Sam! Don’t you love the sound of music right there folks? Without getting too emotional, we should certainly open mental institutions across the fruited plains en masse and the sooner we do that, the less insane we all will become! Now truth be told Mental illness is no joke, an all-encompassing solution that includes community rehab facilities and re-opening the Cuckoos Nest! And unleash all the genius health-care givers, in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Therapist of all stripes!

Without sounding the alarm at 120 decibels, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sander have forged a united front mainly by “crazy hot Granpa” Bernie Sanders giving in, by sleight of hand as we all know about the rigged system against any fresh-faced authentic political front-runner will come up against “the well oiled Clinton-Obama political Machine!” The current Democrat Party as constituted has morphed into a rrainbow-coloredChameleon animal of Progressive Socialist Party of America (PSP), no longer the Donkey Party of Yesteryear! JFK would not be allowed to run as modern day Democrat, how times have changed indeed!

Shooting myself in the foot is not my favorite sport, especially by agreeing  with Hillary Clinton that an 11 yeard old girl from Las Vegas should be focused on childhood matters such as playing and discovery of adult curiosity, band camp or joining girls scouts, e.t.c.  I do part company with her majesty the royal highness from New York by way of Arkansas and Illinois when she promises to continue President  Obama policy of allowing Illegal Immigrants all rights and benefits only accorded to legal migrants! That’s not “a fair share” policy Mr. President and Madam Secretary Clinton. Government access to law-breakers without penalty flies in the face of the millions who have applied to come to our shores through Ellis Island, JFK International Airport, LAX or Miami Florida and any designated port of entry, legitimately and in proper orderly fashion! Granted we all came to these United States shores for a better life, therefore, let us solve the problem systematically without special favors for Law-Breakers! We can still give them ice-cream fudge sundae while we vet who, what, where and how, and simultaneously decide if we want English speaking Americanized innovators and dreamers to join our fabric melting pot or become just another ginormous banana third-world Republic!

Most comical part of the convention speeches came from a Senator Jeff Merkeley of the “whose town is this popcorn from fame?” huh? exactly! A relatively unknown Senator outside of Oregon, this guy unleashed a tirade of complaints against the Republican Nominee Donald Trump about how Mr. Trump got rich by taking advantage of local poor people? I Quote ” Cheating small business contractors without paying them!” Now swallow this pill folks; this is a middle aged guy who has practically spent his entire adult life (approx 35 years) in Public Office, as a Politician, not in the private sector like “the Donald” who in sharp contrast has created tens of thousands of jobs, let alone real wealth creation to boot! Could the Democrat platform be a very legitimate base for class envy and identity politics? Wheres the love? What happened to “united we stand divided we fall?” I’m sure all the Billionaires and Millionaires are American  people too right? If Doom and Gloom were part of the Gospels, the Democrats have a front row seat at the house of Lords! Lord have mercy!


Baking a political Convention! Republicans

Hola! Yo Soy el Residente Cientifico pardon my functional Spanish, my witty Professor Don Pedro Corona would be proud of me, unteachable high schooler who escaped with an A score sheet when it mattered the most! Ok, what’s that got to do with Republican and Democrat conventions?

OK you caught me, I digress and I apologize in advance to all the bakers of great tummy happy confections, for comparing what i had seen at the Republican, and Democrat convention respectively, to crispy donuts and freshly baked bread! I mean the freshness concocted by the two-party system operatives was so refreshing I had to avoid the classic yawn and eventual falling off my keister if you catch my drift! Thank goodness gracious for the phenom namely Donald Trump he is our first American Libertarian Quintessential loose canon Candidate! And he’s brought the sexy swagger back into Politics!

Republicans go first, in the proverbial heavy-weight boxing ring, seconds away round one (ding ding!)

The 41st convention of the Grand Old Party (GOP) honest Abe Lincoln’s party, did one thing that has most likely kept honest Abe from turning in his grave site, to just a lot of head scratching as he glides among the stars above us! This Republican party is now unrecognizable, filled with squishy run-of-the-mill moderates presiding over a constitutional crisis, managed decline of American libertarian conservative values, and led by a “lame duck” Democrat Administration,  by his venerable excellency, Barack Hussein Obama! Who I dare say is a great supreme leader of the likes and envy of Chicago Outfit boss Gangster shake-down Artist Al Capone. Is Republicanism a real alternative to the status quo? or just another “go along to get along” Party of whigs (aka “fake hair”) opposition party? Begs the question folks! Can Republicans deliver a “Free liberal Society including Limited Government?” In my humble empirical view, I see the modern Republican party as the old school 1960’s Democrats without all the dixie-crat baggage, and thanks to Houdini the Republicans have now transformed magically from Elephant figure to Donkey emblem Party! (Republican-Democrat Party-RDP). Good-bye Elephant and all its elegance, welcome Donkey and all its Jack Wagon qualities (horses behind for political correctness, just to clear the air!). Case in point, Speaker of the house chamber “handsome Wisconsin lad” Paul Ryan, yes the gift giver that keeps on giving, approved President Obamas Omnibus Bill, filled with so much Pork lard it would fatten the countries of Bangladesh, Somalia and Venezuela combined (if America hosted a banquet feast!). We would need an entire course curriculum studying the merits of this Jobs, Economy and American lifestyle killing Omnibus bill!! Hey! blame it on the President, right? He Authored it with his cohorts, but wait a minute! I thought Republicans were an opposition party to provide checks and balances as stipulated by the genius potato farmers from 1776? Maybe my Latin best buddy Speedy Gonzalez was right all along: The two party system is simply a bird of Prey with two wings of different colors, birds right wing is Red and the left wing is Blue but it’s the same bird?? (i know my head is spinning too! Great insight from the mind of Speedy Gonzalez!)

I do give credit where its due, like the speech by Eric Trump, I think illustrates the great hope that’s still out there and more importantly a message in the bottle that the RNC should promote and propagate. The articulate Senator from Kentucky Ralph Alvarado Jr. espoused Republican brand the best, to the broader point of what makes America great! Just maybe a slither of optimism so let not your hearts be troubled! The mother Ship America should be able to land safely on rock-solid ground! Brace for a rough landing!!