Beware of Useful Idiots!

Try not to be one of those, I mean Useful Idiots! Did that wake you up a little bit? For all who are sensitive to psychological nudity, I highly recommend that you do not be within stone throwing distance of a computer or television set with a brick in your hands! A bowl of chocolate moose Ice-cream will suffice to keep your spirits up because we will dive into this swamp together:

What do Idiots have to do with anything? Who are the useful idiots?This is not original material from our underground lab. I’m just quoting something that really caught my attention and I was so intrigued I felt like I was in a bad rerun of George Orwell’s 1984, and we were all living back in the year 1955! So 1984 was a time travel into the future! Continue reading Beware of Useful Idiots!

Wikileaks sunshine up a dark alley!

Wikileaks has shined some sunlight up the dark sausage alley known as the Political machine soul! A revelation of sorts into the inner workings of the souls of these so called elite ruling class we now know as “Democrats and Clinton Machine.” I wonder if the Clinton machine is just a virus that has surreptitiously attached itself to the host (D.N.C) and therefore dragging with it all that’s good holy and wholesome in the Party of rancor and identity politics? Nothing that will be listed after these sublime words should be shocking to any average American with half a brain that pays even the slightest care for political theater and the circus that accompanies it! Sometimes we are moved close to tears and at times it’s the laughter that keeps us all sane because we live in an alternate reality and we need the ruling class to feed the serfs the much-needed manna from heaven! The plantation is growing larger and more slaves are flocking into the cattle kraal and waiting on Nanny State to mass feed the masses. This virulent virus, the “Clinton Machine” will corrupt every fine institution it comes into contact with! I pity the hard working professional guys and gals at the FBI, The Justice Department and State Department, they will all be infected with this virus and may the gods have mercy on us if we live long enough to survive this corrosive bastardization of our cherished liberal republic democracy! If The “Clinton Machine” has its way, we will all become a handsome banana republic, think a giant Venezuela or Cuba on steroids only sexier! Don’t worry, the rat infested big cities will supply us all with the much-needed state police knocking on our doors if we dare criticize her majesty the Queen of Washington! Our founding fathers are turning non-stop in their graves! I pray all Americans the few of us that are still invested in liberty and justice for all wake-up and smell the coffee, we are living in a manufactured Government-Media-complex nightmare! This incestuous Government and Media relationship needs a sledge-hammer! Time is ripe for massive demolition derby! And we may just have our prayers answered in a candidate yet to be defined,  it’s absolutely clear who that one catalyst will be.



Meg Whittman and the Big Fat Government Republicans!

There’s a saying in a certain part of the jungle, that if you scratch my back I will scratch yours in the future! Without sounding alarmist or sinister there is a strand of “milk toast” or linguine spine leadership also known as R.I.N.O. (Republican in Name Only) that may or may not put a chill on the American political Psyche! In this masterpiece folks we shall name names and call a spade a spade and thanks to the enigma that is Donald Trump; time for straight cowboy talk without any political correctness shackling us! Let’s have an uncomfortable discussion as grown ups tend to do every so often!

Meg Whittman a billionaire CEO or one of the world’s most powerful women entrepreneur from the Ebay fame to Hewlett-Packard Chief executive Officer is a California-based Republican who is endorsing Hillary Clinton! Imagine that? A republican endorsing a Democrat and these are not the 1860’s or 1920’s when most Democrats were as “conservative” as modern day Republicans claim to be! Why Would Meg Whittman choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump or a fellow Republican? I play devils advocate here folks, and herein lies the simple scoop; Big business colludes with Big Government and that’s a marriage made in earthly hell! What most ordinary folks need to understand about this “clog machine” we now call Government is basically a well-oiled giant soul sucking money sucking Octopus, with tentacles spreading all across your kitchen table and back to the sausage factory at Washington DC headquarters, where they trade your measly 50% income taxes and plenty more to come on that front of confiscatory taxes, stifling small business and killing any economic gains of the so-called “Middle Class” and pouring it all into some giant unknown bottomless abyss. If only for a New York Minute, you think “the fix” is in, then you have not had pepper spray logged  into your eyes yet, so brace thyself! It’s easy to understand why this “Billionaire” milk toast Republican can never win a dog catcher election race against a rabid Democrat truly behoofs me? She is not alone, she along with the faux Oracle of Omaha Billionaire Bumble bee Warren Buffet, ran what I call, elite top companies “aka” big business that is hand and glove in bed with big government. And like Warren Buffet accurately states he pays taxes (15-20% Capital gains Tax rate) at a better rate than his lower middle-class Secretary! So for these top 2% business icons they surely will not be affected if Leftist big government Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency or Daddy Trump wins! It’s a non-stop groovy train either way so screw you middle class and lower income folks! Get the picture yet? I envy these guys i wish i had a few Billion dollars i would buy me a boat and a truck to pull my boat while i fish for Mahi-Mahi on my own private 20-acre lake! What’s fascinating about the whole picture is that Meg Whitman and Warren Buffet will circumvent the economy while big government Democrats or Republicans plunder and pillage the fat of the land and send the rest of us with lean pockets blasting into the oblivion of obscurity! Cat scratch fever, come and save us all from the R.I.N.O.s before we get gored mercilessly. Continue reading Meg Whittman and the Big Fat Government Republicans!

Deplorables can you hear me? Hello!

Hello, yes hello! Can you hear me now?As a Deplorable, do you want your order with french fries, Onion rings, and a large Coke? Include a side choice of sweet and sour cookies? So, folks, how does it feel being a Deplorable in this election cycle? In all candor and seriousness, my magic finger is not about to twirl in the wind for a temperature gauge as most politicians do before making “vitally important” policy and philosophical decisions! I’m just wagging my finger to keep from poking my eyes out with reckless abandon! Only because this election cycle has been so much fun until the lap-dog Media made it all too serious and created a circus around Billionaire ex-playboy daddy Trump and Grandma Hillary “bleached email” Clinton. I was certain that a “Bimbo eruption” was a blast from the past. A buried and forgotten circus act of the 1990’s orchestrated and conducted by New Yorks finest Arkansarnian Bimbo conductor, sleek Willy Jefferson Clinton. Gosh-darn it! The ghosts of yesteryear girlfriends are back in the front row again! I was hoping the front row will only be occupied by Deplorable folks, such as “Johny-come-lately” with “two front teeth missing.” Add thousands of the tobacco chewing, truck driving, Knuckle dragging Neanderthals. Their distant cousins, wang tang duck hunting Hill Billy Boys and Gals. Not to be forgotten are the Bible Thumping, religious wing nuts, Temple going Orthodox folks, stellar stay-at-home Moms, millennial basement dwellers and College educated graduates who have been Taxed to death already! With a supersized never ending labyrinth of Government regulations under the Obama Administration, who in their right mind wouldn’t just want their maiden country back to some semblance of common sense rule! Some normalcy, please? Is that too much to ask for all you Deplorable folks out there?

Before anyone of you deplorable(s) get riled up or hot and bothered, i have a small quote that should have you giggling off your chair into the hard concrete floor, ouch! Ok, make sure you have a soft fluffy carpeting to make for a safe landing! Hillary Clinton was on to something big and quite revealing when she made those flattering remarks about half of Donald Trump supporters. A quote from an interview between Fareed Zakaria (GPS show on CNN) and a Hillary Clinton fellow traveler the one and only HBO comedy star Bill Maher; Explain the Donald Trump Phenomenal bursting on the political scene?” Bill Maher responded candidly by saying, ” Look at people who voted for Trump, it’s depressing, to think that you share the country with so many people who you share nothing with, ah um, Donald Trump is a reflection. and what we learned is that there’s a lot of vulgar, Tacky, racist people in this country! More than I thought, I knew there were some, but it’s the proverbial lifting up of a rock! And what we found when we lifted it up, was a basket of deplorable(s). I know they hate that term, but if the basket fits, (deep breath) and it does!” And to be fair to the moderator/interviewer Fareed who highlighted things such as, economic anxiety on the part of a large majority segment of the population, Bill Maher had another genius observation; “Look at the average Trump rally attendee, they make roughly $72,000 per year, so they are not hurting economically, it’s all a myth, and will, no more likely to be hurt by trade or immigration, no more likely to be out of work, and the base problem is that “they” live in this fact-free bubble, ah oh, have you ever seen one of these rallies, a completely fact free assessment of this country, the problems facing it and it’s always these constitutionally impossible solutions. It’s funny the internet was supposed to make people smarter but it’s just a seal for knowledge to get in!” Fareed agree and interjects; “Perfect example of that is he keeps citing these online non-polls,  as polls” Oh Yes Bill Maher responds in agreement, “we won all the polls”, and as you can guess the friendly interview was only missing a hot tub, champagne and maybe some baby oil and a quick skinny dipping session between these two illustrious entertainment media gentlemen! I have a never ending fascination when it comes to the leftist thought among us, whether in the media, politics, academia and other swamps of human endeavors, how conveniently they quote and try to cling to the constitution, if it barely or somewhat comports to their favorable side of things, and then perform a complete 180-degree semi-U-turn when the Constitution disagrees with their stance. Suddenly its just another living, breathing, malleable changeable document! So is the constitution a solid bedrock of principles of self-governance and governance by the consent of the governed or is it another Charmin roll of toilet paper that can be used willy nilly to wipe crazy ideas off the dirty floor anytime one needs it? It’s one or the other you can’t have your constitutional cake and eat it at the same time, make your choices known earthlings!

There you have it, folks! Now you can smell your white Lilly roses and come home to roost in your senses and realise what you are up against, from the quintessential sausage making two-faced politicians to the Hollywood geniuses such as Bill Maher and wait until you hear from the world of Academia your stomachs will need a good dose of Pepto Bismo and any anti-acid chewable you can lay your hands on! Aren’t you glad you have a resident scientist testing all these theories inside my fortified bunker safe and secure from any and all kinds of hacking! It’s pure reason put to the test! Let not your hearts be troubled, we will keep enjoying this Trump train until it reaches a magnanimous stop at a train station in RealVille the land of somewhere-out-there, disembark at your own peril! Choo choo all aboard! If the train gets off the tracks do you want your money back? We have only just begun folks I told you that this is the most fun we will have in any election cycle in your lifetime and decades from now, it’s a hollering hoot-for-a-toot moment so stay tuned and quit being so stone-faced serious! Who needs hardcore scientific resolution policy when we can have a circus for the ages! I feel Bill Clintons larger than life figure looming over us and saying “how do you like me now huh?”

Having fun yet? This will be one for the ages as i have chimed in a time or two before so don’t hold your noses real high folks let the party just begin, just make sure you hold on tight to all your valuable possessions lest they all get choked up in a flame of smoke and fire! As we go into the 3rd presidential and final debate (thank you Man on the moon!), its evidently clear; that we hold these truths to be self-evident that one particular candidate is the status quo candidate, if you like  Jimmy Carter, George Bush plus Barack Obama mixed in a blender and supersized with Opiates into a globalist snobbish limousine elite, who cares more about your kids than anyone on the planet and will have all future generations stuck on some form of government welfare while the Nanny state engages in endless foreign wars! Well, Bingo! folks, you have your pick without saying names! However, if you want a robust combustion, bombastic, braggadocious in every good way, redneck loving and Unpredictable, lowered taxes for every income group and an obsession with fast cars and beautiful hot women and no clue where the train stops first between reality and an alternative reality, then it’s crystal clear again without mentioning names who your champion guy or gal is! Don’t you love it! We have a binary choice between a guy and a gal, this is fun folks I can’t see any downside here, can you?

Veep Debate;How to be silly and serious at the same time!

Common man! You’ve gotta be kidding me right? We gotta call it like, the former New York Jets great wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson would say, while watching this painfully “I feel like gauging my eyes out!”  vice presidential debate.

This was such a serious debate I even burned my homemade popcorn! I apologize to the entertainment gods of Popcorn, as my fabulous idea for an entertaining evening chomping on chocolate Popcorn backfired!

Be that as it may, it’s imperative that we all read between the lines of what was actually being said at Longwood University, Virginia, Tuesday night October 4th, 2016. I have a bunch of clips of what I heard when Mike Pence and Tim Kaine were going at it like a College Professor versus a middle school debate champion respectively. Enjoy the following “serious policy” discussion that will certainly make America great again!

In the Bayou, I guarantee there’s a sock puppet ventriloquist missing! I mean we must be cruising downtown on Bourbon street New Orleans, destination; muddy potholes! If it’s safe to swear I still cannot understand why this always happens in the middle of the mud wrestling match! If you don’t know which way is up, well folks welcome to the silly debate between vice presidents and yes they make the ticket wait, a minute they vice presidents reveal who is at the top of the ticket or how wise or not so smart the Presidential candidates truly are! Hold your noses and enter the ring the mudslinging is just beginning;

We begin at about 12.23 minutes into the televised debate:

Related image

Candidate Kaine: “You guys Love Russia! You both have said Vladimir Putin is a better leader than our President Obama!”

Candidate Pence: “In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of state, where she was the chief Architect of Obama administration foreign policy, we see entire portions of the world, particularly the middle east literally spinning out of control! The situation we are watching in Syria is a result of a weak, feckless and failed policy that Hillary Clinton helped lead and create”

Kaine: Interrupts Pence ” You guys love Russia!”

Image result for mike pence







Pence: Interjects, “Newly and emboldened aggression of Russia, in Ukraine and Krimea Kaine interrupts again speaking over Pence and Moderator.

Kaine: “You are Donald Trumps Apprentice.”

Pence: “The campaign of Clinton and Kaine has been an avalanche of insults! Donald Trump has built a business and brings extraordinary business acumen to the table!”

Kaine: “And Trump didn’t pay taxes and lost a Billion dollars a year?”

Pence: ” We have weakened Americas position and place in the world and stifled her economy, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state, oh common!

Moderator: “Gentlemen we will get back to the Russia question later in the program. Kain interrupts again.

Kaine:I would like to chime in! Hillary was there when Russia pressed the reset button, helped sign the Iranian deal without firing a shot! Helped wipe Osama Bin Ladin off the face of the earth and pull all American troops out of Iraq

Pence: “Hillary Clinton failed to negotiate a “status of troops agreement” and got out of Iraq creating a vacuum and now ISIS is in control of vast territorial land.

Moderator: ” Governor Pence, you have said Trump is thoughtful compassionate and steady, yet 67% of voters say he’s too risky a choice and 65% think he doesn’t have the temperament to be President? Why do you think Donald Trump is too erratic?

Kaine: “Hillary is the “You are hired candidate and Donald Trump is the “You are fired, candidate!” “I think that is not a hard choice!” Aha, Bingo Bingo! can you hear the bell ring we are just warming up here and having tons of fun!”

Pence: “Hillary had a pay for play deal going on at State department?”

Moderator: “Gentlemen the people at home cannot hear or understand either of you if you keep speaking over each other!”

Kaine on the economy here is what our plan is: ” First (1st) we invest in Manufacturing jobs and clean energy jobs of tomorrow. second(2nd) we invest in the workforce from Pre-K-12, college, debt free college tuition for families making $125,000  per year. Third (3rd), we promote fairness by (a) raising the minimum wage and (b) by paying women equal pay for equal work. Fourth (4th)  plan is to grow small businesses and Fifth(5) a tax plan that targets tax relief for the middle class and small businesses and asking the Rich to pay more because they benefitted more as we came out of the recession to pay their fair share!” Trumps Plan will eliminate the federal minimum wage, give massive tax cuts for the very Rich top earners. The problem Elaine (Moderator), this is what we did 10 years ago when we had the deepest recession since depression day of the 1930’s.

Moderator: “On that point New York times released Trump’s tax returns from 1995, showing Donald Trump had not paid Federal Income taxes, Governor Pence do you think that is fair?

Pence: “What you just heard folks is this from Hillary; More Taxes about $2 Trillion in new spending, more deficits, more Debt, more Government and if you all think that’s working, look at the other side of the table or ticket! The policies of this administration have run us into a ditch! The worst economic recovery since the depression. This whole riff about Donald Trump not paying taxes? Donald has created ten of thousands of jobs and has pays payroll taxes, local, state and excise taxes. Give me a break, jeez!”

Kaine: “Trump stood on stage last week and when Hillary Clinton said, “You haven’t paid taxes for a number of years,” Trump responded quickly by saying “That means I’m smart!”

“It’s smart not to pay Taxes? Smart not to pay for the Military, smart not to pay for Education, for Teachers and for those of us who pay for those things i guess we must be stupid?”

Moderator: “what about social security?”

Kaine: “We will protect social security it’s the greatest program the Government has ever produced!”

Pence: ” We will meet our obligation to seniors no change to current status”

At this point, I hear you, folks! Where is the beef? I’m about to pull all my hair out one at a time! The country is burning and the emperor is naked! And we need some seriousness at the highest levels of power, translating into  America being the shining beacon city on the hill that we all have grown to know and love! The level of discourse has to be raised by sane minds, for crying out loud! We need the Government and its Obese and oppressive structure torn down to smithereens and “live and let live” so we can be free citizens again! Liberty! Instead, we get this smarmy caffeine-happy ventriloquist on one side debating a cool calm collected college professor? It’s time to watch the muppet show;  I can’t miss my favorite episode, “Insult Driven Campaign!” I just may need a shot of Jack Daniels! smooth my day before I start hard lungs out whistling for the mothership to beam me up! For the sake of humanity, I will try to stay strong Scotty!





Presidential Debate, Fact checkers delight flavor

Who needs Peanuts and cracker jacks at the heavyweight fight when the Ice-cream flavor of the month is “Fact Checkers, delight?”

Candidates not so sexy Quotes, Retorts, and Paraphrasiology by your resident scientist!Image result for mad scientist 




Moderator {Lester Holt}: ” There are two economic realities in America. Income inequality where 50% of families live paycheck to paycheck” How can we put more money into the American workers pocket?” “Candidates time to Articulate your Vison and Policies” Mrs. Clinton you go at it first!

Hillary Clinton: “What kind of country do we want to become. An economy that works for everyone and not just the those at the top! We want to invest in you the public, jobs, infrastructure, technology and Renewable energy! The economy must be fair! how? by raising the minimum wage, and guaranteed and finally equal pay for women’s work. More companies should start doing profit sharing. If you help make a profit then you should participate in those profits not just the executives at the top!”

Facts are like mathematical tables they tend to be concrete, linear, abstract yet provable and have no lies. The last time I checked, I used a special screening angel dust (made of intergalactic rock debris) mixed in with sprinkles of cosmic electrodes, it was refreshing to note; there were no sexist, racist, xenophobic facts! Making sure that our friends on the left, the progressive island of coconut trees and perpetual sunshine were all in alignment with reality! The reality that tends to bite! And makes me remember mama saying “life ain’t fair son you better wise up!’ you only get what you negotiate! Below is a summarized factual version table with real data and math that either adds up perfectly. Or if the Math is rather fuzzy then it takes you into a free falling tailspin into lalaland! The best facts and reality dictates that we apply the real Math as a function of  a solid economic model to match facts on the ground:

Trumps Tax Plan

Income Bracket Earned


Trumps Tax effect % paid Hillary Clintons Plan Tax effect % paid Current Fiscal years:


Tax % paid

$10,000-$19,000 0% 10% 10%
$19,500-$29,000 0% 15% 15%
$29,000-$47,700 10% 25% 25%
$47,700.00-$54,000 10% 25% 25%
$54,000-$101,100 20% 28% 28%
$101,100-$54,000 20% 28% 28%
$154,000-$199,600 25% 33% 33%
$199,600-$421,800 25% 35% 35%
$421,800-$millions & $Billions 25% 44%  Tax the Rich “Buffet rule’ 39.6%


Trumps Tax Plan Trumps Tax Effect % paid Hillary Clinton Tax Plan Current Fiscal Tax % paid 2015-2016
$0-$20,000 0% 0% 0%
$20,600-$39,000 0% 10% 10%
$39,100-$58,000 0% 15% 15%
$58,100-$95,000 10% 15% 15%
$95,500-$108,000 10% 25% 25%
$108,000-$171,000 20% 25% 25%
$171,000-$251,100 20% 28% 28%
$251,000-$308,000 20% 33% 33%
$308,100-$432,100 25% 35% 33%
$432,100-$485,000 25% 35% 35%
$485,000- $millions & $Billions 25% 44% 39.6%
Image result for boxing gloves
Pounding away at the American Political body!

Pound for Pound dragged out heavyweight fight, between Middle to Right leaning Libertarian Heavyweight boxer Donald J Trump vs Left to far Left Progressive leaning heavyweight UFC fighter Hillary R Clinton. Please NOTE; +1000 points for good legal Jabs and -2000 pts for illegal blows below belt hits! Unsportsmanlike conduct yields -5000 pts (negative points)

Rounds Fought

{Each round is 15:45 minutes}

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Points scored per round:


Rd #1. + 1000*2 +1000*1 Trump +1000
Rd #2. + 1000*3 +1000*1 Trump +2000
Rd #3. + 1000*2 -2000 Trump +2000
Rd #4. + 1000*3 +1000*3 Tied at +3000
Rd #5. + 1000*1 +1000*2 Hillary +1000
Rd #6. + 1000*1 +1000*1 Tied at +1000
Rd #7. + 1000*2 +1000*2 Tied at +2000
Rd #8. + 1000*2 -5000 Trump +2000
Rd #9. + 1000*1 +1000*2 Hillary +1000
Rd #10. + 1000*2 + 1000*2 Tied at +2000
Rd #11. + 1000*2 + 1000*3 Hillary +1000
Rd #12. + 1000*3 -5000 Trump +3000
Total Points: Points decision: Referees Unanimous decision: TRUMP Wins! Hillary +11,000 Trump+18,000

If this Presidential debate cycle of 2016 between the two pugilist fighters was a rating(s) bonanza, it also revealed that candidate Clinton was well versed on substantive and policy issues (even though most of the substance was mind boggling misguided and wrong in many aspects!) but she was very polished in her own minutia and expanding big Government from status-quo to astronomical steroid levels unseen in Americas history! On the other hand candidate Trump was brash crisp clear and at times bumbling and failing to hit home runs on soft hanging curve balls due to his glaring lack of depth on principled constitutional and conservative values! What was his salient and critically acclaimed best selling point was Trump’s  masterful art of communicating authenticity and simplicity to the average voter, creating instant trust! And besides who needs to be the genius in the room when you can hire a whole team full of geniuses and your only talent is to manage the “tour-de-Force” gravitational pull into your orbit and deliver massive value for the voters! It pays to be a brilliant marketing entrepreneur in your niche field, with real-world class business talent and Trump was the embodiment of that genie in the bottle! If he were well versed in constitutional and free market enterprise principles and could articulate with the fervor of a Ted Cruz or an Insightful wisdom of a Ben Carson this would be a no contest and candidate Clinton would have received three plus a bonus knock-out rounds inside the boxing ideas arena! Fascinatingly enough she still lost on a 1 out of 3 decision to a hands on deck captain sailor of the turbulent choppy seas!

Presidential Debate, Economics 101, give me some Popcorn!

If you are like most Americans this past Monday, September 26th, 2016, we witnessed the First slugfest in the heavyweight fight of the century! New York Irascible and charming Boxer from Queens the middle to right leaning Donald J Trump and Left and far Left Leaning Progressive UFC fighter, New Yorker by way of Illinois, and Arkansas, Hillary R Clinton. So everyone’s got a Tax Plan, right? Ever took that proverbial dive into the swamps where your long lost “aunt Rhonda” lives, the one who smoked joints during the hippie days and you had no clue what that meant if you were an innocent kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s? or raised in the vaguely familiar 1980’s to the coming of age in the 1990’s? Take a deep nose dive into the weeds, we are going naked by the economics stream and drinking that pure water enriched with all its algae and healthy magnesium, phosphate and iron! Spring water anyone?

All the classic facts that will hit you between the eyes below are more than likely a highly analyzed and paraphrased version ripped from the existing think tank and highly credible source known as the Heritage foundation. A few facts from the Governments own horse-power; the congressional budget office (if you have any family members who are generation XYZ or Millenial, please don’t send them to work for this fuzzy math organization, their talents will be under-utilized!)

Continue reading Presidential Debate, Economics 101, give me some Popcorn!