2016 Thanks for the Fun ride!

If you took a vacation for Christmas, Chanukah, off-the-grid-hiatus or Winter Solstice, give yourself a round of applause! I just returned from intergalactic travel and back to this parallel universe which is so much fun and we will go through the litany of exhilarating fun factors we all experienced, good, bad and ugly, hey it’s all rock-n-roll fun right? Things that make you sigh, laugh or cry tears of joy or things that make you want to throw rocks at the Television or make use of that nice pitchfork your grandfather gave you as a gift just in case you need it!

The good parts: Thanks to the lame stream media also known as mainstream media for their sloppy non-journalism covering and attempting to circumvent the 2016 elections, from Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and Gubernatorial Elections! This election, especially at the top of the presidential ticket was probably the most fun I have seen in a generation! Divided nation? who cares, spaghetti and meatballs still go together despite the obvious differences! One that pitted a movement of “we the People” versus the machine and elite media people! David versus Goliath. And the dinosaur media had all the chips in their favor and look what happened when folks vote with their feet and half their brains tied behind their backs! Magic! Continue reading 2016 Thanks for the Fun ride!