New Sheriff in town! Dawn of a new era

Welcome to President Trump’s crazy town! There is a new Sheriff in town folks! No longer “President-Elect but now the big bald bodacious era has begun at a frenetic pace and I can safely say Washington DC and the Media power structure must be having migraines! I just hope we won’t need to bring in Priests, Nuns, Reverends and Rabbis to perform exorcisms on the Dinosaur Media and their cohorts in the houses of power!

We will take an 180-degree pivot here and quote the media reaction to the January 20th, 2017 Inauguration of the great Pugilist from my former hometown New York City. For all liberty loving Americans, let us do a small victory lap as we indulge ourselves in pictures and sounds from the day America took a turning page in a forward looking and forward thinking vision! It’s a mixed bag of goodies and food for thought: Continue reading New Sheriff in town! Dawn of a new era

From Russia with Love (the Spy who loved me!)

I got a call from my uncle Boris on Skype about a few weeks before November 8th, 2016 while hanging out with my 28 relatives and family friends. We were having a barbecue during Octoberfest! “It’s only -25 below the frozen tundra in Siberia” uncle Boris said in a gruff, slow lilt and thick Russian accent (kid you not! that’s actually a warm day during winter solstice!). His message was very simple; “Don’t forget to put a happy face in the voting booth and for the sake of pure unadulterated Vodka, Venison steak, and survival of the great Russian Bear, pull the lever for Donald. J Trump!! “Ask everyone you know to do the same and if the have any doubts or questions about their own sanity and intellectual capacity, they should know, it’s for a good cause! “I will see to it that all your neighbors and friends get my personal text message from uncle Boris with love!”  “Join the movement and put our dear beloved Russian Agent into the most powerful position on planet earth!” Imagine a world filled with free Vodka, Oranges, unsalted peanuts, roasted almonds, and Kalashnikovs! Add some Ribs to the mix, heaven on earth! Continue reading From Russia with Love (the Spy who loved me!)