Goodbye General Flynn! Part 1!

When you mix Hyperbole and emotional thinking you end up with a cocktail stew of irrationality and hallucinations! For example, you may read about the Russian “meddling” with our electoral process as hypothesized by the dinosaur media. And then in addition couple, that information with the ousting of a great American Patriot Lt. General Mike Flynn, a national security team advisor to the President, and you guessed right your mind will be in a tizzy! If you as an independent observer noticed a glaring collective amnesia from the Dinosaur media you just won the lottery, bingo! Since the Media and congressional Democrats have been taking a long winded nap that only lasted 2920 days (8 years if you insist on the Math!), they have suddenly out of the blue sky found their mojo and they want it back! Energized like a frenzied pack of sharks smelling blood in the water! Or could it be true that the Media has finally discovered their shrill chihuahua bark after-all?

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Lt. General Mike Thomas Flynn a great American Hero, a key leader in counter-insurgency known as a “hot head” by detractors!

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What’s the Immigration Noise all about?

Muslim Ban? Are you serious dawg? This can’t be happening in America? Executive order on steroids, or sensible insanity? Could it be the President is just being trigger happy go lucky in issuing a travel ban from certain regions of the world? Or is it a plausible theory that the President is acting within the confines of his authority?

But wait a huge New York Minute before I stitch myself up in hysterical laughter and simultaneously clear my throat from possibly choking! My glee is not quite at the level of the Media Hysteria over how it feels to lose power at the executive branch of government, where the media has had a “forever after” romantic cozy relationship with the powers that be! The media wanted perpetual power, by belonging to the ruling class. Now that power has slipped away and shifted in a totally different direction! Inconceivable! Continue reading What’s the Immigration Noise all about?