Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

Russian collusion is a new dirty word! Probably stronger than the ones you have heard about at your playground. The kind of dirty words that would make your grandma wash your mouth with soap detergent! The Dinosaur Media is apoplectic! They keep chasing their own tails and want all of us to buy into this semi-insane phony baloney nexus of Russian meddling into our electoral process, with a puppet master control that would give Houdini the hives for its flawless execution! Could it be true we have a Russian agent in control of the White House? Nikita Khrushchev must be doing the Macarena! Talk about wild dreams coming true! Who needs a “cold war” when you can hack into an election system and upset the balance of power from within without firing a shot! Must be the greatest coup-de-tat known to mankind! Continue reading Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

The First 100 days! (Day #55)

President Trump! It feels good to be able to say that in this beautiful nation of ours! We finally put an energizer bunny in the white house to work for “we the people!” Refreshing as that may sound let’s look at the few of many things that the top executive of our Federalist society has accomplished or set to accomplish in his first 100 days in office!

This is day number 55!! And it’s already an electric slide I call “fantastic voyage!” The man is not afraid to tackle what is arguably a systemic mess from domestic policy, foreign policy and dealing with the “Deep State” or as uncle fast Jimmy would say back in the day; A house with too many Bore weevils interwoven in the federal bureaucratic leviathan! President Trump keep the sunlight shining on these meandering corners of power! If you could use a chainsaw and weed whacker we have plenty of spares and if you need extra reinforcement to keep cutting the size and scope of the Federal Government! Refer to rules for change agents, number 3; “Drain the swamp!” Continue reading The First 100 days! (Day #55)