Dear Mr President!

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Dear Mr. President!

We love and support you, Sir! You are our best and possibly last hope at the top of the political and economic food chain, to change and disrupt Washington D.C! We need not remind you our dear President of the swamp you are now presiding over as chief executive. This is a letter to appeal to you and written as a courteous reminder of your 100 days promises (contract with America) that you made at Gettysburg! It’s also a friendly chastisement, a stark reminder of the dark real world of reality we live in sir! I appreciate how hard you work, you are an exemplary figure and also an extraordinary family man as well as a business icon! You could not be more suited for the highly esteemed office you currently occupy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! My first point begins at your strength, family! And sir please take this to heart and as well as with a grain of salt!  Related image

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How to Make OBAMACARE great again by the RINOS!

I took an interstellar travel vacation for 12 weeks to get away from all the “noise and clutter” stirred up by the dinosaur media! And I feel refreshed and invigorated as I certainly did not miss much besides President Trump making some fantastic foreign policy maneuvers that should make America proud again! I give the President a 9 out of 10 rating for only being in office 6 months at the most and coming up with a robust muscular foreign policy! Kudos to our beloved Russian Bear!

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First and Farthest: How the Voyagers Blazed Trails
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Slow news day?  Strongly doubt it. With so much news and happenings around the globe and inside the belt-way swamps of Washington DC. we certainly have a very prickly and sensitive subject at hand that riles up a lot of heated emotions, rhetoric, and in some cases down-right demagoguery when it comes to the political theater! So let us jump right into the pond and see how deep the “swamp” really is and can there be an honest adult conversation about these pesky issues? The Republicans now control almost all levers of power; Bicameral house of representatives, Congress and Senate and then the executive branch as in the Whitehouse/Presidency, you could not ask for more right?

The fix is in folks! The Democrats are complicit and actually love this idea that the government should be the arbiter judge executioner and medical practitioner extraordinaire to deliver to you the people the most personal and important aspect of your lives. Only they “the government” can guarantee your doctor/patient privileges and secure all blessings in this very private transaction through a series of bureaucratic edicts only meant to protect and provide for your poor souls! I mean according to the democratic party logic, most average Americans don’t have a clue how to run and manage their own lives, that is the reason why we need the big oversized jack boot of Uncle Sam on our feeble necks! Could this be the reason Democrats are screaming and hollering at the top of their most concerned lungs for a Healthcare reform and working with Republicans to deliver a product that actually works for all Americans of all walks of life, from the strongest to the weakest links? I will spare y’all from the Chinese Torture!

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