United Nations; A spectacular Boondoggle; and why should the average American care?

President Trump’s speech at the United Nations 72nd general assembly was a shot that rang around the world and the smoke from the gunpowder is still palpable. Daring, dashing, stern and bold is an understatement of what has been a long overdue “accountability speech” from the leader of the free world. The UN has become a moribund organization that looks more like a sorority party only uglier, filled with cigar-chomping corrupt gangsters and money fleecing parasitic bureaucrats who have the capacity to create a committee that oversees the committee that oversees the committee, to look into the committee on committee issues! Redundancies or ridiculousness you pick your own choice of poison. Fast or slow either way you will get the potassium Cyanide coated in honey to facilitate your passage into the next life.

UN Photo: Maintaining Peace and International Security

So who cares what goes on at the UN?

Here is the original charter the reasons why we even have this once “great body” of the United Nations: Click the Preamble for more details on our sources for some of the data in this treatise; Nothing new under the sun folks as my grandma pudding would always say when I asked pesky weird inquisitive child-like questions such as: “why is the sky blue Grandma?”

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DACA, “dreamers” or Illegals? Reasons to revisit the Dream Act!

As a curious skeptical American, I watched how quickly the establishment ruling class of Democrats and Republicans alike came out in support of DACA! Forget about all the urgent priorities languishing on the congressional floor.  But, for the sake of the kids, Congress can’t wait to do their actual job and fulfill their oath of office. Of all the important priorities facing this nation, immigration is certainly in the top 5 of  Americas “bucket list” or “to-do-list”. And from my vantage point, I would say with a certain degree of latitude and confidence that the number one priority on the American people’s minds list is as follows:

1. Healthcare.

2. Tax relief.

3. Jobs, good paying Jobs; (Congress can you hear the folks screaming on top of their lungs? Hello!). 

4. Immigration reform; Fix the darn broken system. For example, a fancy idea I like to call  “border security”, a “big beautiful wall with a big front door” (Quoting some famous beloved figure!). And rounding up the top 5 priorities is the Federal Governments number one job;

5. National Defence,  defend us all from evil invaders, foreign and domestic!

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