George Bush retires from painting only to return as a statesman!

Hocus Pocus abracadabra Alakazam! The genie is out of the bottle!

Abracadabra Alakazam! What happens when you mix retirement, Politics and Global Governance in one swing?

When a classy statesman retires to paint, that is laudable. When he inserts himself into the current volatile political climate he is dancing to the Tango in 12-inch high stiletto heels. And the imagery of a Tango-Waltz older middle-aged gentleman, who is a semi-retired President is not pretty! What rock has the former president been living under? Out of the clear blue,  the ex-President was giving a speech on liberty and democracy at the George Bush institute? I need a strong and tall adult beverage before I analyze what the merry-go-around is all about?

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Sacred Politics; Gold Star General opines!

If you woke up one morning on a Monday and checked your twitter feed or watched with horror as I did on television what had transpired between a gold star family widow and the President of the United States? My question is only this; was the dinosaur media in the middle of this wrinkled 25-year-old onion plus horseradish sandwich?  Do your eyes feel like they are bleeding just by standing next to the sandwich? I wish to the gods of etiquette, decency and all that’s good, mighty and wholesome, if not holy, that this was just a bad dream and the unnecessary feud would go away like a puff of smoke on a windy day. In this day of instant gratification and 60 minutes of news cycle of which 50% of it is manufactured from a Warthogs tail. I will not even dare dignify the abhorrent responses from the dinosaur media and their fellow travelers to this “unbecoming” indecent behavior in both print and electronic media.

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Las Vegas Shooting; Can we handle the painful Ugly truth?

A prayer in earnest goes out to Las Vegas in particular and another to our collective soul as a nation, bewildered, saddened, shocked and sickened to our very mortal and spiritual core! Our American values demand that we stand up stronger than ever before!

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# Vegas strong! A good mantra and message out there that there is still plenty of goodwill among us despite the obvious hand of evil perpetrated by what would seem to be a “normal” human being from all accounts given so far. But we will dig deeper into this and tear back the veneer in search of truth. Truth always sets you free. We don’t have to understand everything in this crazy place called planet earth but we can conquer real-world demons with some shining light and truth girded by eternal vigilance.

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We live in crazy town for sure! troubled waters we must conquer and prevail!

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