Hollywood, from the Golden age to a culture of decadence?

Hollywood was once the greatest escape from reality for mankind. Entertaining us and promoting a cultural revolution the envy of the world. The entertainment industry always represented the wholesome broader culture. Forget the soup lines of the great depression, the slow rise, and disintegration of the Weimar Republic and fall out of the Vienna accords from 1918 Versaille treaty. As the world burned nothing said Americana like the glitz, glamour, and cinematographic dreams coming out of Hollywood!

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Happy Election Anniversary to all “deplorables”

Happy anniversary to all  my fellow “deplorables!” Where were you on election night November 8th, 2016? The greatest political upset in American history! Thank you, king Vlad!

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The Sacred Election of November 8th, 2016 remembered with a toast!
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#MAGA keep the dreams alive and rocking America!!

One year later, how is our Russian Bear doing?

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#DRAIN THE SWAMP a 20 years Project! Restore term limits for demigod politicians and Judges! 1-2 terms Max!
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A fun year so far the ride is just warming up America! Can’t wait to see what happens in 2018!!


Without blaring hooting horns and blowing a trumpet of warnings or celebrations, I say Mr. President gets a B+ in overall performance! And the world has not imploded or collapsed just yet! American power is the catalyst that’s keeping the world a hopeful place!

To avoid a raucous party and “an in your face” unsportsmanlike behavior, I propose a toast to the dinosaur media, Hollywood elites, the Political creature swamp in Washington DC, the illegitimate illogical Acedemia Pseudo intellectuals and lastly but not the least; The Russians! I love Russia even more than I ever did! I got roots in the Minsk of Siberia! My cave is awash with exquisite fine vintage Vodka, spices and much more than I’m willing to admit to in a public debate arena!

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Hoot for a Toot! Blow the good message to all your neighbors! #MAGA

November 8th, 2016!! That Sacred election night forever etched in my mind. That if this Republic survives the leftist progressive onslaught we have been suffering from the last 60 years and counting! It will be a miracle worth toasting and talked about for decades to come! America dodged a bullet into the abyss of a banana republic. So thank you all out there for being a part of the special class of “deplorables”, keep the faith and secure the blessings of this great republic we call the home of the brave and land of the free! Rock on!