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Before we all feel like a boondoggle has evolved out of the ashes of this contentious issue on immigration, I would like to quote a wonderful Hill Billy Farmer from Alabama and not for shock value but for nuggets of wisdom; “If y’all want to end illegal immigration, stop eating!” What say you Alabama farmer? Oh well! The pesky issue follows us again, why? Are Illegal immigrants a workable disposable workforce? Before we beat up this immigration issue like a Pinata (no pun intended to my Taco loving Latino friends). The Democrats seem to love Latinos for the vote to buttress their power indefinitely “living la Vida Loca!” And the Republicans support big business, which in turn wants and loves the cheap labor! Cynicism anybody? not really just plain facts that are not easy to confront and address without a good dose of reason and logic, our primal instinct in this lab of experimental thought! I promise not to fall off my armchair rocker; and go out on a limb and say, Immigration should be free, the likes we had at the turn of the 19th century such as before 1914 when we had an influx of Irish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Jewish and Italian immigrants to mention a few. Everyone, native citizens, and immigrants mutually benefitted from free immigration. And whomsoever came to our shores came to fill up jobs that were desperately needed during the height of the industrial revolution! Contrast that migration wave and fast forward to today with Migrants coming from South and Central Latin America, Asia and Africa are all migrating to a Welfare state! Looks like a loss-loss situation and fascinating to watch, but we are all interconnected in this our quest for freedom! At the roots of any immigration is the natural born soulful thirst for liberty endowed by our creator and on the other hand the selfish tyrannical “isms” of state power  by those that advocate big government control of folks that yearn for freedoms! Borders, Language and Culture matter! Open Borders? No! Free Immigration, Yes indeed! If we can control and secure the borders then it should be free for all to come if they love this land and want to partake in all the milk and honey that’s flowing from Sonoma California to Long Island Newyork or Minnesota Hills to dusty Brownsville Texas, and all the fruited plains in between.If I were Mexican or Cuban, or other than Mexican, I would, by all means, swim across the Rio-Grande river or walk across the Arizona desert to come to America and make the Moolah for a better lifestyle, you bet I would dare do it! Damn right! Trek here to these United States (compare $1.50 per hour in Mexico versus $9 per hour in America, Bingo!) There is always a net positive when new adaptable and assimilating immigrants show up on our shores and join this American melting pot! Immigrants who come here to wave the American flag with a fervor and pride that can only happen in America! As the great 18th-century poet Emma Lazarus, once eloquently put it;

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these thehomeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Now that the romance and honeymoons over, it’s time to look at the nitty gritty side of the underbelly of uncontrollable, broken and disorderly immigration system:

How many Illegal immigrants do we really have living in our neighborhoods across the country? As far as I can recall I have heard this number somewhere in the range of 11-12 million Illegals? And this has been the standard number since Bill Clinton was president, so we are talking about roughly 25 years? Let’s do some voodoo mathematics if we may; If 11-12 Million sounds right then extrapolate over time (25 years) you get 480,000 illegal immigrants per year floating or flowing through the porous borders including the expired visa over-stays and others! Hardcore numbers according to Department of Homeland Security Stats; (official Lingo!)

CBP determined approximately 204,000 aliens were inadmissible. • DHS apprehended approximately 662,000 aliens; 64 percent were citizens of Mexico. • ICE detained nearly 441,000 aliens. • Approximately 178,000 aliens were returned to their home countries through processes that did not require a removal order.• DHS removed approximately 438,000 aliens from the United States. The leading countries of origin for those removed were Mexico (72 percent), Guatemala (11 percent), Honduras (8.3 percent), and El Salvador (4.8 percent). • Expedited removal orders accounted for 44 percent, of all removals. • Reinstatements of final orders accounted for 39 percent, of all removals. • ICE removed approximately 198,000 known criminal aliens from the United States. In this report, years refer to fiscal years (October 1 to September 30).  Includes removals, counted in the year the events occurred, by both ICE and CBP. Removals and returns are reported separately.The data on enforcement actions (e.g., inadmissible aliens, apprehensions, Notice to Appear or NTAs, and removals) relate to events. For example, an alien may be apprehended more than once, and each apprehension would count as a separate record. Removals and returns are reported separately and counted in the years the events occurred. Data appearing for a given year may change in subsequent years due to updating of the data series.”Reinstatements of previous removal orders accounted for 39 percent of all removals in 2013. The number of removals based on a reinstatement of final orders increased every year between 2005 and 2013. In 2013, aliens from Mexico accounted for 75 percent of all reinstatements. Other leading countries included Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. These four countries accounted for 99 percent of all reinstatements in 2013. Criminal Activity. Approximately 198,000 aliens removed in 2013 had a prior criminal conviction.The most common categories of crime were immigration-related offenses, dangerous drugs, criminal traffic offenses, and assault. Immigration-related offenses increased 31 percent from 2012 to 2013 and 65 percent between 2011 and 2013. Dangerous drugs and criminal traffic offenses decreased 28 and 35 percent respectively from 2012 to 2013. These four leading categories accounted for 72 percent of all criminal alien removals in 2013  All other categories, including unknown Including entry and reentry, false claims to citizenship, and alien smuggling. ** Including the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and possession of illegal drugs. † Including hit and run and driving under the influence. Notes: Data refers to persons removed who have a prior criminal conviction. Excludes criminals removed by Customs and . Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ENFORCE Alien Removal Module (EARM), January 2014, Enforcement Integrated Database (EID), November 2013. For More information about immigration and immigration statistics, visit the Office of Immigration Statistics Website at www.

Interpreting Government “speak” or lingo; the 438,000 illegals removed approximately for the fiscal years 2011-2013 means that if we have 662,000 illegal aliens cross our borders annually, then we do some Math it shows that 1,548,000 (1.54 Million) are still living in these contiguous Los Estados Unidos! (662,000*3 years less 438,000). Now picture this for a moment; If these numbers are the facts as they clearly are, then if we go back to only the year 2005 or 10 fiscal years ago we have a population of 15,480,000 (15.4 Million) folks living among us! That is equivalent to the total combined population of Sweden and Norway! And if we took these numbers way back retroactively to Bill Clinton’s Presidential Inauguration, circa 1992 or 25 years ago, the illegal immigrant population would be 38.7 million which is the population of Canada and some extra left over! Also assume for a brief moment that all illegal immigrants are working those “jobs Americans won’t do” like picking cotton, blueberries, strawberries, Oranges, Water Melons, Potatoes and other vegetables not excluding other menial labor jobs in hotels, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, suburban domestic help and other industries to mention a few. In That case, 15.4 million illegal aliens are producing about $238 Billion worth of income for themselves at minimum wage levels of $8 per hour on average nationwide! Before you smile heartily, consider the welfare benefits coming in at approximately $31,000 per family of 4, and that is a payout of about $480 Billion, meaning a net cost of $242 Billion to the  US economy and treasury, and that’s just the baseline, we are not counting the costs of, emergency room health care, cost of education for immigrant kids, who for the most part if born locally are native born American citizens! Add to that hefty bill the cost of deportations and incarcerations. Do you feel like a helium inhaling party pooper yet? Let not your blood boil; Don’t discount the human toll of the few minority (small percent) of illegal immigrants who are triple double miscreants, who commit felony after felonious crimes and are wrecking havoc in our beloved communities. And all the powers that be (this is actually what Governments full-time job should be) protect and defend the borders, are not helping individual states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or California, which are almost over-run with this crisis, with no relief in sight under President Obama Administration! The Bad laws make socially advantageous acts, illegal, and therefore leads to an undermining of morality in the general society! Most of these Immigrants vote with their feet and trust me they do vote, even if they are here illegally and mainly for the political party that promotes big government entitlements. As most come from Socialist or Communist nations that never delivered Utopia, and lo and behold America is offering Nirvana on a silver platter; Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, WIC, SSDI and the list as you know is endless! Unworkable folks, you can’t sustain a welfare state and have free immigration simultaneously, it’s a net negative loss for the country and the individual immigrant who lives with one foot part of America and the other foot stuck in their past country of origin, like a nomad with no home state. There’s steep price to be paid and America will not be your grandparents America or the one you grew up in, it will morph into a Banana third world country, similar to China, that has a first world economy that delivers 1st class standards for the wealthy and well-connected, but 3rd class, third world standards for the not so rich and not well-connected folks! No real Middle Class to speak of or aspire towards! We once had that luxury of a meritocracy ladder, starting at the bottom, lower class, then move up to middle-class, followed by upper middle class, and the pinnacle class of the rich and super wealthy 2% at the top! Only found in this hemisphere we call North America, but it’s slowly and surely as we speak disappearing and shrinking (especially the once reachable desirable middle-class) right before our very own eyes! The more you look at the hardcore data the more you want to gouge your eyes out because tears would make the Mississippi river overflow into the Pacific Ocean! If America was a giant insane asylum the Feds would shut the Nuthouse down for multiple variant violations unseen since the last locust invasion of 1875! Wise up America and smell the coffee!



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