GOP Pursues risky strategy over vote!

As sublimely reported by the AP (Associated Press):

And I have to quote the AP word for word in this great intro:

“Democrats are losing some skirmishes over the department of Homeland Security, but many feel they are winning a political war that will haunt Republicans in 2016 and beyond. Democrats lacked the votes Friday to force Republicans to fund the department for a year with no strings. Still, even some Republicans say party leaders are on a perilous path with a very public ideological struggle that highlights the GOP’s inability to pass contested legislation- and possibly worsening its weak relationship with Hispanic voters. Conservatives defend their Doggedness. They say they are courageously keeping promises to oppose President Obama’s liberalization of deportation policies, which they consider Unconstitutional. Several said their constituents support their stand, while others said the issue transcends politics.”

Now I have to take a big gigantic swig on my orange juice so I can have enough acid in my belly to stomach what I’m about to spew in short order here: March 1st Sunday was when this article appeared  in the Journal gazette and the deadline Friday was March 6th 2015! Oooh the republicans promised execution on this bill after all the brouhaha: now I add my magic mix of MathMatizm,  P3B3 = CmX and ching ching it was not a surprise that the Republicans bulked when the hour of power came that week! Let’s just call it Linguine or Spaghetti spines! As my uncle Charlie would yell out on top of his voice when angry and peeved in his soup kitchen; “gimme pasta for spines!! They did not deliver anything but zilch, nada, zero, fortitude and Democrats and President ended up having his way! Oh, the brilliance of these powerful lemmings! Just roll of Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news!  It’s like a dog and pony show the Republicans will huff and puff and look like they are about to spit fire into the political “boxing” arena and the Demoncrats start backing up like a threatened Black mamba and just when you think “boom!” (Precision strike) is the next move, it’s an all-out “make-out fest” that will leave you ruby red with blushing face in tow! How sexy that a charging bull would smooch a poisonous black mamba snake! oh how so touching and befitting! I will let that one sink in for little while folks! Afterwards I need a back scratch, any volunteers?

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