Media Whores selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Say it ain’t so! The mainstream media has too many fries short of a happy meal that parade as genius pundits! And then you have the few that somewhat “get it” but are not intellectually honest because you can’t defend a crook, especially if that crook happens to be a candidate for the highest office in the land and has extreme ethical challenges! Imagine Al Capone showing up trying to be a priest at the Jesuits Bible College! Talk about an unbelievable come to Jesus moment!

Back to the few intellectual pussy-footers on cable TV; Interesting how soft, how much belly-aching, pussy-footing and how much self-righteousness has seeped into the mainstream conscious! Apply our magic lab-tested formula:P3B3 = CmX   and you will be able to decipher who the intellectually honest brainiacs are and who the fake anecdotal non-fact based narrative emotional thinkers truly are or who is who in the incestuous inside the Washington beltway media culture representation on live Television. If you ever felt the urge to watch cable news with a brick in your hands ready to hurl at lightning speed, CNN is the magic pill in the poison well! You have the high horse riding so-called Republican strategist Ana Navarro a most likely “Bushite” (as in George Bush Neo-Conservatives) and part of the milk toast arena who can’t seem to get off her overdose of Estrogen. What amazes me is how “so offended these media types” are with Donald Trumps candidacy! Well, Miss Navarro and your ilk why don’t you run for the highest office since you are so squeaky clean that you have never heard of any vulgarity in your pristine snow white lives! Lead us to freedom we await your saintly wisdom, madam! Helping the Left destroy a brave, crafty and braggadocious candidate at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, is an exercise in futility! May i remind the esteemed audience that we had a quote on quote “perfect Candidate” in the name of Milk toast extraordinaire Mitt Romney (ex-Governor of Massachusets!) You don’t get a squeaky clean guy like that anywhere any place any time any town, street or village! Mitt Romney was in my ecclesiastical opinion the cleanest most moral and close to perfect candidate since George Washington! Candidate Romney is married to his high-school sweetheart! Immaculate! I can’t even remember who my high school sweetheart was if she stood in a police academy line up! I dare say so and I repeat that sublime statement, Mitt Romney was a perfect candidate of the likes we have not seen since our great first President George Washington! And most folks say “we don’t have any good candidates” well folks you just missed one in the last election cycle! There is always a special someone in each generation we just have to open our blinders!  And as for the media they need to get off their high horses and enough already with Ad Hominem gutter sniping attacks and moral high ground when it’s clear you are standing knee deep in the sewer pipelines! Can we focus on the beef for a brief moment, where is the beef in this political sandwich? Too much mayonnaise and not enough meaty protein leads to a mindless crash! Yes, this is no ordinary election even though we have heard those sentiments a time too many in the past! This is the turning point for America. The fight for the next generation of American soul and what we will become the next 50-60 years! Doesn’t get any more dire than this folks! This is no ordinary election and I’m having the fun of my life, watching this contact sport, but also the consequences in this election will reverberate for decades to come and I hope and pray we all wake-up and smell the coffee! Julie Roginsky a very bright and reasonable thinking pundit can’t defend the aptly named “crooked” Hillary Clinton, it is excruciatingly hard to defend a candidate who has a cavalier relationship with the truth even if you are a die-hard partisan huckster! She sounds like that wonderful aunt firmly vociferously defending her naked mentally deranged nephew, who is streaking across the street in his birthday suit “yelling the sky is falling” to the bewilderment of neighbors and passers-by. Adding more drama is the headless chicken run around and you get the pendulum clock picture!

The Media or (lap dog mainstream media!) is going bonkers as they have run out Salacious Access Hollywood stuff on  Donald Trump and are desperately grasping at any straws or arrows they can sling at “The Donald”

Sadly the so-called “mainstream Media” is going above and beyond their paychecks to defend the indefensible! Not doing their due diligence instead engaging in shameless ass kissing of the powerful and politically connected influence peddlers, leaving the general masses stranded in a sea of ignorance in the middle of the desert! What ever happened to journalistic ethics and professional standards! We now have a Pretend media that chooses sides and candidates without ever being upfront and truthful from the get-go! What used to be news is now propaganda and agenda-driven echo chambers and folks wonder why our fragile Republic and liberal democracy is in grave danger of permanent extinction! And everyone’s running around like “all is well and honky dory to the promised lands of Utopia!” Buyer beware, being an Ostrich is the last animal you want to become! vigilance is more than a virtual!

Flip the coin and you actually see that it is Hillary Clinton who is the true drama Queen and the scandal-ridden candidate like a gift that keeps on giving! She is the Queen of the Washington DC Sausage power swamp! If I understand correctly President Richard “Rico Suave” Nixon resigned after being caught in a web of lies and cover-ups (cover-ups tend to be worse than the original crimes most often times), for being behind the break-in to the Democratic party  headquarters at Watergate building in some high stakes political chicanery and drama mostly fit for fictional books by 1970’s standards! Nixon tried to silence the trail leading directly to him and his henchmen at the Whitehouse! Men of honor will resign and put the office of president and the nation’s pride ahead of personal blind ambition, unlike our modern day politician especially the Queen of Washington D.C as an example of unbridled ambition and lust for power and money!

At the time of Presidents Richard Nixons Watergate investigation commission, a young bright and impressionable Hillary Clinton fresh out of College years and working her way into the power corridors found herself being canned from the investigation due to ethics violations and that’s the beginning of her illustrious casual relationship with truth and blind ambition. Compare what Nixon did (crimes committed and subsequential embarrassment) leading to his resignation in 1974 with an unforgettable goodbye message, breath-taking! Hillary, astute political animal has undeniably done the following:

(1) Deleted 33,000 emails from a private server after a congressional subpoena.

(2) Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin (who happens to be married to disgraced Pervert candy creep, Anthony Weiner) the irony in the name Weiner and his penchant for snap chat is fodder for horror movies such as “Carlos Danger!” “beware of the Weiner!” Hide your teenage girls and ladies be on the lookout! Huma is under a federal investigation that may break the Clinton Global Inc into the story of the century if she is forced to testify under oath for mishandling Classified Top Secret Government materials.

(3) Hillary has a lieutenant named John Podesta, a rabid brilliant Progressive bureaucrat who would easily be a deputy vice president of the Kremlin under a watchful eye of Vladimir Putin and even better under a Nikita Khrushchev as part of the communist elite apparatchik. Podesta is a prolific communicator and great user of modern technology especially email and what a treasure trove of information that has been hacked from the computer system, exposing what Hillary Inc. and her inside team looks like in terms of ideology and political strategy. It’s quite revealing what they think about you the folks in fly-over country and the hinterlands!

If you had fun like I did, watching the Clinton scandal Soap Opera of the 1996 bygone era prepare for another sequel “part 2 series IV” only this time it’s Hillary Not Bill. Since Bill will be the strong silent long suffering first gentleman while the brew of political chicanery and machinations brews like a stew from a best-selling novel by  legendary writer John Grisham! Maybe an investment in a popcorn machine to save on serial trips to Walmart or Sams-Club would be wise!

Based solely on the three pieces of an elaborate intricate web of lies, emails, and pay-to-play scandals following the Clintons like a fly on horse manure it is incredible that she has not been charged with any crime or misdemeanors as of yet! She may be the new Teflon Don! Heavens help us all if she wins the crown and gets coronated as Queen of Washington D.C , it will be the first page of a  thousand years of the new dark ages! Preserve your nest egg for the “roaster” cometh to steal your golden eggs! If you like them scrambled may good fortune be with you folks, I’ll be dialing for the mothership to beam me up and out of this alternate universe for a more serene parallel universe!

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