Intellectual Civil War for the soul of America!

When I watched the speaker of the house give his tepid speech delivery like a boy who cried wolf, to a packed Republican club meeting at a local University of Wisconsin, I felt the urge to go pump some iron at my underground basement gym. Interestingly enough the speaker asked the young college skulls full of mush, a pertinent peculiar question: “Do you guys know who the next leader of the Senate will be if Republicans don’t control the house? Smiles and blank stares came back at the Speaker and he proceeded to say; “have you heard of the name Bernie Sanders?” they all laughed with amusement and curiosity in their eyes and Speaker Ryan continued, ‘That’s what will happen, imagine that scenario a Bernie Sanders as leader of the Senate, an avowed socialist!” Ok fair enough, sounds like a scarecrow method to persuade impressionable minds, because, like him or not “crazy grandpa” Bernie Sander had momentum and an energized grass roots campaign and everyone was feeling “the Bern”, original, honest and wildly misguided when it comes to policy but he was a breath of fresh air on the political scene unlike other creatures we all came to distaste on the Democrat side! If the system was not “rigged” it would have been a much more substantive and fun debate between “crazy Grandpa” Bernie and “Wild Hammer” Trump Daddy! Instead, we are stuck with an old playbook of scorched earth politics of personal destruction, and all about how low a bar can you go, Jose? Anyone ready for the Cha-cha or Merengue plus a Pina-Colada on white sand? Better taste than what the Media Political machine has us exposed to for any good measure!

Back to my original track with Mr. Speaker Paul Ryan, scaring the young College kids and when it comes down to it, who really cares if Bernie Sanders takes over as leader of the senate? Speaker Paul Ryan and all his buddies on the Republican caucus in the house and Senate chamber have had 8 (eight) long years to push back against the aggressive executive over-reach and soft progressive tyranny of  Barack Obama Administration, and what have these milk toast guys done? Other than being blamed for obstructionism which in reality was only paid lip service (I wish they dared to push back and obstruct!) to provide a counter balance and be a real bulwark of checks and balances to any unconstitutional drivel rained upon the American people. The Obama administration has rammed practically everything they set out to achieve (good or detrimental to our economy and the Republic) down the throats of the American people with little to no resistance if any from the wily coyote Republicans who promised to govern as Grizzly Bears! We would have a very robust national debate and only high-quality leadership would arise on either side to offer two stark contrasts for a future vision. What has been forgotten by these politicians is the one missing link; They are our public servants, and take the reins of power from the consent of we the governed! We instead have ended up with an unmitigated crisis of leadership at every level. Borrowing one candidate’ simple slogan “a total disaster”, a nation in abject shambles, our founding fathers would pick up their rifles and start a counter culture revolution to be mildly graphic! Speaker Ryan has distanced himself from Donald Trump after access Hollywood “hot mic” tapes came out about Trump and Billy Bush engaging in lewd locker room worthy banter and the rest of the blah blah blah! Mr. Speaker let me share with you just what a fight we are up against if you really want to push back on the progressive agenda and all their regressive social engineering policies that will not lead us into a blissful paradise but a hell hole! A Hell-hole ripe with identity politics, divisions by class, cheap-skate personal attacks and envy rooted in class, race origin, sex, religion and any other social norms and freedoms we all take for granted in these United States of America! What was bought and paid for in ultimate sacrifice by volunteering red-blooded heroic Americans to secure our sacred honor and fortune one to another, will be wasted treasure! And only men and women with intestinal fortitude can survive this brutally brewing intellectual civil war! Last I checked war is not for the faint-hearted in any way shape or form! Nothing sexy about warfare except brute force and the victor shares the spoils and decides what happens to the booty and all manner of conventions thereafter! If the Leftist Progressives lead by Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer in the Senate, Nancy Pelosi in the House chamber and Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse (heavens forbid!) win the argument, they will lead us all into a dark hole. Progressives have marched us already since 1960’s when they came of age into a fiscal, moral and economic cliff that has a 90,000ft drop into the oblivion of mass unending misery. And more to come if you can hold on tight by the seat of your pants! Especially if we have another Ruth Bader Ginsburg or associate Justice Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer or worse another Justice Elena Kagan, who think it’s their bound duty and honor to legislate from the bench according to the “feelings” or shifting winds of society instead of a strict interpretation of the constitution as implied by the founding fathers! We will need some serious broom power to sweep away at this gargantuan onslaught of 100 years of leftist progressivism that has reached a crescendo! The Progressives will cement their legacy in stone and the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans and other liberty loving constitutionalists will remain an exercise of futile debates, underground “illegal cults” and pontification from mountain tops to a deafening silence down under! Having no real policy power to implement or prescribe! It will be the crowning achievement of total Tyranny with no liberty or security for anyone other than for the ruling classes and well connected! If you are not part of the elite leftist club you will be laughed out of the room or even maybe institutionalized into some re-education camp for crazy folks who think outside the box, can’t allow that kind of “independent thinking” nonsense in a leftist Utopia!! He who sacrifices liberty in exchange for security gets neither!

What Paul Ryan and his other fellow Republicans in high office need to understand is that, if you show up for a fight don’t come with your granny panties, nor your bow ties and three-piece Armani suits! Come ready to buckle-up, get down and dirty and fight like your life depends on it! The progressives fight by screaming and hollering throwing the kitchen sink, the bath water, and the baby and yes the sewer pipes too, and you must be ready to counter all that crap, and if that means you swing and hit where the referee says not to hit, well it’s a bare knuckle fight! Leave your checkered country club pants and  Lawyer lawsuits behind the unseen counter and growl like a grizzly bear if necessary! The grown up intellectual thing to do is win the battle of the minds in the arena of ideas and also in the tactical arena of policy implementation and carefully explaining why your principles are far superior to the progressive side! Show some spine and grow some balls! If you wilt and tilt and cower every time the left screams bloody murder or mouths some emotional epithet such as racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, misogyny or evil labels with an unearned moral high ground, spit some fire back! Poof like a dragon! If you have, reason, logic, facts and truth on your side, that is the definition of a good fire to spit out, it burns through any substance and especially through any phony idea or philosophy. Set the fire against any false ideology, and it will burn faster than the New York times newspaper! Civility returns to the discourse when the intellectual adults in the room stand on principles without wilting and melting under pressure or threat from the temper tantrums of the childish left-wing progressives who will shout you down in any arena without giving credence to reason and logic! Here are a few buzz words for y’all, see if they make any sense whatsoever; free speech, tolerance, open mind? Those buzz words can only flourish under the light of logic and reason! The ratio of emotions to logic is a staggering 24:1 ratio so excuse me while a clear my throat for the next infusion of common sense!




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