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This just in folks! November 8th, 2016 a day that will live in history books as a massive asterisk the size of Jupiter! America is still alive, the shot that rung all over the world! President-elect Donald J Trump! America lives to fight another day, we dodged a leftist suicidal mission. This is more like a battle of Gettysburg of sorts! One massive war battle has been won, a few thousand more battles lie ahead so recalibrate and buckle up liberty minded folks we are only just beginning!

We reach out to all the folks who need some therapy,  in the aftermath of a colossal shellacking of Obama-Clinton machine by the great New York Pugilist heavy hitter and billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who has a mandate from all the deplorable swamp people “aka” the real Americana folks! The people have spoken! We now have a captain on the sinking ship called America, one who knows how to swim and navigate us out of the rough choppy iceberg waters! And to echo his first victory speech; let us all dream big and think of possible possibilities ahead of us to achieve the unthinkable and conquer heights once almost diminished by an ever increasing giant boot of government red tape and regulatory monstrosity visited upon our soft supple necks! It’s is as the old Gipper would say: Good Morning in America! The sun shines a little brighter, crispier, nice and nippy if you are in the midwest and I’m jealous of the west coast and sunny Florida including beautiful Texas that has a bag full of unadulterated sunshine!

Now, before we have our heads spinning with the non-stop advice on what should happen next from the vanquished leftist and never Trumpers, there is the vast swath of leftist who still don’t understand what just hit them, especially the Dinosaur Media who have been hit by an incoming meteorite from planet Trump,buoyed and fueled with radioactive “deplorable molotov cocktail” flames! amazingly infantile and emotional vampires in the rabid Dinosaur media such as New York times writers still screaming the same diatribes and vitriol as per pre-election nasty gutter based politics of personal destruction! Folks like i said earlier the battle has just begun for the soul of America! The first round has been won handily and decisively dealing a devastating blow to the leftist agenda and now we have to beef up our muscles and sinews for the next round of skirmishes to make sure we have wise, smart adults running the show finally! take the power candy away from the whiny, screeching, wildly misguided emotional vampires! Its is one thing to disagree on policy matters and have a vigorous intellectual debate where both sides left and right and some in the middle or fence sitters can have a gentleman’s disagreement without shouting fire in the movie theater! And more succinctly without calling the other side mean spirited names just because they offer a different intellectual viewpoint and position! For all liberty loving brainiacs, we will have to grow a spine of steel and resolve to deal with all the naysayers and Nags on the left who are quick to throw hand grenades into the debate arena only because they can’t hold a coherent argument to explain or defend their value positions, let alone policy prescriptions to make us, a more perfect union! My only plea to the leftist and all their sympathizers and fellow travelers; do not leave these united states and move to Canada like much of famous Hollywood marionettes, the talented lady gaga and Cher want to do! We need you here you are part of America we promise to give you a time out (and a sucker of your choice!) and make sure you are never near any nuclear codes, the Whitehouse, Congress, Senate and other power corridors where your bankrupt tried and failed progressive policies are repudiated and rolled back with vociferous logic, reason and ardent adherence to constitutional principles! May the fight be clean, square, mildly boorish and brutally feisty!

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