Tone Deaf or brilliant fiction?

If you can scratch the top of your head with your big toes, I tip my hat off to you with skeptical bewilderment! And if you can make the Easter bunny dance like the great late James Brown, and simultaneously crooning “don’t be cruel” as only Elvis would deliver, then you may be on to some voodoo tricks only found in a new Unicorn universe! What is even more impressive is keeping a poker face and avoiding to blink while following facts as exemplified in an interview by classy, sassy, smart, beautiful Fox business anchor Maria Bartiromo with the Architect, “the guru” of ObamaCare also known as “affordable care act.” It’s almost breathtaking and a great opportunity to grow gray hair if you don’t have any yet! Well, ok, I take that back, it’s almost cringe worthy like watching your hair on fire while stuck in the middle of a sandy desert! Progressives on the left have often screamed at the top of their lungs in years past when Republicans in the house chamber or Senate were attacked vociferously, for not cooperating and acting like agents of obstructionism, when the left wants to push their agenda down the throats of every American in plain view of every street corner? What amazes me is just how tone deaf the progressives are when it comes to explaining and defending the values they espouse! Without winning the debate on merits or intellectual reasoning, it always comes down to “my way or the highway” approach or the usual tactical default of emotional reasoning! What happened to vigorous debate using logic and reason and coming up with good counter arguments, that can be put to the litmus test, and then bridge the divide through consensus or coalition building where needed? Instead, we get this top-down condescending, nasal gazing, smug pontification from the unearned intellectual and moral superiority only found in mountain-top dwellers. Essentially dictating to us all what we should believe, how we should live, and what is good or desirous in our own private lives? Jonathan Gruber an M.I.T economics professor and guru of the voodoo economics school of Ivory towers (kid you not, that’s an actual ivy league university in somewhere-Ville America) is a classic example of how the progressives have turned all that’s good and golden in America to absolute rubble and dust! Simply by being so brilliant that if you used common sense about the real world statistics on unemployment and economic growth or lack thereof, you would be, laughed out of the faculty lounges at Boston M.I.T where you find these wizards of OZ such as Mr. Gruber! This distinguished professor once bragged about the lack of transparency in debating the merits of the legislation, precisely because he and his fellow intelligentsia cohorts could count on, “the stupidity of the American public.” Folks who can be manipulated into a quagmire of documentable verbiage, the kind that would literally lead to your head exploding, just from trying to grasp any basic common sense as to the purpose of having such a torturously long 3,000 plus paged ObamaCare legislation. Not to be out-done would include close to 30,000 more pages of regulations that tag along! Folks feel the liberty to make up any number of pages that comes to mind, (just not Billions if I may add!), and while doing it toast to some Vodka and orange juice or Coconut Rum and Coke! Monstrosity? Relax folks! We are only talking about bureaucracy on steroids the whole nation would be able to roll a giant weed joint and smoke it, Colorado style! (unfunny on its own merits!). To quote the great stateswoman from California’s 12th District and former speaker of the house of representatives 2007-2011 Democrat Nancy Pelosi; “Let’s pass this affordable health care legislation and then find out later what is all in it!” I mean it was pages upon long pages of legislation, it needed its own wheelbarrow and chauffeur driven minivan. I wonder what compliance with such an atrocious law looks like? And then there was the whopper of the year award from 2009 through to 2011 by the one and only smooth politician from the south side of Chicago by way of Hawaii, the great Commander in briefs; “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period!” Even the dinosaur media outlet the formerly vaunted New York Times gave the “commander in briefs” four (4) Pinocchios! Long nose indeed! Credit to the commander in briefs, he is the ultimate pitchman; looks the part and talks a good game! Nice game to play if you are playing poker, not a good one if you have millions of lives at stake including being at the mercy of your fingertips! Tone deaf or brilliant fiction? May the esteemed jury decide! I can swear upon all my lucky stars “we have only just begun” unravelling this modern day legend we shall call part one of a never-ending saga of fiction sold to the general populace as a “real set of goods”  meant to deliver hope, change and an earthly utopia that only the wizards of smarts  can dream up!


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