2016 Thanks for the Fun ride!

If you took a vacation for Christmas, Chanukah, off-the-grid-hiatus or Winter Solstice, give yourself a round of applause! I just returned from intergalactic travel and back to this parallel universe which is so much fun and we will go through the litany of exhilarating fun factors we all experienced, good, bad and ugly, hey it’s all rock-n-roll fun right? Things that make you sigh, laugh or cry tears of joy or things that make you want to throw rocks at the Television or make use of that nice pitchfork your grandfather gave you as a gift just in case you need it!

The good parts: Thanks to the lame stream media also known as mainstream media for their sloppy non-journalism covering and attempting to circumvent the 2016 elections, from Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and Gubernatorial Elections! This election, especially at the top of the presidential ticket was probably the most fun I have seen in a generation! Divided nation? who cares, spaghetti and meatballs still go together despite the obvious differences! One that pitted a movement of “we the People” versus the machine and elite media people! David versus Goliath. And the dinosaur media had all the chips in their favor and look what happened when folks vote with their feet and half their brains tied behind their backs! Magic!

As President-elect takes the reins of power his cabinet has already taken shape at breakneck speed, it’s like watching adults entering the room to take charge away from the sophomoric college leadership of past administration! A breath of fresh air and more oxygen has entered the arena! Picture Donald Trump inviting adults in the room to smoke cigars, and toast to whiskey while tackling world class affairs that only tough and brilliant minded folks are privileged to handle! It will be an interesting 2017 to watch real world class “deal-makers, movers and shakers” do their thing and a far cry from all the childish and unending adolescent genius holdouts from the 1960’s free love and weed movement!

The bad parts: Listening Ad hominem to Media and unfortunately some elected officials about the politics of personal destruction and nauseating vitriol only befitting a generation of Vultures, rascals with nothing positive to bring into the arena of ideas ( pretending we even had a slight chance to come to the table as grown-ups to jostle and tussle over good ideas!) And may the best man win? This one should be a gradual apology to the young millennials coming of age that the adults in our beloved country let us down massively! Mea Culpa; look deep and learn, sometimes Adults don’t have their zippers on the right side of their pants! The few chosen open minded souls out there will take the mantle and lead us all into a time-tested Arena of common sense and pragmatism before we descend into the swamps of emotional madness! Whatever happened to good Political Theater without unnecessary mudslinging and cynicism? Politics has been muddied and occupied by the lowest forms of human nature? Drowning out even the few best and brightest minds that attempt to dwell in the sewer pipes of power corridors! Can the swamp be drained? Only time will tell!

The Bizzare Parts: The skinny on the reality was, that folks out and about in real America were frustrated beyond measure and have had it with both political parties playing the silly game of “let’s wait our turn and oppose the other side just for the fun of it! And we have had the slow motion speed train called  “the do-nothing Congress” whose approval ratings are in single digits, sixteen years running! And when Congress acts it is always detrimental to the liberties of our free nation. How Bizzare! Lo, and behold an unconventional sledgehammer candidate showed up at the escalators on Trump Tower June 2015!  As soon as I heard him speak I called my favorite family member and she laughed harder than I have ever heard and the echo was even louder in watering holes across the nation including the main echo chamber of all time; mainstream media! How Bizzare! The strangest phenomena manifest itself by watching the mainstream dinosaur media meltdown right before our very eyes while peddling fiction and “fake news” as the real deal! If only the dinosaur media had turned their fake news into a telethon “call in and dial” your vote for your favorite topics such as; “who wants to be a millionaire or the Price is right?” I think the electorate would have been more jazzed up and well informed consuming real news for bragging rights and a handsome prize money? Big money questions such as; “how many cars does ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney drive or own? What religion Is Secretary Hillary Clinton?  How many shoes does Secretary Clinton own in her wardrobe?If Hillary Clinton won the presidency would she drive an armored Pink Cadillac? Would all her secret service agents be badass women like Beyonce’s dancers? What is Donald Trump’s favorite hamburger? Is Donald Trump a meatatarian or Vegetarian?Or is John Podesta, Hillarys right-hand man an alien from Pluto or Jupiter?  Now that’s real news and policy worthy knowledge you can digest and be curious about if it affects you and your families bottom line! How Bizzare!

Final Note: 2016 Incredible year! Happy Blessings, champagne and good fortune for 2017! We shall continue this curious journey into the labyrinth of liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Plenty skirmishes ahead, we are just getting started!


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