Tail End of 2015

Folks sometimes its nice to be unplugged! Take a vacation from reality and zone out into space the wonder of it all, Priceless!

We are fortunate in this advanced class of learning to be limitless unbound and not constrained by the boundaries of time! we can study past, present, future and present future past if such existed in the modern lexicon! I guess i didn’t miss much while gone for a few light years i gather a few highlights that i will segway into here in just a few new york seconds;

Republican are fielding a large number of presidential primary candidates, and i promise not to bore you folks just a quick recap of the stellar list of elder statesmen and women: John Kasich (Ohio) Chris Christie (New Jersey- ‘go jersey boys!”), Rick Santorum (Pennsylvania), Jeb (OMG another Bushy) Bush (Florida), Carly Fiorina (California), Ted Cruz (Texas) Marco Rubio (Florida) Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), George Pataki (New York), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Donald J Trump (New York), Ben Carson (Maryland/Florida), Mike Huckabee (Arkansas), Rand PAul (Kentucky), Rick Perry (Texas), Scott Walker (Wisconsin). I’m almost out of breathe hang tight folks there’s more; The Cincinnati Reds, Kansas city royals, mr and mrs smith, John Adams, Thomas Jamieson, Grant Whiskey, Tony Label, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose Johnson Herbert, Mr and Mrs Napa Valley Jose Cuervo,George Smiley Washington IV, Peter David Brooks, and Naked cowboy (Time Square New York) just to mention the short list:

Democratic side is very sexy i swear upon victoria secret; Martin O’malley (MAryland, DC), Jim Webb (decorated Vet, Virginia/Missouri), Bernie “Grandpa Trotsky” Sanders (not the colonel american, this ones is from peoples republic of Vermont), Hillary “Rod n Ham” Clinton (scandal free zone lady of our time! Illinois/DC insider) and the puppet master to coming to a theater near you soon so please check with ticket master if you haven’t booked a show yet: bring friends and family and have buckets of pop-corn because this will be a debate of the century for both sides Republicans and Democrats! The monikers are Repukelicans and DemonCats (had to get that one off my chest, authenticity is the slogan for 2016)

Now how do you folks like this pristine almost pure wind driven snow type of candidates we have all the above running to be the leaders of the free world or is it the last bastion of whats left of western civilization? The only thing i wish the most was if Forest Gump were running i would scream on top of my lungs “run Forrest Run!” you never know if life’s like a box of chocolate because we are uncertain which Repukelican will come out on top of the crowded field. And we all know once the other side Democrats (typo) have first female political animal in chief, the uncrowned queen of America, Hillary Clinton, how can the political machine make her coronation any easier with only one guy left in the field as we write this letter! Venerable Mr Bernie Sanders admitted socialist a man with no shame whatsover representing the youthful angst and alienation: didnt someone grab hes soccer ball back in middle school and he wants it back now? Its payback time!

Just wishful thinking; can our heavenly over-lords please kindly ever with a cherry on top make the Republicans (typo oops) have a 3 Horse man race maybe 4 man race, ¬†Cruz, Trump, Rubio and Carson so the caucus going folks (“aka” too much time on their hands choose one of the best two candidates) before my head explodes from excitement trying to choose which color brick im going to throw against the Television set? Mama said not to be “pissed off” and just have a bowl of cereal or popcorn and watch this train wreck with Looney Tunes Merry melodies playing in the back ground so every time these clowns and marionettes come on TV it sounds like Duffy duck is speaking, Shhhplendid talk for the ages!” Why does it rain every time Duffy Duck Talks or opens hes mouth? Saved by the Boob Tube….Stay tuned folks it only gets better from here! Adios!

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