Adios Obama! Danke!

For the sake of stagecraft, I will wear a pinstriped Jacket with checkered pants the kind you only see at the country club or Golf tournament that would make the late great Golfer Payne Stewart smile from the stars above us!

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Checkered pants perfect swing!
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How do you like me now?

I would also proceed to wear a magic hat like Cab Calloway, sleek and smooth and do a razzle-dazzle fox trot, Waltz, and Mambo combo at the speed of light while humming to a classic Ray Charles hit song “hit the road jack don’t come back no more!” And yes you guessed right! I live for the applause like the great poetic Queen Lady Gaga strutting her stuff and then breathtakingly incorporating a moon walk ala Michael Jackson my artist hero!  Then top it off with a spin move only James Brown would cut in the middle of the dance floor! A stoic pose, poker face in effect for a minute as the applause rolls in! I’m reminded of what a great guy ex-president Obama really truly is! Freshly cut out from the Chicago political machine with boyish charm and eloquent booming voice, tall light skinned and handsome and relatively unknown Senator from the land of Lincoln, with the wind behind his sail and a crumbling economy what a perfect pitch man to come and swoop the American public off their feet into a stupor of fainting peanut galleries add to the melodrama  an eager complaint Media machine, we all fell for it hook line and sinker; hope was on the way hope and change and what an opportunity this great family guy had to be a modern day honest Abe Lincoln or close to a demand side economics guy like Roosevelt pre-World War II. Obama could have set American course on a trajectory close to what JFK once said “we choose to go to the moon not because it is easy but because it is hard! Because that Challenge is one we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone and intend to win!”  Therefore my fellow Americans Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, My fellow citizens of the world ask not what America will do for you but ask what we can do together for the freedom of mankind!” Imagine the possibilities of such a presidency? I’m gonna miss him maybe not as much as I miss Georgy boy Bush the genius from Texas Loveland, but oh my lord of the fiction gods did we witness the greatest show on this turf we call America! Reminds me of the riveting eloquence and splendid speech by the multi-talented stupendous glamorous iron Lady Merryl Streep!

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You can’t beat this oscar worthy fictional fantasy land! A basking glory away from the harsh realities of a stagnating economy, with the lowest job rate participation since 1940’s. The lowest Black & Latino home Ownership, and highest welfare state recipients across every native ethnicity state by state since late 1960’s grandiose atom bomb known as “the great Society,” increasingly fractured race relations and animosity since the “dogs of war were unleashed on a forgotten dark secret of the American pie (colored folk), a  consistent anemic tepid economic annual growth of 1.5%  that would not lift a bird’s heart rate up if the economic growth was a defibrillator. No rising tide, no boats lifted up from malaise. Emboldened enemies willing to flex their military muscle to taunt and harass our great armed service men and women in the theater of war, thanks to the soft pussy footing policies dubbed “leading from behind!” And after 5 trillion dollars worth of wealth transfer, in the bleeding heart battle cry of “eliminating poverty,” by building a massive Welfare state with no end in sight to benefits for the indigent and able-bodied alike! We currently (2017) have the same poverty levels if not higher (crying shame!) as in 1968 when the huffing puffing smoke of weed was clearing the air at Woodstock! In all fairness, thanks a bunch of million moonshines Mr ex-President for the job well done leaving our great nation in the shiny shambles of great achievement on every measurable metric! It’s no peachy king being President of these united states. I’m sure every American feels the warm and fuzzy sentimentality of seeing you leave so soon; wish we could have installed you as our first mixed race King given that you personally believe the constitution is a living breathing document subject to relative interpretation? In Exchange for a round of Golf, I will debate you for 5 minutes about any topic of my choice when you come back down to earth as an esteemed private citizen! Adios, sir! Vielen Dank! Let me clear my throat before I choke up a few proverbial tears, and while I’m going at it like a pro (don’t cry for me Argentina, I can make Leonardo Dicaprio look like an amateur!) Should I be calling Steven Spielberg for a role in the new twisted drama called “An Officer and A gentleman, Martian Oddessy part 2!”

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