Goodbye General Flynn! Part 1!

When you mix Hyperbole and emotional thinking you end up with a cocktail stew of irrationality and hallucinations! For example, you may read about the Russian “meddling” with our electoral process as hypothesized by the dinosaur media. And then in addition couple, that information with the ousting of a great American Patriot Lt. General Mike Flynn, a national security team advisor to the President, and you guessed right your mind will be in a tizzy! If you as an independent observer noticed a glaring collective amnesia from the Dinosaur media you just won the lottery, bingo! Since the Media and congressional Democrats have been taking a long winded nap that only lasted 2920 days (8 years if you insist on the Math!), they have suddenly out of the blue sky found their mojo and they want it back! Energized like a frenzied pack of sharks smelling blood in the water! Or could it be true that the Media has finally discovered their shrill chihuahua bark after-all?

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Lt. General Mike Thomas Flynn a great American Hero, a key leader in counter-insurgency known as a “hot head” by detractors!

I would like to introduce a new theory to help us understand “why did General Flynn get thrown under the fast moving bus?” Last December 29th the General apparently reached out to Russian counterpart diplomats for a total of five phone calls to discuss Obama era “last minute on the way out of office” sanctions?

Is this a Pandora’s box we may not want to open? I can assume with a degree of confidence how much pained the President must have been to let a loyal brainiac patriot go by the wayside. And for what exactly? We don’t know all the facts just yet? Until we send a party of hound dogs to fish out any smell that may be taking place under the surface. Something smells in Denmark, what exactly it is, is any rational minds guess? Matter of fact; it’s an incoming trend or tradition for an incoming administration to reach out to all the foreign actors and players on the world stage in order to build cooperation and friendships in the scheme of national security. Did Lt. General Flynn “forget” to disclose the warm and cordial conversations he had with a Russian Diplomat to vice president Pence, and including allegedly the FBI in interview transcripts?

Lt. General Flynn a masterful intelligence officer at a world stage! Who is the guy to his left? Is that king Vladimir?

And if so why would he forget such a “minor detail” as accomplished and smart as he is, you don’t get to be a General in any field unless you have some serious pedigree for the most part? Could there be another angle to this? say a mole from a past administration or an entrenched bureaucrat in the Whitehouse or other intelligence outlets who is hell-bent on embarrassing the incoming administration as it tries to find its footing in this insane “heavily politicized” environment? There seemingly appears to be some dark forces embedded inside and outside the colossal structure and almost beyond the purview and control of President Trump! Whatever the case, it seems there are plenty cockroaches still operating in the crevices of power around the Whitehouse and elsewhere which cannot be a good thing! We now telegraph all our national security secrets and or tactics thanks to the malcontents in the power structures including the dinosaur media? How can you defeat any foe if you reveal your hand and leave all cards on the table? Even your average Gambler knows; The secret to survival is knowing when to play a certain hand, when to run and when to walk away when the deal is done! I’m all for transparency and more free speech but when it comes to national security I would rather big brother government does it quietly since we know they spy on us which is a violation of the constitution, case in point: Amendment 4 under search and seizure ratified December 15th, 1791; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” However, Big Brother Government with stringent congressional and judicial oversight, I’m fine with a thorn in my buttocks in conjunction with a little covert activity in the name of security. And not a blank check as we all know what happens when you give a mortal man unquestionable and unlimited power? it corrupts even the best among us absolutely? “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” A  quote attributed to English man political and Historian writer John Emerich Dalberg Acton. Before I conclude this first chapter of the insider’s guide to power struggle saga, I should note that there was once upon a time two candidates who were intent on a Russian Reset button, to signal good Rock & Roll times between the super powers. Using a Russian Cyrillic alphabet word meaning “reset” as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov smiled approvingly. And not to be outdone starting

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March 6th 2009, New Secretary of State Hillary Clinton excited about a Russian Reset button code named “Peregruzka”

in 2012 when the great Massachusets former Governor and extraordinary businessman who is now known for his “choking candidacy”  Mr. Mitt Romney, had a failure to launch and cross the finishing line against a real amateur in charge of a fiction based Administration. Meantime President Trump has assembled a world-class team of experts and real world accomplished people around him and he will still have a long steep learning curve in his presidency and he is off to a great start, shaky at times but this is something new and robust only time will tell how effective he governs as honeymoon has already ended and credit to him he has hit the road running! National Security is another animal, he better tread carefully and do a complete and thorough house cleaning, a thorough cleansing from the middle to top and let his middle managers in these bureaucracies handle the bottom ranks who usually tend to be loyal nationalist and hard working patriots who put their lives on the line in defense of liberty and our constitution! The only thing that boggles the mind is why do we need all of these alphabet agencies numbering anywhere between 15-17 at last count? Who are these organization accountable to? Any chance this could be duplicity at its best? wherein each organization does the very exact same thing the next one’s doing and there is no overlap? I’m still scratching my 3 hairs on my head! What happened to just a half-dozen spy agencies who can deliver the goods? My guess is we will find out in due course if ever possible? Contrast President Trumps team and selection of advisors to the recent past administration? You literally had a guy who was writing fiction and rose to prominence in the last administration at about the same level of national security advisor as this decorated war intelligence strategist General that has just been wired tapped and tripped up in a bizarre maze of conniving legacy hunters. What legacy is being preserved here? Who is trying to maintain the fictional digital age diplomacy that made sure our vicious foes become emboldened and stronger than ever while we Americans shrink on the world stage? Say thanks to Mr dude factor himself, Ben Rhodes! The millennial appeal that the last Administration surrounded itself with, real world geniuses and policy wonks! Once you get into the maze of intricate foreign and domestic policy craftsmanship you start to see just how potent the political onion is, and don’t be shy to whip out a personal handkerchief while analysing the chicanery, you are left with only one soothing remedy besides a tall hard grey goose vodka on the rocks, it’s just hysterically funny if not scary!

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Ben Rhodes a media darling and former National security advisor with great experience in fictional matters, feel more secure now?
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Only In America can you go from fictional writer to National Security Advisor to Most powerful executive office on the planet!



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