Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

Russian collusion is a new dirty word! Probably stronger than the ones you have heard about at your playground. The kind of dirty words that would make your grandma wash your mouth with soap detergent! The Dinosaur Media is apoplectic! They keep chasing their own tails and want all of us to buy into this semi-insane phony baloney nexus of Russian meddling into our electoral process, with a puppet master control that would give Houdini the hives for its flawless execution! Could it be true we have a Russian agent in control of the White house? Nikita Khrushchev must be doing the Macarena! Talk about wild dreams coming true! Who needs a “cold war” when you can hack into an election system and upset the balance of power from within without firing a shot! Must be the greatest coup-de-tat known to mankind! The formerly state-sponsored media news spin cycles take me back to the memory of seeing a raging stray dog from the junk yard. And this Junk Yard dog having had a puff of narcotics blown into its nostrils while the puppet master held it in a headlock and covered it in a box full of smoke! Stay out of the path of a raging junkyard dog. Unpretty site to behold! The state sponsored media and their webmasters, including their fellow travelers, have joined the chorus. Chief among them, disappointingly, are Bona Fide actual officially and duly elected Democratic Party leaders. A comical charade worthy of Chicago style popcorn while the Ferris wheel keeps spinning out of control! The only question is how many clowns are in charge of this circus? Can we smell a major comeback for the Wringling Brothers who have been run out of town by the over-zealous animal rights nincompoops? It is times such as these, that requires us to apply our sacred star dust, lab, and time-tested scientific formula P3B3 = CmX     in search of reason and evidence enabling us to follow the lead of the bouncing ball? Where is the proof? And where is the pudding? From what we know and from what we don’t know! Donald Rumsfeld famously said: “There are known, knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns, that is to say, we know there are things we do not know! But there also unknown, unknowns, the ones we don’t know, we don’t  know!” Tongue twisting lesson during “Shock and Awe” Press briefing.”

Can we get this Russia story burning, much as we would the midnight oil? In the process giving full credence to the dinosaur media and allow for them to sit in a safe corner somewhere, wherein they can take a chill pill and enjoy a little time-out with a preferred Kool-aid drink! Meanwhile, simultaneously, nature completes a full cycle of natural selection that leads to extinction! I would implore the media to keep taking their kool-aid drinks as mother nature will do her thing! As extinction overruns them, the rest of us will adapt to the new world environment! Without getting too far into the weeds we shall indulge ourselves with an inquisition the last of which was seen only during the Salem Witch hunting trials! Before a packed jury of peers and the honorable Judge Common Sense, Sharp Wit-Smith from the supreme court of public opinions, Northern district court of appeals in the city of reality and the hinterlands, USA. Ladies and Gentlemen prepare to sit in this packed courtroom, also known as the Government Media bubble, while the case against President Donald J Trump and his Russia connections is prosecuted by the media and its cohorts, enjoy the charade:

Court of Arms Sargent reads the dossier and file on hand.

Plaintiff versus the Defendant as follows:

The Russians, Dinosaur Media, and the Democrats {Plaintiffs} versus

“We the People” and President Donald J Trump.

SARM (Sargent at arms) proceeds to inform the court;

“All rise; The Honorable Judge Common Sense Sharp Wit-Smith presides in the courtroom!”

“Please be seated folks”:

“The Case against a duly elected president Donald J Trump as presented by the Dinosaur media and their party bosses and allies the Democrats!”

“And on behalf of the People of the united States of America is scientist and attorney without portfolio at large Mr. Caveman!”

Honorable Judge proceeds to ask the plaintiff, in this case, Dinosaur Media: “We are gathered today to hear the case against a duly elected President whose legitimacy is in question due to Media obsessions and assertions that The President of these United States Colluded with the help of the Russians to steal the election and also get him elected to the most prestigious and high office of the land as leader of the free world?” Present your facts, Counselor Wolf Blitzer and madam Rachel Maddow on behalf of the plaintiffs?”

Counselor Wolf Blitzer stepped up to the podium and implores the honorable Judge, the jury and gallery at large to simply watch and follow the video evidence herein transcribed and heavily documented through the most pristine reliable media outlet CNN. New York Times and other alphabet channels etc.

Exhibit A:

Jake Tapper at CNN anchor dude; ” CNN has learned in the past that unnamed Intelligence officials had provided an intelligence briefing to President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald  J Trump about claims to compromise President-Elect Trump and was information provided as part of the intelligence briefings regarding Russian efforts to undermine US elections and we have been working on this story with many of my colleagues such as Jim Shodo, Evan Perez, and Carl Bernstein. Let me invite my friend Jim Shodo to the stage to walk us through what we learned?”  Mr. Jim Shodo to the podium please; SARM (Sargent at Arms): “Place your hand on the Bible. Do you solemnly swear, to tell the truth, and nothing but the whole truth? And so help me God? repeat after me; I do!”

Jim Shodo: “I do!” Thank you, your honor, for letting me testify”

” I Wanna be very precise here, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings told CNN that classified documents that Russian interference in the 2016 US election presented in the last weeks of President Obamas Presidency and to President-Elect Trump included allegations that Russian Operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr, Trump. The allegations were part of a 2-page synopsis that was composed of memos compiled by former British Intelligence Operatives whose past work US official intelligence officers considered credible. The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of the allegations which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but the FBI has not confirmed many of the essential details in the memos about Mr, Trump. The Classified documents from past weeks were presented by four of the senior-most intelligence chiefs, that is Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. This 2-page synopsis also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump Surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian Government. This according to national Security officials. However, we could not confirm if the documents were discussed in those meetings with those intelligence chiefs. The Trump transition team declined to comment at the time and so did the director of national Intelligence.”

And the Honorable Judge Common Sense wit-Smith interjected after the 5-minute testimony: “Thank you for your testimony any other witnesses willing to testify? bring the whole crew so we can hurry up as there are many extra pressing cases still pending and its only 9.30 am EST.

Exhibit B:

“Your Honor another witness and media personality  at CNN Fareed Zakaria (Host of GPS show):

Fareed Zakaria; During the campaign, Donald Trump otherwise seeming to be a hardline Republican on Foreign policy and accusing the world of always getting the better of the United States. Accusing our allies of outfoxing us, accusing the Chinese of raping us, accusing everybody and every country is bad except Russia. He only had nice words to say about Russia and how he wants to get on. Then we have the Puzzle where people allege business ties to Russia and he won’t reveal or release his taxes. We know Donald Trump does not pay much in Taxes and we know he doesn’t give much to charity,  these would not be a revelation! Paul Manifort a Trump campaign chairman works for a pro-Russian Puppet Ukrainian President. That Guy is now in exile in Russia. Leaks that come out of  Ukraine that said Paul Manifort was paid cash money by the Russian Intelligence service. Then we start to learn that General Flynn made five phone calls to the Russian Ambassador to talk to him about Obama sanctions on Russia! The chance that Mike Flynn would be freelancing and doing work with the Russians without Donald Trump knowledge is highly unlikely! There does seem to be some kind of contact between the Russians and Donald Trump. Why is Donald Trump soft on Russia? He is tough with everyone else.

Don Lemon, prime-time anchor at CNN screams while proceedings are going on:

“Does Donald Trump owe the Russians money?”

“Order in the court, please! Your turn to talk will be honored when you are called to speak!” Judge Wit-Smith firmly slammed his gavel on plywood that sounded like a 40-lbs barrel crate fall on a concrete floor!” Mr. Don Lemon please proceed with all due respect to the court and your peers”

Don Lemon: “here is some brief transcript of what was said during the Don Lemon show”:  “So far the connection to Russia seems to be more smoke without a fire”  Latest example was this bank in Russia and a computer server is all this just noise? Don Lemon asks Fareed Zakaria.  “Like you have said maybe there’s more smoke and no fire” Fareed responds. The other guest former Russsian Ambassador Alexander Vershbow on the Don lemon show I quote again ” Ambassador does Fareed have a point here? ” At this point, we should only be concerned or be suspicious of Trumps Policy towards Russia than anything else, because I don’t see anything nefarious at this point and there is no proof otherwise. Including all these bizarre contacts and computer server connections. We can look into that but there is no there, there.

At the tail end of the Don Lemon show the host the Midas touch by CNN standards asks the question to Ambassador Alexander Vershbow: ” Why is it that President Trump has an affinity with Russia?’ Ambassador Vershbow replied: “It’s a mystery to me and I think a few things ring true; Putin is a decisive leader and a strong man and has no checks and balances and no real parliament to answer to and another theory of the Steve Bannon analysis of the world. A kind of clash of civilizations: Battle between good and evil, for president Trump and Steve Bannon, Russia is on the side of angels because it is a conservative country fighting political correctness against LGBT issues. So there is some affinity there that I don’t fully understand.”

“Is that all the evidence you have on the prosecution side?” Judge Wit-Smith counsels the court proceeding while looking at the prosecution bench with an intense brow and eye contact.

Exhibit C:

The House intelligence committee Democrat from the 15th district of California Mr. Eric Swalwell claimed according to his interview on CNN with Jake Tapper, quote: ” That Russia attacked our democracy in June of 2016 is part of public record. And then a Trump campaign foreign policy advisor and surrogate Carter Page a month later with explicit permission traveled to Russia, and that is another critical piece of evidence. Right now the questions are; what were the personal and campaign ties that President Trump had with Russia? And we wanted to piece the puzzle together in an unclassified manner so the public can follow along and also see the influence that has taken place.” Jake Tapper confidently asks: “Is there any evidence of wrongdoing or actual collusion?” Swalwell responds: “We are undergoing an investigation right now. And the pledge from the chairman and that we will follow the evidence. Are we allowed to interview every witness, particularly Carter Page and Roger Stone and others involved in the Trump Campaign? Will we be able to see the Presidents Tax-returns? That will tell us a great deal about the Presidents dealings with Russia. It is in the Presidents interests to clear the cloud around these controversies.” Jake Tapper: “What will you do if you can’t prove anything more than just a coincidence or at the very least if you can’t prove anything more than the guy who met with Russian officials was the head of Exxon Mobil (Mr. Rex Tillerson) and dealt with a country that had a lot of oil. And also that a guy whose son in law Gerald Kusner met with one of many ambassadors?” Swalwell continues: “Then I would say it’s bad judgment that the President wants to embrace a country where it’s still pretty clear that they attacked us. But as far as if there were any ties, that is what we want to run down right now. Our Intelligence community has said with full confidence that wiki-leaks worked with the Russians to disseminate information that was hacked. Roger Stone said in the past that more leaks were coming in the future during election campaigns. Here is another individual we need to know more and investigate what his connections were with the Russians.”

Judge Wit-Smith looks to the defense Attorney: Approach the bench or offer your statement Mr. Caveman?

“Your Honor thank you, and my evidence will speak for itself in the form of simple questions that the jury, the audience and the gallery at large can digest and come to their own intelligent conclusions!

Defense Exhibits 1-15

Exhibits presented as bullet points with context, follow-up inquiry and not to be outdone, rhetorical questions:

  1. What do we know already in the public domain about Russian aggressive maneuvers internationally when it comes to flexing its military muscles in Ukraine and meddling in the Middle east?
  2. Did the Ex-President Obama transition team meet with any foreign Ambassadors or government officials in the 2009 transfer of power? yes including meeting Russian officials and Diplomats!
  3. Did former Secretary Hillary Clinton, insist on a Russian reset and meet not just with Russian ambassadors or Foreign Minister but also reached out to Vladimir Putin himself?
  4. What ex-President was caught up in a “Hot Mic” incidence regarding Russians and brokering a deal with them for future cooperation?
  5. Did the democrat front runner in 2016 Presidential elections and then coronated winner who challenged then-candidate Donald Trump to 3 debates, come under the scrutiny of the FBI for investigations on the Clinton Foundation?
  6. Which past official under the Obama Administration sold 15% of American Uranium in Kahzhakstan to the Russians. Should we thank this ex-higher up official in the last administration for more Nuclear proliferation? As if we don’t have enough armaments problems in the world?
  7. The Husband of a very high-ranking member of the Obama Administration pocketed a handsome cash payment for consultation fees from Russia! was it for speeches or sale of precious access to a charitable foundation? Maybe a fee for selling precious metals?
  8. How many current serving members of the house senators and congressmen and women have met with Russian officials while still serving in office past or present day? Off the top of my head here is the list:
  9. Claire McCaskill, Democrat-Missouri Senator
  10. Chuck Schumer, Democrat Majority Senator New York
  11. Barber Boxer, Democrat Senator from California
  12. Diane Feinstein, Democrat CongressWoman San-Fransisco
  13. Your Honor before my last point is made. These Russian collusion allegations are without merit and filled with hear-say political, gossip, innuendo and machinations that are quite frankly a waste of tax payer money! The media and all their cohorts including elected officials that are still extolling the virtues of this charade and farce are doing the American public and civil discourse a major disservice. Is it fair to teach our younger generation that vices such as slander, deceit, vitriol and intellectual dishonesty are virtues to be pursued? Or is our world so twisted that these vices are now flipped into virtue? Are we better served by the best among us to fight back and to push back against smug arrogance, pomposity, outlandish false narratives and tyrannical group think?
  14.  Lastly but not the least your Honor, yours truly the caveman. Do hereby admit to ordering plenty of Vodka from Russia just in case we run out of liquor at your local liquor store when America invades Russia for a ground offensive or uses drones to cripple supplies coming out of Russia, creating shortages of good supplies of any Russian beverages! If you listen to the testimonies of Democrat members of the house and high level ranking party operatives and their best informants and propagandist, the Dinosaur Media outlets such as NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and The Washington Post just to mention a few. It is very clear that this is a declaration of war and your honor I don’t want to be caught up in world war IV as we are currently in a silent world-war III as we deliberate on these very serious national security proceedings!
  15. Therefore, your Honor, I rest my case in  defense and in favor of “we the people”

The Honorable Judge Wit-Smith rules after a brief recess of 5 minutes and looking at the facts and evidence of the case: “After careful review of all the facts in the case, this is a case with serious implications and ramifications. It’s with great gravity and adherence to pure legitimate jurisprudence for the past or current administrations. I Hope we do not devolve into a banana Republic and it is my duty and honor and privilege and sworn oath to issue this judgement: All members of the media and prosecution team and all elements therein including all their fellow travellers and puppet masters, must be issued oscar and tony award wining participation trophies that must include a Pony! This directive must be paid for by the parent company of CNN, any parent sponsor organization and or their affiliates. This so orders the court! The Verdict in favor of the defendants! Case closed! “The court is now dismissed” SARM (Sargent at arms); “All rise, the court has completed its session and next case is up: Jefferson versus Ferguson domestic fencing dispute is in session. You are now free to leave the courtroom!”










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