Hate Crimes Bill Passed by Senate panel

This one will be pretty darn easy folks, we won’t need to apply our magic formula and suffice to say today’s lab analysis will end with some simple investigatory questions!

A quote from Journal Gazette Metro section (Wednesday, January 27, 2016); Indiana would recognize hate crimes for the first time under a bill approved by a Senate panel Tuesday. Lagrange Republican Sen. Sue Glick offered Senate Bill 220, which would allow judges to consider the motivation behind a crime as a reason for giving a harsher sentence. “we think its important and significant enough to enhance the penalty” she said. “This sends a message to those individuals that we will not tolerate it in our society.” Glick later added that “it isn’t about a persons words, its about actions and their evil intent” Ok before i bring in the last portion of this intellectual gem of biblical breathtaking proportions I need a cup of coffee, black with no sugar,┬áso I can imbibe and celebrate why in the name of Sam Hill, I can’t seem to understand this mixture of horse manure and cow dung to combine for a good harvest in the garden of political gymnastics!! Please help enlighten me as I ask one pertinent question; When anybody or person commits a crime, or a violation of others property, space, and possessions, is that a crime of love or is that a crime of hate? When a particular person, whatever their background, if they commit a crime and violate another human being, male or female, are they doing it (crime) with altruistic intentions? Does this perpetrator have very good intentions “aka” Robin Hood fame? As for you the victim standing in the way, and it just so happens to be the right place, wrong person and wrong time? Something smells like rotten potatoes in the sacred corridors of the intellectual hallways. Sadly those are the power corridors we call local state house senates and lets not even talk about the main senate house chamber in Washington D.C we don’t want to start puking here, this is a friendly lab show not a hot dog eating contest as in Coney Island New York during summer time! My issues with “Hate Crime legislation” is almost similar to leaning towards the great unearned moral superiority of the Theocratic states such as Ayatollah Controlled Iran or the Provincial Hogwash leadership of the Taliban in Afghanistan; where you will be policed based on your intent or simply put they have a literal “Thought Police” department! Last i checked having bad thoughts or evil thoughts is not a crime but once you act on those evil thoughts chances are you will be in some hot potato soup! A crime is a crime regardless of intent and society should rise up and roundly soundly punish any perpetrator, and we have done this in eons past so why not continue the trend. Duh! Hello, common sense? Where are you when we need thee? And drums roll for the last portion of the newspaper; “the aggravator could be applied if the person committed the offense with the intent to harm or intimidate an individual because of the persons, race, religion, color, sex, gender, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, transgender status or status as a veteran or member of the armed forces.” in conclusion the powers that be forgot the following classification: Midgets, dwarfs, Snow white, Drunken Sailors, Single Dads who work for the Government, small business Moms, Crossing Guards, Clowns, Circus Janitors and also the temptations, the Four Tops, Madonna, Rolling Stones and certainly Vanilla Ice! And if anyone got left out they should kindly ring the doorbell (ding Dong!) “Is anybody home?” Beam me up Scotty, and send the mothership to an intelligent planet!!

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