Unmasking Crickets and Scandals

What do crickets, scandals, and Susan Rice have in common?

If your guess is as good as mine, that powerful political theater and media malfeasance makes for a smelly day in Denmark! Something stinks in Washington DC! If you thought for a New York second that we are living in an alternative universe where unicorns smoke cigars and can read Chinese Mandarin using a specially encrypted code provided by the Dinosaur Media Incorporated, you are closer to clarity than the deep end of darkness!

The Dinosaur Media has proved once again how crickets can be taught to sing Kum-ba-ya better than the Brooklyn Orchestra Choir could sing at any event while the Media bobble heads direct and conduct the concert! The Dinosaur Media is determined to pull the wool over our eyes?  Why? To give their corporate puppet masters enough time to cover up incompetence and desire for more ruling power! It’s not about letting the citizens pursue happiness and liberty as they freely choose but it is all about more centralized power for the elite to manipulate and control the population because the elites know better how your individual lives should be managed! They are the wizards of smarts don’t forget that factor out there in the hinterlands!

Since the inauguration of the new President on January 20th, 2017, the Dinosaur Media has obsessed with a “nothing Burger” over the Trump/Russian connection narrative, which by any measure of independent observation, leads any rational sane mind to these following facts: (a) All the Russian plus Trump team stories have little to no evidence and are a total distraction from real world stories. (b) a cover up of a scandal if you connect all the unfolding dots of information. A raging fire of a scandal of biblical proportions, i.e It is much easier to cross the red sea on dry ground while water is suspended 200 feet in the air! Than it is to ignore so many obvious leads that have nothing to do with Rabbit holes, and (c) Susan Rice a former national Security appointee under the last administration, is a walking, talking scandal that the media has suddenly conspicuously become hushed and silent about. Oh! Well, they are already coming to her defense before all the facts are out and “unmasked?”

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Susan Rice NSC Official in Obama Administration
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Curious George? Is that Gen Flynn and Susan Rice hmmm intriguing?

In light of all the white noise in the media news cycle, I have a few rhetorical and investigative questions to ask myself. Doing the dirty hard job the media won’t do themselves.

Was President Trump spot on when he called out the “fake news media” during the 2016 Presidential election campaign including today as an ongoing saga?

Could it be possible that the last Administration used the Intelligence community to gather information against political opponents?

Is it possible that we had a spy-in-chief instead of a commander-in-chief? And is it a valid assumption that Susan Rice is a political animal who is on record having lied us into a war with Libya? Illegal warrantless surveillance and “wire-tapping” of American citizens. It is exactly what it is, Illegal! And an Abuse of power!

Are top secrets fodder for water cooler chatter in political halls of congress and the Media circles? And are we as citizens safe when top officials use government power to obtain private and sensitive information willy nilly?

And by the way Ms. Susan Rice, what role does integrity, truth telling and ethics play in positions of power and public trust? Do ethics act as an essential catalyst to executing your job in a professional and honorable manner while maintaining your integrity and that of the folks you have sworn to serve?

There is a saying in Texas; “there’s no smoke without fire?”  What if anything is the Dinosaur media hiding by hoodwinking the American people? What is to be gained in engineering the Hokey-Dokey?

Who is this Susan Rice lady? Is this the same Susan Rice that went on National Television outlets in 2012 and claimed that the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi Libya were inspired 100% by a vile despicable online Youtube Video by some unknown Islamophobic punk in California?

Is it possible that the last regime in power from 2009-2016, had weaponized every department, from Justice Dept, Intelligence Comunity (crying shame!),  Department of Defence (making the Marines walk a day in High Heels! As part of sensitivity training. Not funny and I don’t know how ladies can pull off this miracle of physical balance!), IRS (targeting Conservative tea party groups)?

Not only did the last administration weaponize the Internal revenue Service (IRS) to go after political opponents and try to silence them by asking intrusive questions such as; “what kind of prayers do you conduct, during your meetings?” Can you supply a copy of the exact words used in your prayers and private group meetings? Such inquiry was conducted by a high-ranking member of the IRS and a committed Left-wing activist Lois Lerner. And more stuff like making the Tea Party groups wait almost 2 years in order to obtain approval to operate as registered 501(c) non-profit organizations. Case in point the “True the Vote” Tea Party offshoot which was sued in Texas and other southern states by Democrats for alleged “voter intimidation” when in fact this group only asked for non-partisan election monitoring volunteers at election polls? When did independent monitoring of elections become a scary proposition and intimidation if voters have nothing to hide? Every election and polling station has representatives from each political party and independent observers. the question begs the answer! In the same vein is it possible that dead people, unregistered voters, illegal immigrants and multiple county voters who vote in more than one precinct could be intimidated and ask for protection from Democratic Party Apparatus?

Can a nation really be strong and be a visionary leader of the free world, if it has political operatives in every professional organization including the Intelligence community where so many leaks occur?

Is it plausible the Intelligence Community is the designated scapegoat for political machinations engineered by a fervent Saul Alinsky alumni and true believer, the community organizer from the land of lincoln? One such tactic from the rules for radicals is the use of “projection”, meaning, accuse your intended target of exactly what you know you are guilty of doing! Isolate, attack, and impune the character of your intended target!

There is a whole lot of mounting evidence in the “unmasking”  saga in the coming days and weeks ahead! It is like peeling an onion and every layer brings more tears and heartburn! Stay tuned folks we will go where the media doesn’t want us to go for the great “unmasking” with eyes wide shut!

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