New World Order under Trump (day # 83!)

Seven and half days ago as President Trump sat across from Chinese Leader Xi Jiping having most likely a sumptuous meal, American forces were dropping 59 Toma-Hawk Missiles on a Syrian air force base! World War 3? Since the Syrian government under dictator Bashir-Al-Asad are a client state of the Russians this could easily escalate into a very long nasty protracted warfare and Americans are weary of interventionalist regime change policies especially in the quicksands of the middle-east.

To his credit, this is a more muscular America that the world stage has been waiting for the last 8 years and counting! Support the mission or not these are the red lines that were crossed by our enemies and the last fictional administration did absolutely zilch, zero, nada to enforce international standards set forth by the civilized world when it comes to using and deployment of biological and chemical weapons.

Drums of war are not what most decent folks want as a policy but it seems that the world is increasingly a dangerous place and the only response befitting a chaotic world is the use or threat of military force as the front of the spear when it comes to diplomacy! Like it or not history has taught us that Military force is the first part of diplomacy! Unfortunately “talks” and talking tough as had been tried a time or two in the past has yielded a big fat zero and as a result, we all live in a tenuous, precarious, unsafe world! And here comes the new President of the United States with an aggressive posture and first class deliverable message; that America is back in charge and will not tolerate other rogue nations threatening the global peace order or indirectly threatening the US. To quote president Trump’s usual mantra “Not gonna happen anymore!” I don’t have presidential daily briefings and I’m not the leader of the free world, but I do trust this president is making the best strategic decision to roll the dice in our favor! Mr. President good luck and may the force be with thee! With this muscular approach, the President is playing 3D chess and has now earned a few bargaining chips on the world stage to deal with the other hot spots such as North Korea and the Iran/Syria/Russia nexus of perfect storms. I do not envy the position of President of the USA but we certainly elected the right candidate with the energy to deal with this sordid mess globally! I pray that the rest of the civilized world wakes up and realizes that we are living in a new world order.  Top of the list priority entails dealing with domestic issues from a smart forward thinking standpoint and confronting the real global threat of Radical Islam, not global warming as our friends on the left would have us all believe! We have an existential cultural war against a virulent virus ideology that will consume mankind if we in the western world do not commit to a return to basic natural law and moral authority based on Judea/Christian Philosophy. If we continue down this self-inflicted suicidal pathway practicing cultural Marxism and political correctness, it won’t take our enemies five generations to conquer the west. In a span of two generations, we will be sitting on doomsday within our lifetimes (50 years to be precise if you like the warm fuzzy Math!)

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