New World Order under Trump (day # 83!)

Seven and half days ago as President Trump sat across from Chinese Leader Xi Jiping having most likely a sumptuous meal, American forces were dropping 59 Toma-Hawk Missiles on a Syrian air force base! World War 3? Since the Syrian government under dictator Bashir-Al-Asad are a client state of the Russians this could easily escalate into a very long nasty protracted warfare and Americans are weary of interventionalist regime change policies especially in the quicksands of the middle-east.

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Democrats set a dangerous constitutional crisis

The Democrats in the Senate just blew themselves up with a grenade meant for the Republicans on a Supreme Court confirmation hearing? Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has finally given in to the dark forces of their base! Setting a low bar precedence is not a becoming endeavor for any true statesman and patriotic defender of the constitution. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves and therein lies the problem, shameless cowardice is their Modulus Operandi. Weak leaders who wear the badge of incompetence and shame with a gleeful pride. Sad day in America! These are the folks who can not do their rightful job! Sitting on the bench and sucking one’s thumbs or throwing a temper tantrum is something that only a kindergartener can do with childish innocence, but, we live in an adult world?

Judge Neil Gorsuch, a fine outstanding scholarly legal mind was up for a vote and all the Democrats had to do was supply 8 senators to join the Republicans on a bipartisan confirmation hearing, thus giving president Trump his first executive accomplishment.  And a balance of the supreme court in the same vein. Trading a conservative associate Judge for the same type or similar Judge. And why the Dems don’t get this through their thick partisan skulls behoofs me as a real world neanderthal! Republicans hold a senate majority 52-48 against the Democrats. This was a vacancy left open due to the untimely death of Supreme Court legend Antonin Scalia. An opportunity for the Dems to show magnanimity and save this legislative battle for another day when they will truly need to push back or pretend they can challenge the Republicans agenda going forward. Honorable statesman tactics they knoweth not in politics. Alas, the nation suffers from a one-party state machinations with no counter balance and aspirational vision, we are left to political chicanery and shenanigans. Opposition for the sake of opposition is a theater worthy of well-trained Kangaroos that refuse to be tamed for the next circus!

What happens now in the near future if President Trump nominates another possibly two supreme court associate justices to fill in the vacancies that are more than likely to happen? Will the Dems enjoy sitting on the sidelines while the governing party Republicans use the nuclear option each time to avoid a filibuster to the vote? What a disservice they are doing to the national political discourse! Shredding the time-tested constitution into confetti to score cheap political points for any expediency is an injustice that the perpetrators, in this case, the Democrats should pay for dearly at the next ballot box and beyond! The American people deserve better than this bunch of shameless lip service charlatans. Do the Democrats want to join forces with the Green Party and just call themselves the New Democratic Green Party (DGP) or better yet Green Socialist Democrat Party (GSDP). That would make a whole lot of practical sense. True primary colors as they are constructed from top to bottom, with no pretenses. Only true authenticity! Buyer be aware! You know what you are buying into everytime you decide to vote for the Dems or the GSDP! And on the flip side, the Republicans can re-brand themselves as the New Democratic-Republicans! (DRP), since they can’t seem to govern when they have legitimately earned power and have been given the green light by “we the people”? Republicans own all the levers of power for effective and total governance and can execute without any help from the Democrats in all practicality. Yet the Republicans can’t even bring any bills worth writing home about on the Presidents desk and it is day 78 out of the first 100 days? We don’t need a plate full of Linguine for lunch, where is the real grass fed beef in the legislative sandwich?When are we going to have a true binary choice for the electorate? May time have mercy on all of us!

Unmasking Crickets and Scandals

What do crickets, scandals, and Susan Rice have in common?

If your guess is as good as mine, that powerful political theater and media malfeasance makes for a smelly day in Denmark! Something stinks in Washington DC! If you thought for a New York second that we are living in an alternative universe where unicorns smoke cigars and can read Chinese Mandarin using a specially encrypted code provided by the Dinosaur Media Incorporated, you are closer to clarity than the deep end of darkness!

The Dinosaur Media has proved once again how crickets can be taught to sing Kum-ba-ya better than the Brooklyn Orchestra Choir could sing at any event while the Media bobble heads direct and conduct the concert! The Dinosaur Media is determined to pull the wool over our eyes?  Why? To give their corporate puppet masters enough time to cover up incompetence and desire for more ruling power! It’s not about letting the citizens pursue happiness and liberty as they freely choose but it is all about more centralized power for the elite to manipulate and control the population because the elites know better how your individual lives should be managed! They are the wizards of smarts don’t forget that factor out there in the hinterlands!

Since the inauguration of the new President on January 20th, 2017, the Dinosaur Media has obsessed with a “nothing Burger” over the Trump/Russian connection narrative, which by any measure of independent observation, leads any rational sane mind to these following facts: (a) All the Russian plus Trump team stories have little to no evidence and are a total distraction from real world stories. (b) a cover up of a scandal if you connect all the unfolding dots of information. A raging fire of a scandal of biblical proportions, i.e It is much easier to cross the red sea on dry ground while water is suspended 200 feet in the air! Than it is to ignore so many obvious leads that have nothing to do with Rabbit holes, and (c) Susan Rice a former national Security appointee under the last administration, is a walking, talking scandal that the media has suddenly conspicuously become hushed and silent about. Oh! Well, they are already coming to her defense before all the facts are out and “unmasked?”

Image result for susan rice
Susan Rice NSC Official in Obama Administration
Image result for susan rice
Curious George? Is that Gen Flynn and Susan Rice hmmm intriguing?

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Trumps first 100 Days (Day # 76!)

An impressive fact is that we have a business-friendly President who has passed the rigorous test of surviving and being a successful entrepreneur in the free market! This President understands small business people, entrepreneurs, and workers! The perfect change agent needed to save us all from the Washington DC madness swamp of endless regulations. In 2015 alone, federal regulations cost the American economy more than $2 trillion. That is why the President has proposed a moratorium on new federal regulations and is ordering the heads of federal agencies and departments to identify job-killing regulations that should be repealed or eliminated entirely. Play that funky music again!

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Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

Russian collusion is a new dirty word! Probably stronger than the ones you have heard about at your playground. The kind of dirty words that would make your grandma wash your mouth with soap detergent! The Dinosaur Media is apoplectic! They keep chasing their own tails and want all of us to buy into this semi-insane phony baloney nexus of Russian meddling into our electoral process, with a puppet master control that would give Houdini the hives for its flawless execution! Could it be true we have a Russian agent in control of the White house? Nikita Khrushchev must be doing the Macarena! Talk about wild dreams coming true! Who needs a “cold war” when you can hack into an election system and upset the balance of power from within without firing a shot! Must be the greatest coup-de-tat known to mankind! Continue reading Russia Collusions, Proof! Media Dirty word Obsessions

The First 100 days! (Day #55)

President Trump! It feels good to be able to say that in this beautiful nation of ours! We finally put an energizer bunny in the white house to work for “we the people!” Refreshing as that may sound let’s look at the few of many things that the top executive of our Federalist society has accomplished or set to accomplish in his first 100 days in office!

This is day number 55!! And it’s already an electric slide I call “fantastic voyage!” The man is not afraid to tackle what is arguably a systemic mess from domestic policy, foreign policy and dealing with the “deep State” or as uncle fast Jimmy would say back in the day; A house with too many Bore weevils interwoven in the federal bureaucratic leviathan! President Trump keep the sunlight shining on these meandering corners of power! If you could use a chainsaw and weed whacker we have plenty of spares and if you need extra reinforcement to keep cutting the size and scope of the federal Government! Refer to rules for change agents, number 3; “Drain the swamp!” Continue reading The First 100 days! (Day #55)

Goodbye General Flynn! Part 1!

When you mix Hyperbole and emotional thinking you end up with a cocktail stew of irrationality and hallucinations! For example, you may read about the Russian “meddling” with our electoral process as hypothesized by the dinosaur media. And then in addition couple, that information with the ousting of a great American Patriot Lt. General Mike Flynn, a national security team advisor to the President, and you guessed right your mind will be in a tizzy! If you as an independent observer noticed a glaring collective amnesia from the Dinosaur media you just won the lottery, bingo! Since the Media and congressional Democrats have been taking a long winded nap that only lasted 2920 days (8 years if you insist on the Math!), they have suddenly out of the blue sky found their mojo and they want it back! Energized like a frenzied pack of sharks smelling blood in the water! Or could it be true that the Media has finally discovered their shrill chihuahua bark after-all?

Image result
Lt. General Mike Thomas Flynn a great American Hero, a key leader in counter-insurgency known as a “hot head” by detractors!

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What’s the Immigration Noise all about?

Muslim Ban? Are you serious dawg? This can’t be happening in America? Executive order on steroids, or sensible insanity? Could it be the President is just being trigger happy go lucky in issuing a travel ban from certain regions of the world? Or is it a plausible theory that the President is acting within the confines of his authority?

But wait a huge New York Minute before I stitch myself up in hysterical laughter and simultaneously clear my throat from possibly choking! My glee is not quite at the level of the Media Hysteria over how it feels to lose power at the executive branch of government, where the media has had a “forever after” romantic cozy relationship with the powers that be! The media wanted perpetual power, by belonging to the ruling class. Now that power has slipped away and shifted in a totally different direction! Inconceivable! Continue reading What’s the Immigration Noise all about?

New Sheriff in town! Dawn of a new era

Welcome to President Trump’s crazy town! There is a new Sheriff in town folks! No longer “President-Elect but now the big bald bodacious era has begun at a frenetic pace and I can safely say Washington DC and the Media power structure must be having migraines! I just hope we won’t need to bring in Priests, Nuns, Reverends and Rabbis to perform exorcisms on the Dinosaur Media and their cohorts in the houses of power!

We will take an 180-degree pivot here and quote the media reaction to the January 20th, 2017 Inauguration of the great Pugilist from my former hometown New York City. For all liberty loving Americans, let us do a small victory lap as we indulge ourselves in pictures and sounds from the day America took a turning page in a forward looking and forward thinking vision! It’s a mixed bag of goodies and food for thought: Continue reading New Sheriff in town! Dawn of a new era