From Russia with Love (the Spy who loved me!)

I got a call from my uncle Boris on Skype about a few weeks before November 8th, 2016 while hanging out with my 28 relatives and family friends. We were having a barbecue during Octoberfest! “It’s only -25 below the frozen tundra in Siberia” uncle Boris said in a gruff, slow lilt and thick Russian accent (kid you not! that’s actually a warm day during winter solstice!). His message was very simple; “Don’t forget to put a happy face in the voting booth and for the sake of pure unadulterated Vodka, Venison steak, and survival of the great Russian Bear, pull the lever for Donald. J Trump!! “Ask everyone you know to do the same and if the have any doubts or questions about their own sanity and intellectual capacity, they should know, it’s for a good cause! “I will see to it that all your neighbors and friends get my personal text message from uncle Boris with love!”  “Join the movement and put our dear beloved Russian Agent into the most powerful position on planet earth!” Imagine a world filled with free Vodka, Oranges, unsalted peanuts, roasted almonds, and Kalashnikovs! Add some Ribs to the mix, heaven on earth! Continue reading From Russia with Love (the Spy who loved me!)

2016 Thanks for the Fun ride!

If you took a vacation for Christmas, Chanukah, off-the-grid-hiatus or Winter Solstice, give yourself a round of applause! I just returned from intergalactic travel and back to this parallel universe which is so much fun and we will go through the litany of exhilarating fun factors we all experienced, good, bad and ugly, hey it’s all rock-n-roll fun right? Things that make you sigh, laugh or cry tears of joy or things that make you want to throw rocks at the Television or make use of that nice pitchfork your grandfather gave you as a gift just in case you need it!

The good parts: Thanks to the lame stream media also known as mainstream media for their sloppy non-journalism covering and attempting to circumvent the 2016 elections, from Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and Gubernatorial Elections! This election, especially at the top of the presidential ticket was probably the most fun I have seen in a generation! Divided nation? who cares, spaghetti and meatballs still go together despite the obvious differences! One that pitted a movement of “we the People” versus the machine and elite media people! David versus Goliath. And the dinosaur media had all the chips in their favor and look what happened when folks vote with their feet and half their brains tied behind their backs! Magic! Continue reading 2016 Thanks for the Fun ride!

Tone Deaf or brilliant fiction?

If you can scratch the top of your head with your big toes, I tip my hat off to you with skeptical bewilderment! And if you can make the Easter bunny dance like the great late James Brown, and simultaneously crooning “don’t be cruel” as only Elvis would deliver, then you may be on to some voodoo tricks only found in a new Unicorn universe! What is even more impressive is keeping a poker face and avoiding to blink while following facts as exemplified in an interview by classy, sassy, smart, beautiful Fox business anchor Maria Bartiromo with the Architect, “the guru” of ObamaCare also known as “affordable care act.” It’s almost breathtaking and a great opportunity to grow gray hair if you don’t have any yet! Well, ok, I take that back, it’s almost cringe worthy like watching your hair on fire while stuck in the middle of a sandy desert! Progressives on the left have often screamed at the top of their lungs in years past when Republicans in the house chamber or Senate were attacked vociferously, for not cooperating and acting like agents of obstructionism, when the left wants to push their agenda down the throats of every American in plain view of every street corner? What amazes me is just how tone deaf the progressives are when it comes to explaining and defending the values they espouse! Without winning the debate on merits or intellectual reasoning, it always comes down to “my way or the highway” approach or the usual tactical default of emotional reasoning! What happened to vigorous debate using logic and reason and coming up with good counter arguments, that can be put to the litmus test, and then bridge the divide through consensus or coalition building where needed? Instead, we get this top-down condescending, nasal gazing, smug pontification from the unearned intellectual and moral superiority only found in mountain-top dwellers. Essentially dictating to us all what we should believe, how we should live, and what is good or desirous in our own private lives? Jonathan Gruber an M.I.T economics professor and guru of the voodoo economics school of Ivory towers (kid you not, that’s an actual ivy league university in somewhere-Ville America) is a classic example of how the progressives have turned all that’s good and golden in America to absolute rubble and dust! Simply by being so brilliant that if you used common sense about the real world statistics on unemployment and economic growth or lack thereof, you would be, laughed out of the faculty lounges at Boston M.I.T where you find these wizards of OZ such as Mr. Gruber! This distinguished professor once bragged about the lack of transparency in debating the merits of the legislation, precisely because he and his fellow intelligentsia cohorts could count on, “the stupidity of the American public.” Folks who can be manipulated into a quagmire of documentable verbiage, the kind that would literally lead to your head exploding, just from trying to grasp any basic common sense as to the purpose of having such a torturously long 3,000 plus paged ObamaCare legislation. Not to be out-done would include close to 30,000 more pages of regulations that tag along! Folks feel the liberty to make up any number of pages that comes to mind, (just not Billions if I may add!), and while doing it toast to some Vodka and orange juice or Coconut Rum and Coke! Monstrosity? Relax folks! We are only talking about bureaucracy on steroids the whole nation would be able to roll a giant weed joint and smoke it, Colorado style! (unfunny on its own merits!). To quote the great stateswoman from California’s 12th District and former speaker of the house of representatives 2007-2011 Democrat Nancy Pelosi; “Let’s pass this affordable health care legislation and then find out later what is all in it!” I mean it was pages upon long pages of legislation, it needed its own wheelbarrow and chauffeur driven minivan. I wonder what compliance with such an atrocious law looks like? And then there was the whopper of the year award from 2009 through to 2011 by the one and only smooth politician from the south side of Chicago by way of Hawaii, the great Commander in briefs; “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period!” Even the dinosaur media outlet the formerly vaunted New York Times gave the “commander in briefs” four (4) Pinocchios! Long nose indeed! Credit to the commander in briefs, he is the ultimate pitchman; looks the part and talks a good game! Nice game to play if you are playing poker, not a good one if you have millions of lives at stake including being at the mercy of your fingertips! Tone deaf or brilliant fiction? May the esteemed jury decide! I can swear upon all my lucky stars “we have only just begun” unravelling this modern day legend we shall call part one of a never-ending saga of fiction sold to the general populace as a “real set of goods”  meant to deliver hope, change and an earthly utopia that only the wizards of smarts  can dream up!


Good Morning in America! can you feel the heat?

It’s Veterans Day folks!! A big salute to the best among us! I feel the energy T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Friday!). Since our freedom is bought and paid for with blood sweat and tears by our American sons and daughters involved in war theater across the globe, I honor their service and sacrifice and a classic example is this blog today dedicated to the freedoms we enjoy! Today’s special edition dedication to the national American room temperature; days after the elections are pronounced free and fair to say the results are historic, is an understatement! But the reactions are even more amusing and bewildering and maybe an indicator of where we stand as a nation! The great divide? The great chasm? Or could it be the fruits of the “great unlearning?”. Continue reading Good Morning in America! can you feel the heat?

Extra Extra read all about it!

This just in folks! November 8th, 2016 a day that will live in history books as a massive asterisk the size of Jupiter! America is still alive, the shot that rung all over the world! President-elect Donald J Trump! America lives to fight another day, we dodged a leftist suicidal mission. This is more like a battle of Gettysburg of sorts! One massive war battle has been won, a few thousand more battles lie ahead so recalibrate and buckle up liberty minded folks we are only just beginning!

We reach out to all the folks who need some therapy,  in the aftermath of a colossal shellacking of Obama-Clinton machine by the great New York Pugilist heavy hitter and billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who has a mandate from all the deplorable swamp people “aka” the real Americana folks! The people have spoken! We now have a captain on the sinking ship called America, one who knows how to swim and navigate us out of the rough choppy iceberg waters! And to echo his first victory speech; let us all dream big and think of possible possibilities ahead of us to achieve the unthinkable and conquer heights once almost diminished by an ever increasing giant boot of government red tape and regulatory monstrosity visited upon our soft supple necks! It’s is as the old Gipper would say: Good Morning in America! The sun shines a little brighter, crispier, nice and nippy if you are in the midwest and I’m jealous of the west coast and sunny Florida including beautiful Texas that has a bag full of unadulterated sunshine! Continue reading Extra Extra read all about it!

Intellectual Civil War for the soul of America!

When I watched the speaker of the house give his tepid speech delivery like a boy who cried wolf, to a packed Republican club meeting at a local University of Wisconsin, I felt the urge to go pump some iron at my underground basement gym. Interestingly enough the speaker asked the young college skulls full of mush, a pertinent peculiar question: “Do you guys know who the next leader of the Senate will be if Republicans don’t control the house? Smiles and blank stares came back at the Speaker and he proceeded to say; “have you heard of the name Bernie Sanders?” they all laughed with amusement and curiosity in their eyes and Speaker Ryan continued, ‘That’s what will happen, imagine that scenario a Bernie Sanders as leader of the Senate, an avowed socialist!” Ok fair enough, sounds like a scarecrow method to persuade impressionable minds, because, like him or not “crazy grandpa” Bernie Sander had momentum and an energized grass roots campaign and everyone was feeling “the Bern”, original, honest and wildly misguided when it comes to policy but he was a breath of fresh air on the political scene unlike other creatures we all came to distaste on the Democrat side! If the system was not “rigged” it would have been a much more substantive and fun debate between “crazy Grandpa” Bernie and “Wild Hammer” Trump Daddy! Instead, we are stuck with an old playbook of scorched earth politics of personal destruction, and all about how low a bar can you go, Jose? Anyone ready for the Cha-cha or Merengue plus a Pina-Colada on white sand? Better taste than what the Media Political machine has us exposed to for any good measure! Continue reading Intellectual Civil War for the soul of America!

Media Whores selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Say it ain’t so! The mainstream media has too many fries short of a happy meal that parade as genius pundits! And then you have the few that somewhat “get it” but are not intellectually honest because you can’t defend a crook, especially if that crook happens to be a candidate for the highest office in the land and has extreme ethical challenges! Imagine Al Capone showing up trying to be a priest at the Jesuits Bible College! Talk about an unbelievable come to Jesus moment!

Back to the few intellectual pussy-footers on cable TV; Interesting how soft, how much belly-aching, pussy-footing and how much self-righteousness has seeped into the mainstream conscious! Apply our magic lab-tested formula:P3B3 = CmX   and you will be able to decipher who the intellectually honest brainiacs are and who the fake anecdotal non-fact based narrative emotional thinkers truly are or who is who in the incestuous inside the Washington beltway media culture representation on live Television. If you ever felt the urge to watch cable news with a brick in your hands ready to hurl at lightning speed, CNN is the magic pill in the poison well! You have the high horse riding so-called Republican strategist Ana Navarro a most likely “Bushite” (as in George Bush Neo-Conservatives) and part of the milk toast arena who can’t seem to get off her overdose of Estrogen. What amazes me is how “so offended these media types” are with Donald Trumps candidacy! Well, Miss Navarro and your ilk why don’t you run for the highest office since you are so squeaky clean that you have never heard of any vulgarity in your pristine snow white lives! Lead us to freedom we await your saintly wisdom, madam! Helping the Left destroy a brave, crafty and braggadocious candidate at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, is an exercise in futility! May i remind the esteemed audience that we had a quote on quote “perfect Candidate” in the name of Milk toast extraordinaire Mitt Romney (ex-Governor of Massachusets!) You don’t get a squeaky clean guy like that anywhere any place any time any town, street or village! Mitt Romney was in my ecclesiastical opinion the cleanest most moral and close to perfect candidate since George Washington! Candidate Romney is married to his high-school sweetheart! Immaculate! I can’t even remember who my high school sweetheart was if she stood in a police academy line up! I dare say so and I repeat that sublime statement, Mitt Romney was a perfect candidate of the likes we have not seen since our great first President George Washington! And most folks say “we don’t have any good candidates” well folks you just missed one in the last election cycle! There is always a special someone in each generation we just have to open our blinders!  And as for the media they need to get off their high horses and enough already with Ad Hominem gutter sniping attacks and moral high ground when it’s clear you are standing knee deep in the sewer pipelines! Can we focus on the beef for a brief moment, where is the beef in this political sandwich? Too much mayonnaise and not enough meaty protein leads to a mindless crash! Yes, this is no ordinary election even though we have heard those sentiments a time too many in the past! This is the turning point for America. The fight for the next generation of American soul and what we will become the next 50-60 years! Doesn’t get any more dire than this folks! This is no ordinary election and I’m having the fun of my life, watching this contact sport, but also the consequences in this election will reverberate for decades to come and I hope and pray we all wake-up and smell the coffee! Julie Roginsky a very bright and reasonable thinking pundit can’t defend the aptly named “crooked” Hillary Clinton, it is excruciatingly hard to defend a candidate who has a cavalier relationship with the truth even if you are a die-hard partisan huckster! She sounds like that wonderful aunt firmly vociferously defending her naked mentally deranged nephew, who is streaking across the street in his birthday suit “yelling the sky is falling” to the bewilderment of neighbors and passers-by. Adding more drama is the headless chicken run around and you get the pendulum clock picture!

The Media or (lap dog mainstream media!) is going bonkers as they have run out Salacious Access Hollywood stuff on  Donald Trump and are desperately grasping at any straws or arrows they can sling at “The Donald”

Sadly the so-called “mainstream Media” is going above and beyond their paychecks to defend the indefensible! Not doing their due diligence instead engaging in shameless ass kissing of the powerful and politically connected influence peddlers, leaving the general masses stranded in a sea of ignorance in the middle of the desert! What ever happened to journalistic ethics and professional standards! We now have a Pretend media that chooses sides and candidates without ever being upfront and truthful from the get-go! What used to be news is now propaganda and agenda-driven echo chambers and folks wonder why our fragile Republic and liberal democracy is in grave danger of permanent extinction! And everyone’s running around like “all is well and honky dory to the promised lands of Utopia!” Buyer beware, being an Ostrich is the last animal you want to become! vigilance is more than a virtual!

Flip the coin and you actually see that it is Hillary Clinton who is the true drama Queen and the scandal-ridden candidate like a gift that keeps on giving! She is the Queen of the Washington DC Sausage power swamp! If I understand correctly President Richard “Rico Suave” Nixon resigned after being caught in a web of lies and cover-ups (cover-ups tend to be worse than the original crimes most often times), for being behind the break-in to the Democratic party  headquarters at Watergate building in some high stakes political chicanery and drama mostly fit for fictional books by 1970’s standards! Nixon tried to silence the trail leading directly to him and his henchmen at the Whitehouse! Men of honor will resign and put the office of president and the nation’s pride ahead of personal blind ambition, unlike our modern day politician especially the Queen of Washington D.C as an example of unbridled ambition and lust for power and money!

At the time of Presidents Richard Nixons Watergate investigation commission, a young bright and impressionable Hillary Clinton fresh out of College years and working her way into the power corridors found herself being canned from the investigation due to ethics violations and that’s the beginning of her illustrious casual relationship with truth and blind ambition. Compare what Nixon did (crimes committed and subsequential embarrassment) leading to his resignation in 1974 with an unforgettable goodbye message, breath-taking! Hillary, astute political animal has undeniably done the following:

(1) Deleted 33,000 emails from a private server after a congressional subpoena.

(2) Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin (who happens to be married to disgraced Pervert candy creep, Anthony Weiner) the irony in the name Weiner and his penchant for snap chat is fodder for horror movies such as “Carlos Danger!” “beware of the Weiner!” Hide your teenage girls and ladies be on the lookout! Huma is under a federal investigation that may break the Clinton Global Inc into the story of the century if she is forced to testify under oath for mishandling Classified Top Secret Government materials.

(3) Hillary has a lieutenant named John Podesta, a rabid brilliant Progressive bureaucrat who would easily be a deputy vice president of the Kremlin under a watchful eye of Vladimir Putin and even better under a Nikita Khrushchev as part of the communist elite apparatchik. Podesta is a prolific communicator and great user of modern technology especially email and what a treasure trove of information that has been hacked from the computer system, exposing what Hillary Inc. and her inside team looks like in terms of ideology and political strategy. It’s quite revealing what they think about you the folks in fly-over country and the hinterlands!

If you had fun like I did, watching the Clinton scandal Soap Opera of the 1996 bygone era prepare for another sequel “part 2 series IV” only this time it’s Hillary Not Bill. Since Bill will be the strong silent long suffering first gentleman while the brew of political chicanery and machinations brews like a stew from a best-selling novel by  legendary writer John Grisham! Maybe an investment in a popcorn machine to save on serial trips to Walmart or Sams-Club would be wise!

Based solely on the three pieces of an elaborate intricate web of lies, emails, and pay-to-play scandals following the Clintons like a fly on horse manure it is incredible that she has not been charged with any crime or misdemeanors as of yet! She may be the new Teflon Don! Heavens help us all if she wins the crown and gets coronated as Queen of Washington D.C , it will be the first page of a  thousand years of the new dark ages! Preserve your nest egg for the “roaster” cometh to steal your golden eggs! If you like them scrambled may good fortune be with you folks, I’ll be dialing for the mothership to beam me up and out of this alternate universe for a more serene parallel universe!

Beware of Useful Idiots!

Try not to be one of those, I mean Useful Idiots! Did that wake you up a little bit? For all who are sensitive to psychological nudity, I highly recommend that you do not be within stone throwing distance of a computer or television set with a brick in your hands! A bowl of chocolate moose Ice-cream will suffice to keep your spirits up because we will dive into this swamp together:

What do Idiots have to do with anything? Who are the useful idiots?This is not original material from our underground lab. I’m just quoting something that really caught my attention and I was so intrigued I felt like I was in a bad rerun of George Orwell’s 1984, and we were all living back in the year 1955! So 1984 was a time travel into the future! Continue reading Beware of Useful Idiots!

Wikileaks sunshine up a dark alley!

Wikileaks has shined some sunlight up the dark sausage alley known as the Political machine soul! A revelation of sorts into the inner workings of the souls of these so called elite ruling class we now know as “Democrats and Clinton Machine.” I wonder if the Clinton machine is just a virus that has surreptitiously attached itself to the host (D.N.C) and therefore dragging with it all that’s good holy and wholesome in the Party of rancor and identity politics? Nothing that will be listed after these sublime words should be shocking to any average American with half a brain that pays even the slightest care for political theater and the circus that accompanies it! Sometimes we are moved close to tears and at times it’s the laughter that keeps us all sane because we live in an alternate reality and we need the ruling class to feed the serfs the much-needed manna from heaven! The plantation is growing larger and more slaves are flocking into the cattle kraal and waiting on Nanny State to mass feed the masses. This virulent virus, the “Clinton Machine” will corrupt every fine institution it comes into contact with! I pity the hard working professional guys and gals at the FBI, The Justice Department and State Department, they will all be infected with this virus and may the gods have mercy on us if we live long enough to survive this corrosive bastardization of our cherished liberal republic democracy! If The “Clinton Machine” has its way, we will all become a handsome banana republic, think a giant Venezuela or Cuba on steroids only sexier! Don’t worry, the rat infested big cities will supply us all with the much-needed state police knocking on our doors if we dare criticize her majesty the Queen of Washington! Our founding fathers are turning non-stop in their graves! I pray all Americans the few of us that are still invested in liberty and justice for all wake-up and smell the coffee, we are living in a manufactured Government-Media-complex nightmare! This incestuous Government and Media relationship needs a sledge-hammer! Time is ripe for massive demolition derby! And we may just have our prayers answered in a candidate yet to be defined,  it’s absolutely clear who that one catalyst will be.



Meg Whittman and the Big Fat Government Republicans!

There’s a saying in a certain part of the jungle, that if you scratch my back I will scratch yours in the future! Without sounding alarmist or sinister there is a strand of “milk toast” or linguine spine leadership also known as R.I.N.O. (Republican in Name Only) that may or may not put a chill on the American political Psyche! In this masterpiece folks we shall name names and call a spade a spade and thanks to the enigma that is Donald Trump; time for straight cowboy talk without any political correctness shackling us! Let’s have an uncomfortable discussion as grown ups tend to do every so often!

Meg Whittman a billionaire CEO or one of the world’s most powerful women entrepreneur from the Ebay fame to Hewlett-Packard Chief executive Officer is a California-based Republican who is endorsing Hillary Clinton! Imagine that? A republican endorsing a Democrat and these are not the 1860’s or 1920’s when most Democrats were as “conservative” as modern day Republicans claim to be! Why Would Meg Whittman choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump or a fellow Republican? I play devils advocate here folks, and herein lies the simple scoop; Big business colludes with Big Government and that’s a marriage made in earthly hell! What most ordinary folks need to understand about this “clog machine” we now call Government is basically a well-oiled giant soul sucking money sucking Octopus, with tentacles spreading all across your kitchen table and back to the sausage factory at Washington DC headquarters, where they trade your measly 50% income taxes and plenty more to come on that front of confiscatory taxes, stifling small business and killing any economic gains of the so-called “Middle Class” and pouring it all into some giant unknown bottomless abyss. If only for a New York Minute, you think “the fix” is in, then you have not had pepper spray logged  into your eyes yet, so brace thyself! It’s easy to understand why this “Billionaire” milk toast Republican can never win a dog catcher election race against a rabid Democrat truly behoofs me? She is not alone, she along with the faux Oracle of Omaha Billionaire Bumble bee Warren Buffet, ran what I call, elite top companies “aka” big business that is hand and glove in bed with big government. And like Warren Buffet accurately states he pays taxes (15-20% Capital gains Tax rate) at a better rate than his lower middle-class Secretary! So for these top 2% business icons they surely will not be affected if Leftist big government Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency or Daddy Trump wins! It’s a non-stop groovy train either way so screw you middle class and lower income folks! Get the picture yet? I envy these guys i wish i had a few Billion dollars i would buy me a boat and a truck to pull my boat while i fish for Mahi-Mahi on my own private 20-acre lake! What’s fascinating about the whole picture is that Meg Whitman and Warren Buffet will circumvent the economy while big government Democrats or Republicans plunder and pillage the fat of the land and send the rest of us with lean pockets blasting into the oblivion of obscurity! Cat scratch fever, come and save us all from the R.I.N.O.s before we get gored mercilessly. Continue reading Meg Whittman and the Big Fat Government Republicans!