The Eagle has landed

Aloha 2016! I can’t believe the journey I just took across the Milky-Way! Had trouble landing the maiden ship back in this part of the universe! Especially after taking what seemed like an eternity (no pun, I’m only 28,000 years old!) I still scratch my head about the whole Hans Solo saga! Who would take out such an intergalactic gentleman, a man’s man and every woman’s dream catch for stability? Only a son influenced and captivated by the dark side can do such a thing! Where is Luke Sky-walker to save us all from this inhumanity……. Ok while that thought simmers and settles in let’s get just a little serious here ok, I mean life is a serious endeavor after all right? I sure don’t feel like poking or swiftly pointing my saliva wet finger in the air to see what has been going on, since I have had this small light years hiatus! For heavens goodness sake we have just finally seen those beautiful “rock-solid-Ice” pictures of Pluto as supplied by NASA what a sight to behold! I mean who would have thought that we could actually have ice-storms and mountains on the Butt of all planets…. Wait something tells me Pluto may not be the only outer region blob of ice, rock and maybe granite that makes up the core of this so far distant planet. It would qualify as frozen hell if we could only send a few earthling prisoners over there especially the ones that bewilder us with their heinous crimes (don’t get me started on that one folks!) I’m just warming up here, but do follow me lets learn together; an effort in intellectual team work here so excuse me for e a few seconds while I clear my throat and organize my synapses to extreme sharpness and electric pulsation! This is where the drums roll as I prepare to use our magic formula: P3B3 = CmX

Before delving into today’s pesky issues on this wonderful planet we call mother earth and even more specific our blessed hinter lands more appropriately called “fruited plains” of these united states of Amerigo (no typo, I will explain that as we plod along!) keep vigil my fellow Americanas.

The only way we can make sense of what I’m about to present to you folks in this super higher learning discovery class of endless intellectual pursuit, is by reading the gem below. Trust me nothing new under the sun as my “uncle Jimmy Slick” would often say with a smoke pipe barely hanging from his mouth!

And below is an excerpt, you know we rip things from the headlines we don’t make any stories up, its all in the proverbial pudding so to speak and ours is a relentless examination. Well lets dive in:

Posted on January 12, 2016;

From Dershowitz’s appearance on Tuesday’s FOX & Friends: Alan Dershowitz: “I Need Armed Guards To Protect Me From Liberals” When I Give Pro-Israel Speeches

Harvard professor and legal eagle Alan Dershowitz talks about political correctness and ‘safe spaces’ on college campuses. Dershowitz tells college students to “stay home” if they want a safe space.
Dershowitz also addresses how safe spaces, such as being threatened for your views, have been conflated with an environment where people “want to be safe from ideas they disagree with.”

DERSHOWITZ: They blame places where people are afraid of ideas. They think they know the truth. And they don’t want to hear opposing points of view. They know everything they need to know about race, about gender, about rape, about you name it, climate control. They don’t want to hear opposing points of view… they want to be kept safe from ideas that they may disagree with. And if they want to be safe from ideas, there are better places to be than college and university campuses…

When I was first teaching in the ’50s there were attempts to censor speech by Senator McCarthy. the right wing was trying to censor left-wing speech. Now it’s the hard left that’s trying to censor right-wing speech, conservative speech, Christian speech, pro-Israel speech, you name it. 

And this idea of safe spaces. We have to distinguish between safe spaces for ideas, where there should be none, and physically safe places where you’re not intimidated or you’re not threatened. And christian speakers, pro-Israel speakers, speakers that are not politically correct today, have their physical safety endangered. 

I know when i speak on college campuses in favor of Israel, I need armed guards protecting me from radical leftist students who would use physical intimidation. They won’t give me a safe space. They won’t give pro-Israel students a safe space. They won’t give Christian students a safe space.

In case our heads are still spinning from the simple question, huh? yes folks that’s what our “higher learning institutions” have become where some of you are sending your precious sons and daughters for what is arguably an elite, expensive “education”, to learn, not how to be a critical thinker or have in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of every side, but just agree and become a monotone drone! I can swear i heard my wise uncle chuckle from down under (not the exotic Kangaroo place) but the under belly of the bay Area, too popular to mention here, he simply said : “Colleges and Universities are now Seminaries” what kind of seminaries are they really? Have the Commies taken over and won the battle of minds and hearts of our kids? Won them over to the dark side or has the regular campus  been abducted by the aliens from one of the Gov’t departments at down town abbey street? The ones with brown shorts and shirts with a red hammer and sickle emblem blazoned across the chest area? Maybe its the penguin sisters who wear necklaces around their necks in modest clothing, praying “hail Mary bless you child full of grace” while smiling and you feel like giving your soul away for penance sake? Could that be the big picture at hand?

Harkens back to the day when we used to bake some nice pancakes and soak it in cream and use them as projectiles into the innocent face of the purveyors of truth, better yet slammed them with eggs as they pompously walk-by with that Victorian wave befitting the queen of all England! Can anyone in this class recall when college students would take to the streets to riot and protest some anti-government or so-called establishment policy: for instance the contentious Vietnam war draft of the late 1960’s or “free speech movement” in the same decade 1964-1965 Berkeley California Riots? they all; seem rooted in the idea that fredom of speech and assembly are a fundamentally protected right under the constitutional banner! By the way, freedom of speech means as intended by the founding Genius Fathers to protect all manner of speech good, bad ugly or offensive! so you may agree or disagree with what someone else says but there is no such thing as the right not to be offended: in other words, I would defend to the death your right to say and speak your mind regardless whether I agree or disagree with what you say or Opine! Powerful stuff, a golden priceless “inconvenience!” Freedom of speech should be a cherished idea that we enjoy in the western world! A generation is being raised that believes, not in freedom of speech but freedom from speech.  Attempting to ban anything that is perceived as “hurtful’ or “hate” speech. With Speech Codes being the norm on a college campus near you! Politically correct speech codes are being adopted? Think California Public school in 2013. Where a decorated Veteran was not allowed to distribute a copy of the constitution including one student who was not allowed to protest the NSA, but only in a confined space not even big enough to accommodate 5 people in a so-called “free speech zone.” Most campuses are now “disinviting” speakers on campus who are deemed controversial. For example Former Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, Feminist Somali Born Hirsi Ali (islam Critic) and  Director of IMF Kristine Legarde. Hawaii University and others have implemented all these “micro-aggression” rules, which include Trigger warnings that students are about to hear a difficult topic or the right to always feel comfortable. Intellectual comfort is not a right!! What does the audience think? According to a New York Times article; 2014 Rutgers University Student  wanted trigger warnings employed when the book sited classic “Great Gatsby” that apparently posses variety of scenes of misogynistic abusive violence .Campuses are teaching students to look out for any sexist, classicists, racial insensitivity, and misogyny, while policing what is said or heard! This topic shall certainly be revisited as it posits a depth and richness worthy of a 5 part world series documentary drama! i shall not wail nor need a handkerchief at this moment only tears from star gazing, the wonder of the universe we live in! I digress ever momentarily.

Pet Names, whats in a name really?

Hiatus returns freshly tuned in August 1st 2015

Whats in a name? I have often wondered as I ponder the definition of “name”

as my pocket size compact Oxford Thesaurus would detail: A name is an Appellation, designation, style, label, fame, renown, repute, distinction, eminence, prominence and well lets stop there before my eyes become juxtapositioned and cockeyed from the up-close scrutiny!!

Staying in the true tradition of time travel (28,000 years in case you were wondering) established eons ago when common sense was the Gospel according to Logic, understanding and interpretation: We shall apply some pet names as we prod along in our discovery of truth in the fusion of Politics, Pop Culture, Philosophy, Math & scientific experimental thought:

Pet names will be a focus and feature on this blogosphere and will contain pleasant and offensive speech, ah the brilliance of our founding fathers and what follows is not for the faint hearted but do stay tuned as the fun is only beginning, and as our disclaimer says we apply the “theory of Mathmatizm” every time we are in search of common sense truth or are in doubt as to the meaning behind the meaning!

Applying the magic formula for enlightenment: drums roll P3B3 = CmX

This formula marinates quickly and hey presto!

Pet names for the major political parties:

Democrat real name: DemoniCans, colloquial lingo DemonCrats

Republicans real name: RepubliCrat, Colloquial lingo RepukeClicans

Suffice to say those word bombs will explode from time to time as we count down to the truthful nature of every winding maze and path ahead of us!

GOP Pursues risky strategy over vote!

As sublimely reported by the AP (Associated Press):

And I have to quote the AP word for word in this great intro:

“Democrats are losing some skirmishes over the department of Homeland Security, but many feel they are winning a political war that will haunt Republicans in 2016 and beyond. Democrats lacked the votes Friday to force republicans to fund the department for a year with no strings. Still, even some Republicans say party leaders are on a perilous path with a very public ideological struggle that highlights the GOP’s in-ability to pass contested legislation- and possibly worsening its weak relationship with Hispanic voters. Conservatives defend their Doggedness. They say they are courageously keeping promises to oppose President Obama’s liberalization of deportation policies, which they consider Unconstitutional. Several said their constituents support their stand, while others said the issue transcends politics.”

Now I have to take a big gigantic swig on my orange juice so I can have enough acid in my belly to stomach what I’m about to spew in short order here: March 1st Sunday was when this article appeared  in the Journal gazette and the deadline Friday was March 6th 2015! Oooh the republicans promised execution on this bill after all the brouhaha: now I add my magic mix of MathMatizm,  P3B3 = CmX and ching ching it was not a surprise that the Republicans bulked when the hour of power came that week! Let’s just call it Linguine or Spaghetti spines! As my uncle Charlie would yell out on top of his voice when angry and peeved in his soup kitchen; “gimme pasta for spines!! They did not deliver anything but zilch, nada, zero, fortitude and democrats and President ended up having he’s way! Oh the brilliance of these powerful lemmings! Just roll of Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news!  It’s like a dog and pony show the Republicans will huff and puff and look like they are about to spit fire into the political “boxing” arena and the DemonCrats start backing up like a threatened Black mamba and just when you think “boom!” (Precision strike) is the next move, it’s an all-out “make-out fest” that will leave you ruby red with blushing face in tow! How sexy that a charging bull would smooch a poisonous black mamba snake! oh how so touching and befitting! I will let that one sink in for little while folks! Afterwards I need a back scratch, any volunteers?

Realism Theory in Motion

My Time-Tested and underground Lab theory of scientific Mathmatism “aka” Realism Theory, made simple;

states that P3B3 = Cm  wherein P = Ignorance, and B = reality,

and C is a common sense primer,   X = (Knowledge to the ^nth degree) and M is inherent IQ

Therefore P3B3 => => leads to CmX = Common Sense. A proven formula for enlightenment!!


Right To Vote

A curious perusal through a local Fort Wayne, Indiana news paper The Journal Gazette dated March 1st 2015 had me scratching my upper brow and trying to figure out what exactly is the reality behind the eclectic noise concerning the very fundamental and constitutionally protected act of voting! Coming from both flanks left and right oh yes that proverbial left-right thing is not a cultural phenomenal but part of the universal lexicon or shall we say as my wise pipe smoking, rough around the edges uncle Jimmy would say “its reality son! deal with it! Before i jump to any conclusion of which i’m a world renowned expert in the entire universe, backed up by having had 28,000 years of scientific research, i will quote The Journal Gazette newspaper word for word in the following brief segment: : “As the voting rights Act of 1965 approaches its golden anniversary, two members of Congress seek to establish a constitutional amendment that would expressly give people the right to vote” OK i will take a much needed deep breath right here before i fall out of my supple chair! Quote continues…. “Rep Mark Pocan, D-Wisconsin, said the 2013 supreme court decision to revoke a Voting Rights Act provision affecting federal approval of voting law changes in Southern states “just really underscored the fact that we dont have an explicit right to vote in our U.S. Constitution.” “In January, Pocan and Rep Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota re-introduced legislation to establish a right-to-vote constitutional amendment. Their first bill introduced in 2013 never received consideration in the Republican-controlled House. now that i have fully fallen off my rocker and i have regained my physical and mental faculties and in full astute composure! I’m not yet laughing since i know i will soon apply my Theorism formula and figure out this whole dang thing! But wait before i go further it gets even better with another fellow traveler who supports this “voting right amendment”, actually a group named FairVote, a ‘Non-partisan’ group in Washington DC (that wonderful place of opulence close to the Potomac River) supports the Pocan-Ellison effort. summarized as such: executive Director Rob Richie believes the rhetoric of right to vote doesn’t match reality because if amendment is ratified, “Pocans measure would over-ride state laws that he claims “make it harder for someone to vote” and this last portion makes me want to seriously cry like a wailing 3 year old whose mommy just rejected a request for another chocolate chip cookie!… “IDs such as drivers licenses and passports aren’t just given away. And even if State-issued voter IDs are available for free in most states, Pocan said, the time and expense necessary to gather identification documents, travel to a motor vehicle license branch and wait in line to apply for an ID are a hindrance to obtaining one!” Talk about a tortured path no pun intended!

Really! that’s classic, meantime,on the other side of the spectrum is a group called True the Vote, another nationwide non-partisan group based in Houston Texas, advocates voters rights and election integrity, opposes this bill or amendment! True the Vote backs voter ID laws and Citizenship verification for voter registration combined with cooperation among the States to make sure voters are not double or triple registered in more than one State! Now for my last deep breathe as i turn my head around to avoid spinning in all directions, i must point out that this is when my realism formula works best so we can sift through the facts and manure faster than a spinning wheel at a magic show! Therefore according to the left of center group FairVote and their peers Representatives Ellison and Pocan, obtaining and showing an ID is so cumbersome and hard especially for Blacks,Browns and the other in between Americans that they require to just show up at a voting booth and say hello to the registration officer or whomever is charged with electioneering and be able to vote without any proof of identity? oh! and its gets better these folks believe too that convicted felons be eligible voters as soon as they apologize and say sorry for crimes committed and also that voting age of consent should be lowered to 16-17 years of age! ah! the wonders of youthful vigor and teenage wisdom! why not lower the bar to 12 years old like my smarty pants nephew who likes Republicans, would he be allowed to vote under this wondrous concept of “if you old enough to walk you must be old enough to vote, right? Or better yet only eligible to vote if voting Democratic ticket instead of wicked Republican ticket? makes perfect sense! Switching gears to the other group, True the Vote that advocates what looks like a very mature adult solution: verify citizenship and identity of voter and cross reference across state lines and bingo! you are ready to vote! Doesn’t seem like pulling teeth with a Pliers? its too rich to believe what these political figureheads come up with in the dark of night! One side claims “voter suppression” for asking for proof of identity and the other side cries “Voter fraud” if no identity is enforced? Beware of democracy and the one man one vote scheme! It tends to have an ugly head that comes back to bite the rear ends of the best advocates for it? or is this just another entrenched perpetual Power grab for the leftists? Or can it be true that the right wing conservatives are being unreasonably controlling?